Ch. Golightly Ado Annie, JC

Annie is the daughter of Suki and Silver. The only girl in a litter of boys, she's a bit of a tomboy at heart. Likes boisterous play, wants to be in the middle of everything. She's a 'smiler', one of those dogs who shows their teeth in a funny little grin when she greets you. When she was younger, there would be times she'd sneeze while greeting people because she'd be wrinking her nose so much with the grins.

She's a cheerful dog, intelligent enough to be a sneaky thief, and she's currently attending agility classes. She likes the jumping and the high obstacles, thinks the tunnels may hold something sinister, and finds the dogs playing in the ballfield next to the class extremely distracting.

Annie won the Bred By Exhibitor class at the Greyhound Club's Western Specialty in 1993, and in addition to having a Junior Courser title, she's pointed in open field (NOFCA) coursing.

Here's another picture of Annie. That one was taken at an indoor show and has a sort of a black-on-black kind of look.

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