Prince Genealogy

Part I
Descendents of Robert Prince to Marion Wilcox

Part II
Information and Links on Sarah Warren Prince Osborne
and the Salem Witch Trials

Part III
The Genealogy of the Prince Family from 1660 to 1899.
By Frank A. Prince, Danielson, Conn. 1899  p. 12-25


Part I

Ancestors of Marion Wilcox back to Robert Prince and Sarah Warren.


First Generation

1. ROBERT PRINCE,     ; died at Salem village, now Danvers, Mass., June 4, 1674;  married April 5, 1662, Sarah Warren of Watertown;  she died  in jail, May 1692.  She was the Sarah Osborne who was the first to die of the Witch Hunt in Salem  Village, Mass in 1692.

        i  James, b. Jan 19, 1664-5; d. Sept., 1666.
        ii  James, b. Aug. 15, 1668.
        iii Elizabeth, b.. Feb. 19, 1669-70
     2. iv Joseph.

See part II below for more information on Sarah Warren and the Salem Witch Trials

Here is a site which has Robert's will.

A History of Salem Massachusetts, Volume II, 1638-1670 By Sidney Perley; Salem, Mass. Sidney Perley 1926 Pages 31, 32, 33, 34 contains information on Robert Prince and Sarah and some of their offspring.

Second Generation

2. JOSEPH (5), b. in Salem village;  m. June 3, 1698, Elizabeth Robinson, who was
    bapt. July 9, 1704.  Joseph had the western part of his father's farm in the division
    made May 21, 1696.

    3. i. Robert, b. Dec. 29, 1700; bapt. Oct. 22, 1704.
       ii. Timothy b. May 30, 1702; d. y.
       iii Joseph, b. Oct. 1703; d. six weeks later.
       iv. Joseph, bapt. Oct. 22, 1704.
       v. Elizabeth,  July 29, 1705; d.  y.
       vi Solomon, bapt. Mar. 30, 1707. Removed to Salem then to Thompson, Conn.  Was
            a "cordwainer." (shoemaker)
        vii Susanna, bapt July 3, 1709.
       viii Abel, bapt. Apr. 8,1711; m. at Salem, July 31,1735, Hannah Eaton.
       ix Martha, bapt. June 21, 1713.  Perhaps the Martha who m. 22 Dec., 1747, Thomas
       x Elizabeth, bapt. Mar. 18, 1716; m. Oct. 2, 1736, John Nichols.
       xi William bapt. Sept. 8, 1717.
       xii. Samuel, bapt. June 17, 1719.
       xiii. Timothy, bapt. Aug. 12, 1722.


Third Generation

3. ROBERT  son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Robinson) Prince, b. in Salem
    village, Dec. 29, 1700; bapt. Oct. 22, 1704; m. first, Phebe Symonds; m. second,
    previous to 1747, Mary _______. July 22, 1720,

       Children by First Wife.

         i   Joseph, bapt July 19, 1730; m. first _______ Perry;  m. second, Elizabeth Starr.
         ii  Mary, bapt Apr. 31, 1731; m. Solomon Ormsbee.
         iii  Ebenezer, bapt July 3, 1732; m. Rebecca Carroll
         iv  Sarah, bapt July 25, 1736; Probably died young.
         v   David, Bapt Feb. 19, 1737; m. Eunice Porter.
         vi   Sarah, bapt June 29,1740; m. William Whittemore.
         vii  Elizabeth, bapt Mar. 13, 1742-3; m. Elijah Corbin.
                         Above born in Salem village.

    Children by Second Wife.

          viii Susanna, b. in Killingly, (North Parish) now Thompson; bapt Nov. 13, 1748;  m.
               Mark Dodge.
        4. ix Robert, .b. Jan. 20, 1754; m. Jemima Bixby


Fourth Generation

4. Robert Prince, born Jan. 20, 1754 in Thompson m.  March  17, 1775 in Thompson, Jemima
     Bixby, Who was born May 2, 1756; died September 18,   1821. She was the first of six
     children of Nathan Bixby , Jr. and Mary Burril; who were    married in 1755. Nathan Bixby
     came from Topsfield Mass. Robert died 1829. He  served in the 11th regiment militia under
     command of Lieutenant Paine Convese in 1776 on the march to West Chester N.Y. from
     Woodstock, Pomfret, Killingly. He also served in the Lexington Alarm of 1775.


