Some Descendants of

Edward Wilcox

of Aquidneck RI

part I
Descendents of Edward  Wilcox

Part II
Rescources for Wilcox Genealogical Research

Part I
Descendents of Edward  Wilcox


First Generation

1. Edward Wilcox b. ca 1600/5, South Elkington, Lincolnshire, England,   m. 12 May 1631, Orby, Lincolnshire, Susan Thompson, b.1607, Orby, Lincolnshire, (daughter of Amos Thompson and Carynthaphuch Jackson.)  Edward d. after 1638 and before 1660
      i Daniel Wilcox.
    2. ii Stephen b. ca 1633.
      iii John Wilcox (Osborn say's Probably)

Here is a link to more information on Edward from MA Wilcox's Site.
She has lots of information there.  The notes are especially informative.


Second Generation

2. Stephen Wilcox b. ca 1633, m. 1657/1658, in Portsmouth, RI, Hannah Hazard, b. 10 Jul 1637, Boston, Suffolk co, MA, (daughter of Thomas Hazard and Martha  Unk) d. 1690.
      i Bethia Wilcox.
      ii Edward Wilcox.
    3. iii Thomas b. 18 Feb 1664.
      iv Daniel Wilcox.
      v William Wilcox.
      vi Stephen Wilcox.
      vii Hannah Wilcox.
      viii Jeremiah Wilcox.

Here is a Link to Bob Cook's Page on Thomas Hazard
These two families seem to be all mixed up.
Thomas married his first cousin Martha and his
brother Edward married her sister Mary.


Third Generation

3. Thomas Wilcox b. 18 Feb 1664, Westerly , Washington Co, RI, m. 1687, Martha Hazard, b. ca 1668, Portsmouth, Newport Co, RI, (daughter of Robert Hazard and Mary Brownell) d. 1753/8, Exeter RI.  Thomas died 1728, N Kingston, Washington Co., RI.
      i Robert Wilcox.
      ii Stephen Wilcox.
      iii Jeffery Wilcox.
      iv Thomas Wilcox.
    4. v Abraham b. ca 1706.
      vi George Wilcox.
      vii Hannah Wilcox.
      viii Martha Wilcox.
      ix Edward Wilcox.

Fourth Generation

4. Abraham Wilcox b. ca 1706, RI, m. 5 Jun 1739, in Exeter, Washington Co, RI, Lydia Herrington, b. 1725, N Kingston, Washington Co, RI, (daughter of Job Harrington and Alice Wightman), Abraham d. 23 May 1807, Exeter RI.
      i John Wilcox.
      ii Job Wilcox.
    5. iii Abraham b. ca 1745.
      iv Martha Wilcox.
      v Isaac Wilcox.
      vi Robert Wilcox.
      vii Alice Wilcox.
      viii Jacob Wilcox.
      ix Ebenezer Wilcox.
      x Hannah WIlcox.
      xi Whitman Wilcox.
      xii Lydia Wilcox.
      xiii Larkin Wilcox.

Here is a Link to Wallace K Reid's site which traces back the Harrington line.

Lydia Herrington is the great grandaughter of Benjamin Herendeen. He was quite  a character. Here is a link to a page at the Harrington genealogy website discussing Benjamin.

Fifth Generation

5. Abraham Wilcox b. ca 1745, Exeter, Washington Co. RI, m. (1) 14 Feb 1770, Mary Card, m. (2) 20 Aug 1781, Anna Tillinghast, b. 17 Jun 1758, (daughter of Thomas Tillinghast and Mary Thomas) m. (3) 13 Dec 1791, Mary  _______.
      i John/Jonathan Wilcox.
      ii Mary Ann Wilcox.
    6. iii William B b. 1787.  (Osborn says Prob s/ of )
      iv Lebbens Wilcox.

Here is a copy of a message from Todd Lawrence with Anna Tillinghast's Pedrigee.


Sixth Generation

6. William B Wilcox b. 1787, W. Greenwich, Kent Co., RI, m. 15 July 1821, in Griswold CT, Irena Larkin, b. Griswold CT, (daughter of Kinney Larkin and Austis Button). William died 29 May1848, Thompson CT.
      i Joseph Wilcox.
    7. ii James Lester b. ca 1825.
      iii Sarah Ann Wilcox.
      iv Phoebe Wilcox.
      v George Kinney Wilcox.
      vi William L Wilcox.
      vii John Hazard Wilcox.
      viii Daniel Wilcox.
      ix Moses Barber Wilcox.
      x Hannah M Wilcox.
      xi Charles Wilcox.
      xii Lowell Holbrook Wilcox.

 There is a four generation  picture of James and Moses and many of
James' descendants on my family pictures page:


Seventh Generation

7. James Lester Wilcox b. ca 1825, Putnam CT, m. 12 Oct 1844, in Thompson CT, Ruby Wilbur, d. 1934.
    8. i Charles Agustus b. June 1, 1849.
      ii Melvin Wilcox.
      iii Mary Wilcox m. _______   Evans.
    9. iv George Riley b. 27 Mar 1852.


Eighth Generation

8. Charles Agustus Wilcox Sr b. June 1, 1849, Thompson, CT, m. Hannah Carpenter, d. 1924.  Charles died 1941, Woodstock, CT, buried: Grove Street Cemetary, Putnam, CT.
    10. i Jessie.
    11. ii Fred J.
    12. iii Ellsworth S b. 28 Jul 1880.
    13. iv Ernest.
    14. v Charles Augustus.
    15. vi Ella.
    16. vii Emma.

