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Some information on Rev John Lothrop
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Lathrop ancestors of Jonathan Lathrop
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Lathrop related genealogical resources
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Huntington now available ONLINE

The Lothropp Foudation has placed an online version of Rev E B Huntington's book on their web site. You can now search for any name or date.  It includes all listed descendants of Rev John and of Mark the principal Lathrop  imigrant ancestors.  Just enter any unique information on the person you are looking for ( Their name as well as wife's or mother's maiden name or date of birth) in to the search box on  and click search.  Kudos to the Lothropp Foundation for this great service!

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Part I

Some information on Rev John Lothropp

and lots of related links.


The story of most Lathrops in America starts with the illustrious Rev. John Lothropp. There is lots of information about him on the Web. Here is some of what I have found about Rev. John Lothrop and Hannah House. He was the second pastor of the first Independent (Congregational) Church in London. At that time the King, Charles I,  was in a conflict with Parliament. Puritans Presbyterians and Independents, all dissenters from the Church of England supported Parliament. This conflict led up to the English Civil War. King Charles I would be beheaded in 1649 by forces led by Lord Cromwell during the English Civil War.

As a result of the political conflict between King Charles and Parliament religious dissenters were persecuted. Rev John was imprisoned from 1632 to 1634. While in prison his wife, Hannah House, died. He was banished to America upon his release. He led a group of followers to Scituate Massachusetts. They sailed on 18 Sept. 1634 on the Griffin to Boston MA. He became pastor of the First Church in Scituate where he remained till 1639 when a dispute split the church. Rev John led a group of his followers to Barnstable Mass., about 40 miles to the south east on the north shore of Cape Cod. Barnstable considers Rev John Lothrop to be its founder and has several references to him on its web pages. His house is now the town library.

Rev John's Ancestors

Here is what VT Andrews has to say about Rev John's father Thomas:

5396. Thomas 14 Lathrop was born in Cherry Burton, Yorkshire, England 19 June 1536. Thomas died in Wd, Elton or Harthil, Yorkshire, England.
He married three times. He married Elizabeth Mrs. Clark 5 October 1560 in Cherry Burton, Yorkshire, England. He married Mary Howell 29 July 1574 in Etton, York, England. Mary was born about 1556 in Yoxall, Staffordshire, England. Mary was the daughter of John Howell and Mrs. John Howell. Mary died 6 January 1588 in Etton, Yorkshire, England, at 31 years of age. Her body was interred 6 January 1588 in Etton, Yorkshire, England. He married Jane Carter 11 November 1588 in Etton, Yorkshire, England.
Thomas Lathrop and Mary Howell had the following children:
  5399 iii. Thomas Lathrop was born in Etton, Yorkshire, England 14 October 1582. Thomas died 20 October 1628 in England, at 46 years of age. He married four times. He married Mrs. Elizabeth Lathrop. He married Elizabeth Clark. He married Elizabeth. He married Anna Hammond 17February 1636.
  + 3787 iv. John Rev. Lathrop [Reverend] was born 20 December 1584.
5400 v. William Lathrop was born in Etton, Yorkshire, England 24 May 1587. William died about
1628 in Yorkshire, England.

The following was from the now defunct

Their 17th century descendant, Rev. John Lathrop, a 26-year-old theology graduate of Queens College, on October 10, 1610, married HANNAH HOUSE, who was born in 1590 in Eastwell, Kent, a daughter of REV. JOHN and ALICE (LLOYD) HOUSE, who were both born in 1572 in Eastwell and married in 1590. The family name was sometimes spelled Howse. Rev. Lathrop was part of the First Independent (Congregational) Church in England, which was later banned during the persecution by Archbishop Laud. Rev. Lathrop was imprisoned at Newgate Prison in 1632. While her husband was in prison, Hannah died February 16, 1633. Rev. Lathrop was released in 1634 and banished. Rev. Lathrop fled with his son to Plymouth Colony, where he resided in Scituate until 1639 and then in Barnstable. Rev. John, who died November 8, 1653 in Barnstable, and Hannah (House) Lathrop had a son Samuel (#8).

 Descendants of Walter Lawtrop by Barbara Joan Lathrop has an excellent listing of the Lathrop family starting with Walter Lawtrop b.1355 through to Rev John's children. Her notes on Rev John are the most thorough I have seen.

