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A Comparison of Two Galactic Conquest
Strategy Games for the PC:
Master of Orion II and Stars! 2.6

Thanks for visiting my MOO2 v. Stars! detailed comparison page. This page presents facts about two excellent games, along with my personal assessments and opinions about them. As a dedicated fan of science fiction, as well as an enthusiastic player of sci-fi strategy computer games, I hope that the summary presented here can help you make the right choices for buying and playing these games.

DISCLAIMER: the opinions presented here are my own.
I have no connection with the developers or marketers
of Stars! or MOO2.

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This comparison is divided into several sections:

  1. Overview of the two games and their genre
  2. Background and purchase information
  3. Detailed Comparison
  4. Relevant Web Links

If you have any comments about this comparison, or want to suggest additions or links, please mail to ziring@home.com or sign the guestbook. Thank you.


Background Information

Detailed Comparison

Web Links

Here are some links to other information on these two games as well as some other game reviews.

Master of Orion II and the distinctive logo are trademarks of Microprose Software Inc. All game images of MOO2 on this page are duplicates of images provided to the public by Microprose for promotional purposes.

Stars! is copyright 1995-96 by Jeff Johnson and Jeff McBride. All game images of Stars! were captured by me, using a fully registered retail edition of Stars! 2.60b.

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This page written by Neal Ziring, last modified 1/6/97.