Here is a link to Charles' Obutuary

9. George Riley Wilcox b. 27 Mar 1852, West Thompson CT, m. 20 Jul 1872, in Putnam CT, Violette Elizabeth Bridge, b. 28 Nov1852, St Johnsbury, VT, d. 10 Jan 1890, West Woodstock.
      i Helen E Wilcox b. June 10, 1873, Putnam.
      ii Herbert G Wilcox b. Aug 10, 1875.
      iii John Wesley Wilcox b. Mar 29 1877.
      iv Alice Ruby Wilcox b. April 29, 1879.
      v Gifford Daniel Wilcox b. May 22, 1882, E. Boston MA.
      vi Harriet Adelaide Wilcox b. Dec 5, 1884.
      vii Melvin E Wilcox b. Jan 23, 1887, Putnam.
      viii Georgia Viola Wilcox b. Aug 25, 1888, Putnam.

Ninth Generation

10. Jessie Wilcox m. Ina Perry.
      i Freda Wilcox.
      ii Wyman Wilcox.

11. Fred J Wilcox m. Mertie Edsen.
      i Byron Wilcox.
      ii Harold Wilcox.

12. Ellsworth S Wilcox b. 28 Jul 1880, m. Helen Frances Benson, b. 11 Mar 1873, (daughter of Thomas Benson and Sarah Blackstone) d. Oct. 15, 1937, Putnam CT.

Here is a link to Helen's Obituary

Here is a link to a page on Helen's ancestors.
I call it Prince Genealogy

    17. i Walter.
    18. ii Marion Agnes b. FEB 10,1907.
    19. iii Christine.

13. Ernest Wilcox
    20. i Ruth.

14. Charles Augustus Wilcox
    21. i Elizabeth Ruby.

15. Ella Wilcox m. Fred L  Cokley.
      i Helen Cokley.
      ii Merton Cokley.
      iii Henry Cokley.

16. Emma Wilcox m. _________  Edson.
      i Alice Edson m. _______   Joslin.


Tenth Generation

17. Walter Wilcox m. (1) Cora Baldwin, m. (2) Magda Schlessinger.
      i Irving Wilcox.
      ii Nancy Wilcox.

18. Marion Agnes Wilcox b. FEB 10,1907, Putnam CT, m. OCT 3, 1930, in Putnam CT, Austin Douglass Lathrop, b. AUGUST 18, 1906, Bozrah CT, (son of James Elijah Lathrop and Belle Willians Austin) d. JULY 24, 1966, Southington CT, buried: JULY 27, 1966, Plainville Ct.  Marion died FEB 11, 1980, Bristol Ct, buried: FEB 14, 1980, Plainville Ct.
    22. i Elizabeth Helen b.  1931.
    23. ii James Ellsworth b 1933.
      iii Lucile Adrienne Lathrop b.  1935, m. Curtis Ames, b. SEPT 15, 1927,
           Bristol Ct. Curtis d. July 19, 1999, Okanogan Wa.
      iv Jonathan Austin Lathrop b.  1953, Bristol Ct, m. 20 Jun 1986, in Washington
          DC, Diane Marie Sitar, b.  1955, Arlington VA, (daughter of John Sitar
           and Patricia Steele).

Here is a link to my  Lathrop Genealogy web page.

19. Christine Wilcox m. Robert Fulton.
      i Joanne Fulton m. _______ Roscoe.
      ii Robert Fulton.

20. Ruth Wilcox m. __________   Dodge.
      i Ernest Dodge.
      ii Thomas Dodge.

21. Elizabeth Ruby Wilcox
      i Janice E Thompson.


Eleventh Generation

22. Elizabeth Helen Lathrop b.  1931, Putnam CT, m. 1953, in Plainville Ct, Robert Theodore Anderson, b.  1928, Syracuse NY.
    24. i Rondi Elizabeth b. , 1957.
    25. ii David Anton b. , 1964.

23. James Ellsworth Lathrop b.  1933, m.  August 16, 1958, Claudette Servant, b.  1936.
    26. i James Ellsworth b.  1959.
      ii Susan  Marie Lathrop b.  1960, m. Scott Leith.


Twelfth Generation


24. Rondi Elizabeth Anderson b.  1957, Lansing Mich, w/. Chuck WIll, b.  1947.
      i Shakti  b. 1977, East Lansing MI.

25. David Anton Anderson b.  1964, Lansing MI, m. Donna Lee Falkenhain.b. 1966.
      i Austin Lee Anderson b. 1997, Stanford, KY .

26. James Ellsworth Lathrop jr b.1959, m. Deborah Bessoni, b.1964.
      i Jessica Lathrop b. 1993.
      ii Michael Lathrop b. 1995.


Part II

Rescources for Wilcox Genealogical Research

This is a link to a Wilcox Genforum at

Martha Osborn has published a wonderful book "Wilcox/Wilcoxson famlies of  New Englsnd and their descendants: a genealogical dictionary." It is published by  Heritage Books in Bowie, MD.  It was the principal source of information for this webpage for 17th and 18th century Wilcoxes.

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