About Mary Salte

(She is NOT Rev. John's mom)

Olive Hoffman on the mailing list warns us about Mary Salte.

"The reader is cautioned against Gustave Anjou's "LOTHROP FAMILY RECORDS IN
ENGLAND FROM  1480 - 1685"  Many statements made in this publication cannot be
verified in original sources and  Anjous' works are largely discredited.
A serious error found in Anjou that has since been perpetuated in other (mentioned works that I will not name here on the net) is that Thomas Lothrope, father of the Rev John married as his 2nd wife Mary Salte, d/o Robert Salte of Yoxall, Staffordshire.   Mary is allegedly the mother of (Rev) John Lathrop.  This Thomas "Lathrop" was living in Leigh, Staffordshire, in 1614 and had children Nicholas, Humphrey, Ralph, and Jane, w/o Francis Whitcomb.  The father of Rev John was Thomas of Etton, Yorkshire. He was buried at  Etton 9 Oct. 1606 and he had NO sons named Nicholas, Humphrey or Ralph.  His 2nd wife Maud (NOT Mary) was buried at Etton on 6 June 1588 (all printed works call her Mary and give a burial date of 6 Jan 1588.
 Also on the topic of Rev John's mom, Candace Lazzaro writes
"...  I found an article in the Oct. 1995 issue of The American Genealogist #280, Vol. 70, No. 4 called "Lothrop and House Entries in the Parish Registers of Eastwell,Kent." by Clifford L. Stott. Mr. Stott says that Maud __?__ was John's mother, not Mary Howell or Mary Salte. He remarks that Gustave Anjou's "Lothrop Family Records i England from 1840 to 1685" was the source that started the controversy. It stated that John's mother was Mary Salte .... however, Mary Salte (or some Mary) was the wife of a different Thomas Lothrop; not our John's parents. This Thomas has sons Nicholas, Humphrey and Ralph.... ours did not. Now, I've had enough (too much) trouble with old Gustave to know that anything he writes should be questioned. But while Mr. Stott says that Maud was buried at Etton on 6 June 1588, he doesn't give a source. Is there a tombstone or church records?"
I can confirm that Huntington in his "Genealogical Memoir..." does not give a last name for Rev John's mother and lists Mary Salte as wife of a different Thomas Lathropp than the father Rev John. ( p. 9)  Here is what Huntington has to say about Thomas and his wives on p. 18:
3. Thomas was born in Cherry Burton and married (1) Elizabeth (widow) Clark, who was buried in Etton, July 29, 1574. He married (2) Mary, who was buried in Etton, Jan 6, 1588; and (3) Jane, who after his death became the wife of _____ Coppendale.
He removed to Etton, Harthill wapentake, East Riding, Yorkshire, about 1576, and here he died in 1606...
By the way ...I just checked a map, Etton is about a mile from Cherry Burton. So Thomas didn't move very far from the Lathrop family home. The question of who Rev John's Mother is remains for future researchers.

Founder of Barnstable

Here is what I found on a web site about Barnstable: - The County, Town or Village?

Town of Barnstable - founded by Rev Lothrop and his group after they left Scituate (pronounced Skit'-u-et).("First mentioned 5 Mar 1638/9",p. 63, ibid.;) ("September 3, 1639 is the precise birth date given to Barnstable, which really represents just the best guess of when a band of hardy colonists officially took advantage of Plymouth Colony laws passed in March, 1638 authorizing towns to send deputies to the General Court." The [Yarmouth] Register, p. 22, 7 Sept. 1989 ).

And this came from a site about tourist attractions on Cape Cod:

West Parish Meetinghouse 2049 Meetinghouse Way (Rt. 149), West Barnstable " 362-4445 The seeds of this historic church first sprouted in 1616, with the birth of the Congregationalists in England. One of the men leading the way was Rev. John Lothrop, who came across to land at Plymouth and then briefly settle in Scituate in 1634. Though the settlement of Barnstablebegan toward the east and the original meetinghouse was built in 1646 on Cobb Hill at Barnstable Village, this West Parish Meetinghouse, built in 1717, points to the growth in population that took place as the town found it necessary to split into east and west parishes. Though the original east parish meeting house is now long gone, the West Parish building stands today as a proud reminder of those early years. The bell was made by Paul Revere, and the 1723 English gilded cock weathervane earned the church its nickname, "The Rooster Church."

