Dual Ch./Can. Ch. Golightly Really Rosie, F.Ch., CD, Can.CD, CGC, VC
1987 - 1997

Rosie was an ambitious dog. She always wanted to please me. Her mind was always working, planning, scheming, worrying. She was an incredible mother, loved to play with puppies and fed them herself long past the time when it must have been comfortable.

She was the first AKC Dual Champion Greyhound, won multiple Best in Field awards, and was pointed in NOFCA (open field) coursing. She was really fast, and I loved watching her run.

Rosie did some modelling work, sometimes alone, sometimes with my other dogs. She was in the German edition of Elle, she was dressed up in a fancy lead and collar for the "In the Company of Dogs" catalog, and there's a photo of her as a puppy in the TFH Atlas of Dog Breeds. Some of her pups are in a more recent TFH title about choosing the right breed.

She died only a few months ago, and sitting down to write this page, I realize that I'm still grieving. She was my co-pilot whenever we went for a drive. Rode shotgun whenever she could (she was always pushing the Volvo into the wrong gear). Her son, Spot has that same desire, but he's a little too large for the seat. So there's both a real and a figurative empty space where she was.

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