Subject:          Re: Anna Tillinghast.
   Date:          Thu, 25 May 2000 16:59:52 EDT

Anne Tillinghast was the daughter of Thomas Tillinghast (b. April 27, 1732
in East Grenwich, RI, d. Oct. 21, 1827 in West Greenwich, RI) and Mary Thomas
(1735 - Oct. 1769).  Thomas and Mary married in 1755.

Thomas is the son of John Tillinghast (b 1690 in East Greenwich, RI - d Oct.
21, 1777 in West Greenwich, RI) and Anne Allin (July 2, 1699 - d. March 5,
1738/39 in East Greenwich, RI).  John and Anne married June 10, 1731 in
Rehoboth, MA.

John is the son of Pardon Tillighast, born Feb 18, 1666/67 in Providence RI,
died Oct. 15, 1743 in West Greenwich, RI, and Mary Keech, born 1670, died
Feb. 7, 1725/26 in East Greenwich, RI.  Pardon and Mary were married in

Pardon is the son of Pardon Tillinghast, b. abt 1623 in England, died Jan.
29, 1717/18 in Providence, RI, and Lydia Masters Taber, b. 1634 in
Providence, RI, died there 1718.  Pardon and Lydia were married April 16,
1664 in Providence.

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