Sturgis Library Rt. 6A, Barnstable " 362-6636 Along historic Route 6A in Barnstable Village rests what is believed to be the oldest house in the town of Barnstable. It also happens to be the oldest library building in the country. The oldest section of the Sturgis Library was built in 1644. Its first occupant was the town's first minister, Rev. John Lothrop who settled the town in 1639. On display at the library is Rev. Lothrop's bible. This building was also the birthplace and home of Capt. William Sturgis, who later presented the house to the town to be used as a library. The library has prestigious genealogical and maritime history including many collections, charts and maps.

Sacrament Rock Rt. 6A, Barnstable " No phone. This is the site of the first church service on the Cape, presented by Rev. John Lothrop in 1639 before there was a meeting house built. Unfortunately the rock was dynamited to make way for Route 6A. The pieces of the rock were collected and joined back together with cement along the side of the route, complete with a plaque telling of its historical sgnificance.

Here is a old drawing of the Sturgis Library in Barnstable. Rev John's home and the oldest library building in the US, and here is a link to their web page:


There is another church which descends from the original congregation brought to America by Rev John. This church is called The Unitarian Church of Barnstable. The following is from their pew card:

Early in the 17th Century, The Rev John Lothrop and his followers left England for these shores seeking religious independence. They settled first in Scituate, Massachusetts, and a few years later, in 1639, came to Barnstable. They constructed their first meeting house in 1646 on Coggins' Pond, about a mile from the present church.
By the early 1700's the town had grown sufficiently large to support two parishes. Members in the East Precinct erected a building on this present site on Cobbs Hill, and anther building was completed in the west end of Barnstable. In 1717 the original church became two churches. ...  The church is affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association... .


Rev. John's Bible


The story about the burn mark in the bible is that  the page shown was burned during the trip across the Atlantic on the Griffin. Rev John wrote in the missing text from memory. It is now on display in the Lothrop Room of the Sturgis Library.

Other Sites Devoted to Rev John


You get the idea. This guy Rev John was a real hot shot.  He had lot lots of kids I list them in part II below and here's some one else who does too:

Norris Taylor has a very good page covering most aspects of what is known of Rev John. He calls it: John Lathrop Noted Preacher Barnstable, Mass.

The West Parish Meetinghouse  of Barnstable has a page devoted to it's history in which Rev John figures prominently.

Here is a Mormon view of Rev John, He is viewed as the Forberarer of Prophets ad Presidents

Gary Boyd Roberts is a columnist for the New England Historical and Genealogical Society. His column often discusses notable descendants of Rev John. Here is a link to the most recent one. The column is called Genealogical Thoughts

This is probably as good a place as any to put a link to a message I copied from Usenet. It was posted to soc.genealogy.usa written by Margaret Edmondson Olson. I call it Illustrious Cousins.


Part II

Lathrop ancestors of Jonathan Lathrop

with lots of links to related web pages

First Generation

Rev John Lothropp, m.  (1) 10 Oct. 1610,  Eastwell, Kent, England,  Hannah House b: ABT. 1597 in Eastwell, Kent, England


      1. Jane Lothropp b: 29 SEPT 1614 in Egerton, Kent, England
      2. Anne Lothropp b: MAY 1616 in Egerton, England
      3. John Lothropp b: FEB. 1617/18 in Egerton, England
      4. Barbara Lothropp b: OCT. 1619 in Egerton, England
      5. Thomas Lothropp b: FEB. 1620/21 in Eastwell, Kent, England
      6. Samuel Lothropp b: 1622 in Egerton, England
      7. Joseph Lothropp , Capt. b: APR 1624 in Eastwell, Kent, England
      8. Benjamin Lothropp b: DEC 1626 in Eastwell, Kent, England

    Marriage (2) Anna Hammond(?)

        Married: 17 FEB. 1635/36


      1. Elizabeth Lothropp b: in Scituate, MA
      2. Barnabas Lothropp b: JUN 1636 in Barnstable, MA
      3. Abigail Lothropp b: 2 NOV. 1639 in Barnstable, MA
      4. Bathsheba. Lothropp b: FEB. 1640/41 in Scituate, MA
      5. John Lothropp , Capt. b: 9 FEB. 1643/44 in Barnstable, MA

Here's his page on the RootsWeb WorldConnect Gedcom. It includes much of Richard Price's Bio of Rev John.

