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Neal's DOOM Page

Thanks for visiting this page, my small tribute to the best computer game ever made. DOOM is a creation of iD Software, Inc.

What is DOOM?

DOOM is a lightning-fast 3D action game. In the game, you play the part of a valiant space marine fighting back the hordes of demonic invasion. Everything in the game is from your own point of view, so you experience first-hand the terror of running around a corner into a pack of hellspawn, as well as the satisfaction of pulping them with a few quick bursts from your plasma rifle. The sound effects and music add to the ambience established by the realistic 3D spaces in which you struggle.

In addition to fighting the legions of hell, you can battle other human beings in the nightmarish halls of DOOM. This manner of play is called deathmatch, and it is very popular. You can fight against one other person via a serial connection, such as a modem link, or against up to three other people over a network or through server systems on the Internet.

DOOM is actually a series of products from iD Software. Here are the primary ones:

DOOM runs on a variety of computers including PCs and Macs, as well as on many TV-based gaming platforms. On the PC, DOOM runs under DOS and Windows95. (In my PC experience, the game seems to require at least a 486DX/33 with 5MB or memory or more, and works really well only on a 486DX/66 or better with 8MB. Hexen requires at least a 486DX/66, or preferably a Pentium 75 or better. Quake needs at least a Pentium 75, but runs well only on faster Pentiums or Pentium equivalents, or on a PentiumPro. )

My Top DOOM Add-on Levels

One of the coolest aspects of DOOM and related games is that their underlying data formats and technology are mostly open and available. This means that ordinary people can craft their own levels and extensions for the game, and freely distribute them. The implication is that in addition to the 30+ levels in each DOOM game released by iD, you have hundreds and hundreds of DOOM levels to play. New levels and other extensions can be downloaded from the Internet and on-line services, as well as purchased in bulk on CD-ROM. This open technology policy has helped make DOOM the most popular computer game in history.

Unfortunately, not all add-on DOOM levels are similar in quality to the original articles! As a level author and reviewer, I would like to share my personal favorites with you; these are levels that I'm sure any DOOM player will enjoy. (Note: most of these are meant for play under DOOM 1 or Ultimate DOOM)

Some of these are among the finest DOOM add-ons ever designed (e.g. Aliens TC). Others are just a lot of fun to play (e.g. Cheese). I think that my levels are also pretty good, some of them even stand in with the all-stars listed above, so give mine a try, too. If you are in a hurry and just looking for some quick, cool action for DOOM 1, try Serenity. If you are looking for a visually impressive DOOM level, try Unholy Trinity. If you are looking for a long-term playing experience, try ALIENS TC for DOOM 1 or ICARUS for DOOM 2. If you are looking for excellent design and playability, try Return to Phobos for DOOM 1 or Raven for DOOM 2. If you are looking for shorter efforts that are really fun to play, try Tree3 or Cheese. If you are looking for cool DOOM design ideas, try UAC_DEAD and Invade2.

DOOM Levels I've Designed

I designed several DOOM 1 add-on levels in 1994-95. They are, IMHO, craftsmanlike and fun to play. They can be found at any DOOM ftp site, and on most DOOM add-on CD-ROMs.

A collection of two early efforts: BLT and Lake4. These levels aren't really great, but they're small and quick to play.
Deimos Subway
The award-winning SUBWAY21 level! As written up in the Washington DC City Paper, this level puts you into a demon-infested simulacrum of part of the DC Metro System. This level was voted one of the All-Time Best Doom Levels in 1994. Replaces DOOM1 E2M1. I still get mail about this one, almost four years after release - weird, huh? (Contains some new graphics and new music)
Elements of DOOM
A five-level set, ELEMENTS is a good example of a small set of levels each based on a simple theme. These DOOM1 levels replace part E1M1,M2,M3,M4, and M9. (Contains some new graphics, some new sounds, new music.)

All of these levels are playable under Classic DOOM, or under Ultimate DOOM. I love getting mail from people who have played my levels.

Links to other DOOM Sites

Here are some other doom-related WWW sites to visit.

A good starting point for other DOOM sites,
and for other 3D action games.

ID Software
The company that created DOOM
(a good place to patches and release info)

The main DOOM ftp site
(often crowded, use Doomgate to find a mirror site near you)

The Internet headquarters for DOOM deathmatch
and for other head-to-head gaming.

Pretty big European Doom site, keeping the passion for DOOM alive even in these days of flashier 3D games. Also include some 'Best of All Time' lists.

The Official DOOM FAQ
Hank Leukart's DOOM FAQ in HTML format,
an invaluable resource for the DOOM player.

Pages on DOOM Level Editing
(good coverage of the various tools with links to lots of other places)

Frank's DOOM Zoo A cool place to view all the monsters from all angles.
(NOTE: Requires Java!)

Dan Jameyson's DOOM Page A very nice doom page with tools, Dehacked patches and music add-ons. I like this page because it lists my wad Subway21 as a tip-top add-on level!

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