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Interests and Hobbies

Here are some of the activities I spend time on when I'm not at the computer.

Shorinji Kempo
Since 1987, I've practiced a Japanese martial art named Shorinji Kempo. It is essentially a defensive art, where practice is dedicated to improving the individual and the relationships between all people. My present rank is 2nd Dan (level 2 black belt). If you are interested, visit my Shorinji Kempo Page.
Classical Guitar
I've been playing guitar intermittently for about 14 years. For the last few years, I've been taking weekly classical guitar lessons from an excellent professional guitarist named David Gorrie.

If you have MIDI capability (if you have a PC with soundcard, then you have MIDI) then you can listen to one of my favorite classical guitar scores, just click to download Villa-Lobos's Prelude No. 3.
MIDI score produced with QuickScore (v4.0), by Sion Software.

Playing Computer Games
Like many other PC owners, I spend too much time playing computer games. Visit my DOOM page to learn more about my all-time favorite. Visit my MOO2/Stars comparison page to learn about two popular strategy games that I play. I've also enjoyed Starcraft and Final Fantasy VII and Diablo II.

Education and Background

I went to college at Washington University in St. Louis. I spent over five years there, and got the following degrees:

All of my degrees are from the university's School of Engineering and Applied Science.

After graduating, I worked for two years at AT&T Bell Labs, Transmission Systems Laboratory.

I am a member of the Association for Computing Machinery and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

My Work

I work for the U.S. Government. My title is "Technical Director." If you need to contact me about a work matter, my email address at work is given below.

In my job, most of my time is spent programming or working on security or computer network problems. I also teach programming. For more information about what kinds of computer stuff I do, check out my Professional Page.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Here are some random points about me with links to relevant sites.

Contact Information

You can send me e-mail:

My Links and Links to Other Sites

Here are links to my pages in the Ziring Microweb:

Here are some links I've found useful or interesting. This list changes occasionally.


Here is a picture of me with my father, Marshall Ziring.

(The picture on the left is a Japanese silk handkerchief given to me by a Japanese executive after I saved face for him in Colorado in 1985. Cool!)

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