Second Generation

Samuel Lathrop and Elizabeth Scudder

Next in line is Samuel. He ended up in Norwich Connecticut where he is considered one of the founding fathers. He was a builder and later a farmer and for a while a "constable", "townsman" and judge. Here is what I could find about Judge Samuel Lathrop.

From Huntington  Page 38:

7. Samuel, born in England, and came with his father to Scituate in 1634, thence to Barnstable, where he Married, Nov. 28, 1644, Elizabeth Scudder, who had been dismissed from the church in Boston Nov. 10, 1644, to remove her church relation to that in Barnstable. She is reported in Savage as a sister to that John Scudder who was in Barnstable in 1640. He had made the acquaintance of Miss Scudder in Boston, where he commenced his business life as a house builder, afterwards combining with his extensive farming operations.   Their marriage was recorded by his father on the Barnstable Church Register as follows: "My sonn Samuel & Elizabeth Scudder Marryed at my house by Mr. Freeman Nov. 28, 1644."
They settled in Barnstable where his house stood next to that of John Scudder.
He is reported, in 1643, as one of five Lothrops at Barnstable liable to bear arms.
In 1648 he removed to New London, Connecticut, then called Pequot. We now find Mr. Lothrop mentioned in two letters from Governor Winthrop to his son at Pequot.  In one of these bearing date Aug. 14, 1648, on the subject of obtaining a minister for the settlement, he writes, "Your neighbour Lothrop came not at me (as I expected) to advise about it," etc.
His house lot in the new plantation was the third in order from that of John Winthrop Jr. Esq. and his name was one of the first eighteen to whom were assigned lands on the east side of the "great river" of Pequot, and for these the lots were drawn on the 17th and 31st of January, 1648-9.
Huntington lists their children on pages 46 - 48:

21. JOHN, baptized in Boston, Dec. 7, 1645, married Dec. 15, 1669, Ruth Royce, daughter of Robert. He and his sister Elizabeth were married at the same time by Commissioner Daniel Wetherell, ...

22. ELIZABETH, born in March, 1648, and married Dec. 15, 1669, Isaac, son of Robert Royce of New London, and settled in Wallingford. After his death she married Joseph Thompson ofWallingford, who was as a collector of taxes there as late as 1681, and had six children: Elizabeth, Samuel, James, Phebe, Hannah, and Keziah. Joseph Thompson, who married Hannah Clark, Feb. 1, 1709-10; John Thompson, born Feb. 1, 1685, and married June 23, 1710, Sarah Culver. They had six children: Abel, Abel 2d, Anna, Marsh, Sarah, and John. Hannah Thompson,born April 16, 1687.

23. SAMUEL, born in March, 1650, married Hannah Adgate, Nov., 1675, who died Sept. 18,1695. He then married, Dec. 30, 1697, Mary Edgerton of Norwich. They settled in Norwich where she died Jan. 81, 1727-8, and he Dec. 9, 1732. His rank among the citizens of Norwich is shown in the enrollment of 1730, where his name stands next to the two Deacons Huntington, their names following those of the three ministers, Lord, Willes, and Kirtland. He was a member of the First Church in Norwich.

24. SARAH, born in October, 1655, and married as his second wife, April 21, 1681,Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel Royce of Wallingford, where they settled, and where he died Nov. 1706. He was a carpenter and joiner and blacksmith, and died Feb. 8, 1736, having had four wives. His children by Sarah Lothrop were:

25. MARTHA, born in January, 1657, and married, in 1677, John, son of John Moss, the immigrant of this name, at New Haven, and who became so prominent in the new town of Wallingford. He occupied for his homestead the lot on which the elegant home of Moses Y. Beach stood in 1873, and there the elder Moss died at the age of 103 years in 1707. The son died March 31, 1717, and she Sept. 21, 1719. Their children were:

