Ch. Golightly Dakota Sioux, SC

Ch. Argus of Greywitch
Ch. Clairidge Starbuck
Ch. Shalfleet Spanish Moon
Ch. Midnight Shadow Traveler, F.Ch., UDTX
Ch. Rudel's Reindeer Cupid
Hewly Herodias
Ch. Hewly Hircine
Ch. Suntiger Silver Falcon, CD
Hortondale Treetops Mighty Grand
Eng. Ch. Shalfleet Sir Lancelot
Shalfleet Silver Moon
Am./Eng. Ch. Shalfleet Shirley Ann, TD
Hortondale Treetops Mighty Grand
Eng Ch. Shalfleet Spode
Shalfleet Silver Moon
Ch. Golightly Dakota Sioux SC
Ch. Midnight Shadow Traveler F.Ch. UDTX
Ch. Suntiger Traveler
Ch. Shalfleet Stop the World
Ch. Rocket's Voyager
Ch. Downsbragh Court Martial
Ch. Windholme Rockets Mardi Gras
Rockets Miss Chief F.Ch.
Dual Ch. Golightly Runaround Sue, F.Ch., CD, CGC, TT
Cactus Lonesome
TNT Tony
Be Going
Ch. Morley's Sue, F.Ch., CD, VCX, LCM II
Annie Up
Mary Linda

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