Golightly Lucy

Lucy is a LaPerm cat. The LaPerms are a new breed, all decended from a single curly cat that showed up in a litter of farm cats in Oregon. These are medium sized cats with very curly fur. They come in both long and shorthaired varieties. Lucy is a longhair.

Lucy's mother is owned by a friend who is a cat breeder. Because I enjoy kittens and they are not quite the novelty for my friend that they are for me, I leapt at the chance to have a litter at my home. Lucy's mother, Kloeshe's Turtle Dove, was sent to me while she was supposedly four or five weeks pregnant with a probable three kittens (according to the vet's estimate, determined by palpation).

Turtle was a little spooked out by being shipped to a house full of big strange dogs, so we put her in a room by herself and left the carrier cage open so she could come out at her own pace. The next night, I came home from work. Turtle was still keeping to herself, so I just stayed in the room reading for a while, to get her used to me. Suddenly, I heard a faint little mewing sound from the carrier. I looked in, and there was Lucy. She was the litter. So much for the vet's estimate...

Lucy is a sweet, quiet lap cat. She is wonderful with the dogs, and they seem to regard her as a sort of small piece of furniture that moves. Sometimes people ask if Greyhounds get along with cats. My dogs pretty much ignore this one. I had another that was sort of romantically fixated on Cody...but that's sort of the exception. The cats seem to think the dogs are provided for entertainment, sort of like cat TV. Also, the dogs and cats seem to share a mutual interest in each other's food. Sort of a "the grass is always greener" phenomenon.

Lucy appeared in a Japanese book of cats. She hasn't been to Japan, but she met a photographer from there. You can take a look at how Lucy looks when she's annotated in Japanese, and if you read Japanese, you can read a short text about LaPerms. (I have no idea what this says - if you want to enlighten me, that would be cool.)

The International Cat Association's standard for the La Perm

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