26. ISRAEL, born in October, 1659, and married April 8, 1686, Rebecca Bliss, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth -------- Bliss, who went from Saybrook to Norwich. Her grandfather was Thomas Bliss, Sen., of Hartford. They settled in Norwich. His rank among his townsmen in 1730, when all the freemen were enrolled, was next to hisbrother Samuel. He was a man of worldly thrift, and had a family of enterprising sons, who are said to have planted themselves on seven hills within the old nine-miles square of Norwich. He died March 28, 1733, and she Aug. 22, 1737. His headstone in old Norwich Town burial ground is the oldest one now there with an inscription on it. It gives us this tribute to his worth: " Here lies buried ye body of Mr. Israel Lothrup, ye Husband of Mrs. Rebekah Lothrup, who lived a life of exemplary piety & left ye Earth for Heaven Mar. ye 28, 1733, in ye 73d year of' his age. "

27. JOSEPH, born in October, 1661, and married (1) April 8, 1686, Mary Scudder, who died Sept. 18, 1695. He married (2) Feb. 2, 1696-7, Elizabeth "Waterhouse," daughter of Isaac and Sarah Watrous. She was born March 22, 1661, and died Nov. 29, 1726. He married (3) Nov. 22, 1727, Mrs. Martha Perkins, widow of Dea. Joseph Perkins of Newent, now Lisbon, then a part of Norwich. He was a member of the First Church. He died in Norwich, July 5, 1740, and to his death record is added " born 1661. "

28. ABIGAIL, born in 1665, and married Dec. 9, 1686, John, son of Christopher and Ruth (Rockwell) Huntington. See Huntington family for their numerous descendants. They had nine children: Abigail Huntington, born Feb. 19, 1687 ; married James Calkins; John Huntington, born April 20, 1688, and died in 1690. John Huntington, born July 4, 1691, and married Thankful Warner, of Windham, Ct., and settled in Tolland; Hannah Huntington, March 25, 1693-4, and married Joseph Rockwell, of Windsor; `Martha Huntington, born Dec. 9, 1696, and married Noah Grant, of Tolland, and became the ancestress of President Ulysses S. Grant.

29. ANNE, born in August, 1667, and married William, third son of William and Sarah (Calkins) Hough, of New London. He was born Oct. 13, 1657, and died April 22, 1705, and she in Norwich, Nov. 19, 1745. William Hough, Sen., was the son of Edward Hough, of Westchester County of Chester, England. He came to Gloucester, Mass., when he married Oct. 28, 1645, Sarah, daughter of Hugh Calkins, the pioneer.

>Here is another source of info about Samuel and his children

Christopher Scudder has an extensive website devoted to Scudder genealogy. Here is the page on Elizabeth Scudder.


Third Generation

Israel Lathrop and Rebecca Bliss

From Huntington's "Genealogical Memoir...."
26 ISRAEL,. Born in October 1659 and married April 8,1686, Rebecca Bliss, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth _______ Bliss, who went from Saybrook to Norwich. Her grandfather was Thomas Bliss, Sen. of Hartford. They settled in Norwich.
His rank among his townsmem in 1730, when all enrolled was next to his brother Samuel. He was a man of worldly thrift and had a family of enterprising sons, who are said to have planted themselves on seven hills within the old nine-miles square of Norwich. He died March 28, 1733 and she Aug. 22, 1737. His headstone in old Norwich  Town burial ground is the oldest one now there with an inscription on it. It gives us this tribute to his worth. "Here lies ye body of Mr. Israel Lothrup, Ye Husband of Mrs. Rebekah Lothrup, who lived a life of exemplary piety & left ye Earth for Heaven Mar. ye 28, 1733, in ye 73rd year of is age." p 47-48

Children of: Israel Lathrop and Rebecca Bliss from Huntington p 59-62

Glen Cooper a cousin from New York and Provo Utah recently left the following message on my guest book:
I not long ago visited their perfectly preserved graves in Norwich, CT. I was touched by their grave inscriptions, which I include here: Israel: "Here lyes buried ye body of Mr. Israell Lothrup ye Husband of Mrss. Rebekah Lothrup who lived a life of exemplary piety & left ye earth for heaven March ye 28 1733 in ye 73 year of his age".   Rebekah: "Here lyes interred the body of Mrs. Rebekah Lothrup the beloved wife and consort of Mr. Israel Lothrup She was the loving mother of many children & after she had served her generation by the will of God fell asleep August the 22nd 1737 in the 74th year of her age. MEMENTO MORI MORS VINCET OMINUM"

