Ch. Golightly Domino

Spot is a love sponge, like his father. More of an exhuberant dog than some, he's the sort who wants to be always with me and protests piteously if it isn't his turn to go for the run, or get special treats. He's not particularly dominant, but he feels mom should always love him best.

Spot is the sort of dog who'd probably be happiest if he were someone's only male. Here, he's the new boy, and his dad sort of overshadows him, with some discussions about just who get's to order whom around. He's a good sport, though, and a enthusiastic playmate for his sister, Karma.

Here's another picture of Spot, taken a few months earlier. I find it interesting how different he looks in the two. It's often the case that a dog in show pose will look like a totally different dog when the camera angle changes, or the dog's mood is different, or they just are lit differently.

Spot's Pedigree

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