Vergason Genealogy

This is the text of two emails sent to me by Sharen Reid :

As Hannah (Vergason) Pierce is your grandfather's grandmother, that
would make you and I fifth cousins.  Here is what I have on Hannah.

Hannah Vergason bc 1832 CT, daughter of Marvin & Sarah (Mitchell)
Vergason, m. Oct. 16, 1853 in Bozrah, Courtland Pierce/Pearce, known
children:  Alonzo bc 1850, Elisa bc 1854, Marvin bc 1858, Lucy A. b
1860, & Francis bc 1867.

Marvin b Oct. 15, 1808, Bozrah, CT; d Aug. 30, 1882 Bozrah, buried White
Plains Cemetery in Bozrah (near Sheraton Post Hotel), others on
tombstone:  Sarah Mitchell 1810-1885, Jane 1831-1842, Sarah Vergason
Dart 1842-1878, Orrin D. Vergason 1844-1927, his wife Annenette Watrous
1860-1917.  Marvin was the son of Jedediah(1) & Susanna (Beale?)
Vergason, m Sarah Mitchell Jan. 20, 1825 by Rev. John Whittlesey in
Bozrah; known children:  (male) bc 182?; Melinda Mitchell bc 1828 m
Giles Harrington; Lucy bc 1830; Jane b 1831; Hannah bc 1832; Eunice b
1839; Sarah b 1842; Orrin D. b 1844; & Harriet bc 1845.  Sarah Mitchell
b 1810 CT, d June 19, 1885 Bozrah, daughter of Zephariah & Sarah(?)
Mitchell.  Melinda Mitchell Vergason bc 1828 CT, m Giles Harrington Mar.
4, 1849 by C. Leffingwell; known children:  Sarah Jennie bc 1851, d Feb.
19, 1870; Eva/Emeline Vergason bc 1854,
d July 3, 1872; & Charles H. bc 1858.  Giles, Melinda, Eva V. & Jennie
S. are buried in Yantic Cemetery.  Eunice G. Vergason b 1839 CT, d 1915,
m Aug. 1, 1858 in Bozrah Albert H. Miner bc 1834 d Sept. 28, 1906, known
children:  Orrin L. bc 1860; Albert L. bc 1863; & George G. bc 1869.
Albert & Eunice are buried in the Gardner Cemetery along with Albert's
parents Daniel & Susan Miner.  Sarah Vergason b 1842 Bozrah, d 1878, m
Jan. 1, 1867 in Bozrah Charles B. Dart bc 1847 of Waterford, CT.  Orrin
D. d 1927 was second husband of Annenette Watrous b July 1860 in
Minnesota d 1917, believe she was first
m to (?) Place.

Jedediah Vergason bc 1767 CT, d May 24, 1853, son of John(2) and
Susannah(Jones) Vergason; children:  Oliver b Mar. 4, 1788; Sarah/Sally
b Feb. 26, 1790; Jedediah(2) b May 21, 1792; Asa b Aug. 1, 1793;
Jonathan b May 6, 1795 (my line); Susanna b Dec. 26, 1797; Isaac b May
7, 1799; Reuben b Apr. 4, 1801; Lydia b Feb. 6, 1805; Jerusha b. Jan.
25, 1805; Marvin b Oct. 15, 1808; & Caroline Matilda b Apr. 14, 1812.
Jedediah m2 Sarah Beale, sister of 1st wife Susanna, by Christopher
Leffingwell Nov. 17, 1852 in Norwich.  Susanna (Beale?)
bc 1770 E. Haddam CT, d June 11, 1851 Bozrah.  Will of Sarah (Beale)
Vergason is below.

John(2) bc 1727 CT, dc 1823, son of John(1) and Elizabeth (?) m1 Ann
Ford, children:  Elizabeth & Hannah; m2 Susannah Jones, daughter of
Daniel and Susannah (Spicer) Jones;  not sure of all the children of
John & Susannah.

John(1) bc 1698 dc 1873 with will and Elizabeth (?); children:
Elizabeth b 1726 m Daniel Roath; John(2) above; Ezekiel bc 1735 m Sarah
Jones, sister of Susanna above, had 12 sons and relocated along with
most of his sons to Bradford County, PA; Elijah appears to have died in
the French & Indian War with no issue; Thankful m Benjamin Jones, first
cousin of Sarah & Susanna; Anne m (?) Simon had at least son Elijah; &
Martha.  John(1) m2 Hannah Amos around 1743.  John(1)'s will in 1783
lists Hannah as wife and only six children, Elijah is excluded and no
issue is mentioned, Elijah Simon is listed also in the will as grandson.

Will of Sarah (Beale) Vergason

"In the name of God amen I Sarah Vergason of the town of Bozrah in the
County of New London and State of Connecticut being of sound mind and
memorey (blefsed be Almighty God for the same) to make and publish this
my last will and testament.
I give and devise all my real estate to William Palmer Rose and Caroline
Matilda Rose (the son in law and daugher of my deceased sister Mrs.
Susannah Vergason) during their natural life, then to their heirs at
law.  I likewise give and bequeath all my personal estate to William
Palmer Rose and Caroline Matilda Rose, the same as described above,
during their natural life, then to their heirs at law.  I do nominate
and appoint George Lathrop and William Palmer Rose to be executors to
this my last Will and testament.  In testemony whereof I hereunto set my
hand and seal and publish and decree this to be my last Will and
testament in presence of the witnefses named below this 10th day of June
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty three.

(signed with her mark and witnesses given as Joshua Maples, Seth
Whiting, and Elisha Maples)

As another note: I have a record of a Sarah Savage? married to Christian
Yergerson (later records give name as Vergerson).  Christian died in the
1810's and Sarah remarries but is listed in the 1820 U.S. Census with
four children (3 boys & 1 girl).  I believe Christian may be the
youngest brother of Jedediah.

My father's lineage ties to the religous movement of Rev. John Lathrop.
His ancestor, Edward FitzRandolph came to Scituate and married Elizabeth
Blossom whose family was part of the original Mayflower Compact.  Edward
and his family relocate to Barnstable as well.

Hope some of this information helps.

Sharen D. Reid

P.S.  Do you know who George Lathrop would be that is listed as an
executor in Sarah (Beale) Vergason's will?


 The last time I replied, I ran out of time to give my
lineage and how it ties to yours.  So here it is:

John(1)Vergerson & Elizabeth (?)
John(2)Vergerson & Susannah Jones (2nd wife)
Jedediah Vergason & Susannah (Beale?)
Jonathan Vergason & Sarah Thomas     Marvin Vergason & Sarah Mitchell
Nathan Vurgason & Isis Manchester    Hannah Vergason & Courtland
Franklin Vurgason & Julia                                Pierce
                      Corringham     Eliza Pierce & Elijah Lathrop
George Vurgason & Moya Cody          (your grandfather)
Gloria Vurgason & Howard Reid, Jr.   (your father)
Sharen Diane Reid                    Jonathan Lathrop

Our great-great-great grandfather's were brothers.

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