Fourth Generation

Samuel Lathrop and Elizabeth Waterman

103. Samuel was born in Norwich 12 July 1692. He married 26 June 1712, Elizabeth Waterman. They had two children, 248. Elisha born 13 July 1742 (See below) and 249. Samuel born 12 January 1715 and married , according to Franklin Church Records, in 1735, Charity Sluman. Huntington: p 61,82,83
Huntington lists his children as follows on pages 82 - 83 from "Franklin Church Records" :

According to Norris Taylor The Elizabeth Waterman who married Samuel Lathrop was the daughter of Ensign Thomas Waterman and Elizabeth ALLYN. This page also shows how she was related to Priness Diana and lots of other notables. You might want to check out his whole site which has lots of background on the causes of the Puritan emigration to New England


Fifth Generation

Capt. Elisha Lathrop and Margaret Sluman

Huntington says:
248 ELISHA, born July 13,1713, and married,(1) Jan. 31, 1732, Margaret Sluman who died Oct. 10, 1742. He married (2) Jan. 23, 1743, Hannah, daughter of Capt. John and Hannah ( Denison ) Hough, who was born in New London. They settled in Bozrah, but removed to Lebanon, N. H. He was a military man and was much honored by his fellow townsmen, both in Bozrah and in Lebanon. He was killed by the falling of a tree in Lebanon, N. H. July 2, 1787. p 82,83

Captain Elisha had 4 children with Margaret Sluman before she died. He then had 15 more children with Hannah Hough.  Here is a list of Elisha's and Margaret's children from Huntington p. 116

Here is a link to Margaret on a web site devoted to Sluman Genealogy This was a wonderful site which seems to be off line for now.

Huntington also lists Elija's children with Hanah Hough:



Sixth Generation

Lebbeus Lathrop sr and _____________

Lebbeus did not go to Lebanon N.H. with his father. He stayed in Bozrah. All the family right down to my father,  Austin,  were from Bozrah.

Huntington says:

556 LEBBEUS, born Jan. 3, 1739, and married_____________.He lived and died in Bozrah, leaving at least two children. Letters of administration were granted to Elijah Huntington of Bozrah, Dec 1, 1794, in which he is said to be late of Bozrah, and to have died intestate. In the distribution of the estate Dec. 5, 1795, the only heirs mentioned are his widow; "Polly, eldest heir," and Lebbeus. The Christian name of his widow is not given. p 116


Seventh Generation

  Lebbeus Lathrop jr. and Lucretia Maples

Huntington says:

1129 LEBBEUS, born in Bozrah, in 1780 and married Lucretia, daughter of William Maples. He lived in the south part of the town of Bozrah until about 1830 when he moved into Lebanon, where he died Jan 25, 1866. p 174
Here is a list of Lebbeus' and Lucretia's children from Huntington p. 249

Luicretia's brother was William Maples. He is Listed in the Henry A Bakers's "History of Montville..." P.98 as being a soldier in the War of 1812.
Here is a link to Luctetia Maples's page on Kurt Hahn's web site. He has done lot's of work on this family. He traces her line back to Stephen Maples the imigrant ancestor for this family. Here is what he says abot Stephem:
Stephen Maples1 (Maypels) was born Abt. 1683 in England, and died 26 Aug 1755 in Montville, New LondonCounty, Connecticut. He married Patience Fargo 17 Apr 1718 in North Parish, (Montville) New London County, Connnecticut, daughter of Moses Fargo and Sarah Query. She was born 09 May 1688 in Montville, New London County, Connecticut, and died Aft. 1729 in Montville, New LondonCounty, Connecticut.

Stephen Maples is also mentioned in the History of Montville P 32-33: reguarding a land dispute with the Mohegans. His claim was sustained.

Eighth Generation

Elisha Lathrop and Charlotte Avery

From Bozrah Town Records

Marital Status
location of record
Charlotte Lathrop
wife of Elisha, Laborer
 V2 P 1
Elisha Lathrop
22 Aug. 1855
V2 P 10

I saw the listing above in the Bozrah vital records myself. However this information may be incorrect.. Huntington lists a child born in 1848. And there is a picture of her gravestone which says she died in 1884. My guess is that the grevestone is correct information.(It is literaly written in stone!) Her mother and father are also burried in that same cemetary. I have seen speculation that Parthenea the wife of Charles Avery is Parthenea Ford.Daughter of Joseph Ford and Rebecca Bradford, However if the gravestone is correct then she had to be born in 1787 or 1788. and the information for Parthenia Ford does not quite match up. I would appreciate it if some one could make that connection from believable sources which say where they found their information.

Here is a copy of their marriage certificate from the Norwich city hall:


 Huntington says:

1987 Elisha, born October 1808; married Charlotte Avery, daughter of Charles Avery who lived and died in Bozrah. According to their Bible records they had they had 13 children and he died Aug. 22,1855. p 249
And here is a list of their children also from Huntington p. 300-301
  • i Charles Nelson Lathrop b. Sept. 30, 1834, Bozrah CT, m. Delia  __________, b. Westerly RI.  Charles died Dec 1. 1863, Westerly RI.
  • ii John Avery Lathrop b. Mar 17, 1836, Bozrah CT, m.(1) Varian Abell, m. (2) Sarah Thomas.
  • iii Harriet Parthena Lathrop b. Apr 20 1838, Bozrah, m. Jeremiah Saunders.
  • iv Janet Ruhamah Lathrop b. Dec 15, 1839, Bozrah CT, m. Samuel Chappel.
  • v Abby Ann Lathrop b. Mar 10, 1841, Bozrah, m. Alvah Farnum.
  • vi Elijah W b. Jan 29 1842.
  • vii Elisha Lathrop b. Jan 24,1842, Bozrah, m. Emily Miner.
  • viii Hannah Maria Lathrop b. Feb. 14, 1844, Bozrah, m. Wiliam Paine, b. Meriden.
  • ix Henry Lathrop b. Jan 22, 1846, Bozrah CT, m. Julia Rose, b. Westerly RI.
  • x Mary Ellen Lathrop b. April 19, 1848, Bozrah CT, m.1866, Orrin Spencer, b. Montville. Mary died Dec 23, 1866.


    Ninth Generation

    Elijah W. Lathrop and Eliza Gifford Pierce

    Elijah was one of twins. He and his brother Elisha were born on Jan 291842. Elijah had  club feet and walked on crutches. He married Eliza Pierce also of Bozrah daughter of Courtland Pierce of Preston CT and Hannah Vergason of Bozrah. Eliza was born 13 September 1855.  They had five children:
    i James Elijah
    ii Earl,
    iii Charlotte (Dennison) 6 October 1880 died Sept. 1967,
    iv Grace (Sanders) born 7 April 1884 ,
    v  Lawrence born 6 December 1899 died 1967.

    Elijah owned a farm on Gardner Lake in Montville CT. Eliza died 8 January 1927. Elijah died 19 November 1929.  (from Bozrah vital records and family sources)

     Sharen Reid sent me some information on Vergason Genealogy.


    Tenth Generation

    James Elijah Lathrop and Belle Williams Austin

    James Elijah was born Mar 12, 1876. He owned a farm on Raymond Hill , and served as Forest Fire Marshal for Montville.  He married Belle Williams Austin born 5 Nov., 1876 daughter of Frank E Austin of Waterford CT born 1 May,1856 and Susan Swan born 14 Nov. 1852 in Montville, died 17 Apr 1922 in Montville.   Belle graduated from normal school and worked as a school teacher before having children. They had four children. James died 21 Feb. 1938. Belle died in 1954? (from Bozrah and Montville town records and family sources)

    Here is a link to the Austin Family Association of America web page for my dad, Austin. You can follow it all the way back to Robert Austin who settled in Kingstown RI previous to 1687.


    Eleventh Generation

    Austin Douglass Lathrop and Marion Agnes Wilcox

    Austin was born August 18, 1906 in Bozrah Connecticut. He was raised on Raymond Hill in Montville and attended Norwich Free Academy. He Graduated from Connecticut Agricultural College in 1930 with a BS in Animal Husbandry. On 3 Oct. 1930 he married Marion Agnes Wilcox daughter of Ellsworth Wilcox and Helen Benson of Putnam CT. Marion was born Feb. 10, 1907, she also graduated from Connecticut Agricultural College in 1930 with a BA in Home Economics. They settled in Plainville CT in 1937. Austin was a farm manager, cattle buyer, dairy farmer, cattle dealer and auctioneer. Marion worked as a nutrition teacher for the Licensed Practical Nurse program at Goodwin Tech in New Britain CT. Austin died 24 July 1966. Marion died 11 February 1980. They had four Children:

    This is a link to a Biographical Scrapboook about Austin D Lathrop
    Here is my page devoted to Wilcox Genealogy


    Part III

    Other Resources for Lo/Lathrop Research

      The Books

    "HUNTINGTON"  refers to Rev. Elija B Huntington. author of  "A Genealogical Memoir of the Lo-Lathrop Family..." This book is the "Bible" of Lathrop genealogical research.  I found it at the Otis Library in Norwich. They have lots of Lathrop genealogical material there. The Library of Congress has it on micro-fische in DC. It is also for sale online at: The Quintin's Family History Centre. They will print a copy just for you.

    I found Huntington's "Genealogical Memoir..." the most helpful book in bridging the gap between the best known Lathrops in the 17th century and those I already knew from the 19th and 20th centuries. Huntington lists most but not all Lathrops in America who lived before 1875. He is more likely to list those who lived near him in New England, though many are listed from other parts of the country.

    Here is the full title and Library of Congress number:

    Huntington, Rev. E.B.. A Genealogical Memoir of the Lo-Lathrop Family in This  Country, Embracing the Descendants, as Far as Known, of the Rev. John Lothropp of  Scituate and Barnstable, Massachusetts and Mark Lothrop of Salem and Bridge water, Massachusetts and the First Generation of Descendants of Other Names. (1884). CS/71/L882/1884

    Huntington now available ONLINE

    The Lothropp Foudation has placed an PDF version of Rev E B Huntington's book on their web site. You can now search for any name or date.  It includes all listed descendants of Rev John and of Mark the principal Lathrop  imigrant ancestors.  Just enter any unique information on the person you are looking for ( Their name as well as wife's or mother's maiden name or date of birth) in to the search box on  and click search.

    The Biography

    Here is a biography of Rev John that I found on the Library of Congress search engine:
         CALL NUMBER: BR1725.L66 P75 1984
            AUTHOR:  Price, Richard W.
            TITLE:    John Lothropp (1584-1653) : a puritan biography & genealogy  /Richard Woodruff Price.
            PUBLISHED:   Salt Lake City, Utah : R.W. Price & Associates, 1984.
            DESCRIPTION:     38 p., [2] p. of plates : ill. ; 28 cm.
            SUBJECT:     Lothropp, John, 1584-1653.        SUBJECT:       Lothrop family.
            SUBJECT:      Clergy--England--Biography.        SUBJECT:       Clergy--Massachusetts--Biography.
            SUBJECT:        England--Genealogy.
            OTHER TITLE:                  John Lathrop (1584-1653)
            NOTE: Rev. ed. of: John Lathrop (1584-1653). Rev. 1978. Includes indexes.
            NOTE:             Bibliography: p. 21.         LCCN NUMBER:                  84-62196

    The Novel

    Here is a listing from The Connecticut State Library. It's a Novel about Rev John.
    Author        Holt, Helene
     Title            Exiled : the story of John Lathrop, 1584-1653, a novel / Helene Holt
     Publisher    Seafood, New York :Paramount Books, 1987
      LOCATION        CALL NO.                                      STATUS
       SL Stacks               PS3558.O36 E9 1987             AVAILABLE
     Descript                228 p. : ill., map ; 24 cm
     Bibliog.                Selected bibliography: p. 223-228
     Subject               Lathrop, John, 1584-1653 -- Fiction
                                  United States -- History -- Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775 -- Fiction
     ISBN                    0961602430

     The Foundation

    There is a charitable foundation for descendants of Rev John and his cousin Mark Lothrop. They have bi-annual reunions and contribute funds for historic preservation of Lathrop related sites.. Here is a link to the web page of the Lothropp Family Foundation . They have a lengthy bibliography on Rev John and lots of other matrerial including Rev Huntington's book in a searchable format.

    The List

    There is a  e-mail mailing list for Lathrop Genealogical inquiries. The "" list can be subscribed to from Doug Neibaur is also working on a complete descendancy chart for Rev John Lothrop at this site.

    The GenForums

    There are two GenForums, message boards devoted to Lo-Lathrop genealogy.  and 

    The Domain

    This is not genealogy related but you too can have your own virtual sub-domain... i.e..   and find it very handy when telling people my address verbally and it is easy for them to remember. You can check it out at My only interest in this is that I hope they make money and stay in business so I can continue to have my own virtual sub-domain at such a reasonable price.

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