          5. x Jemima Prince , born Apr. 2, 1797 , died Sept. 25, 1856, age 57.

Here is a link to  Jemima's father Nathaniel on a site dealing with Bixby Genealogy
And here is a link which shows Nathan Bixby's mother's genealogy. She was Abigail ROGERS .


Fifth Generation

5  Jemima Prince ,born Apr. 2, 1797 in Thompson, CT. , m  27 Mar 1820 in Thompson CT, Thomas Benson b. 1788 . Jemima died Sept. 25, 1856, in Thompson, Conn.


              i. Robert Prince BENSON b: 1821
              ii. Sarah Key BENSON b: 1823
              iii. Alphonzo BENSON b: 1825
              iv. Mary Ann BENSON b: 1827
              v. Jane Davis BENSON b: 1829
              vi. Cornella BENSON b: 1834
        6.   vii. Thomas BENSON b:  Oct. 23, 1835
              viii. Albert BENSON b: 1840

Here is a link to Amy Crook's Gedcom file on the RootsWeb WorldConnect Project: Benson


Sixth Generation

6   Thomas Benson, b.  Oct. 23, 1835 m.  Apr. 16, 1867 Worcester, Mass. , Sarah
      Blackstone. Thomas d. Thompson Ct. April 12, 1878 .  He was a civil war veteran.
               7  i.   Eugenia   b. 4 Mar 1868
                  ii   Mary Alice  b. 10 Apr 1870, d. 23 Feb 1872
              8  iii  Helen Frances  b. 11 Mar 1873,


Seventh Generation

7  Eugenia Benson b. 4 Mar 1868, m. Abner Boothby of Kennebunkport ME,

                i    Martha Helen Boothby   b. ca 1903
                ii   Eugenia Mildred Boothby  b. ca 1905
                iii  Wallace Boothby  b.  ca1908

8.   Helen Frances Benson, b. 11 Mar 1873 m. Ellsworth S Wilcox b. 28 Jul 1880, m. ,
    (Son of Charles Augustus Wilcox and Hannah Carpenter) d. Oct. 15, 1937, Putnam
                i Walter.
             8.ii Marion Agnes b. FEB 10,1907.
                iii Christine.

 Here is a link to Helen's Obituary

Here is a page dedicated to WIlcox Genealogy


Part II

Links with more information on Sarah Warren.

This is from  Salem Witches in 1692 and Today
Osborne was named a witch because she was a deviant from the norm of society. She denied
her children from her first marriage to Robert Prince their inheritance when she married Alexander Osborne. Osborne had been an indentured servant to Sarah and as "later testimony hinted" he had been more to her than just a servant. It was this deviation that most likely led to her being named a witch    (Boyer, Paul and Stephen Nissenbaum. Salem Possessed: The Social Origins of Witchcraft.  Cambridge, Massachusetts:     Harvard University Press, 1974. p194).

Here is a link to a site which gives a chronology of the events of 1692 in Salem. Here is a site which has Robert's will. It was the conflict over this will which put Sarah into conflict with the Putnam's. Thomas and Edward Putnam were amungst those who brought charges against her for witchcraft. This is a link to the warrant for Titube's and Sarah Osborne's arrest.

Here is another descendant's of Sarah's web page: Salem Witch Trials; Avery & Tholander Genealogy Page

Here's one which ignores the social controversy but takes an interesting genealogical viewpoint Ninth Generation

This is a page devoted to  Sarah Osborne's House

We took some pictures in Danvers on our visit in 2000. Here is a page with pictures of Sarah and Robert's house and of the Salem Witch Hysteria Memorial.

Here is a bibliography and background on  The Salem Witch Trials  from  Gonzaga University.

Elizabeth Knapp, the grand daughter of John and Margaret Warren of Watertown, MA. may have been Sarah's niece. Elizabeth Knap was also the affected child in the Groton Witchcraft incident recorded by Rev Samuel Willard  in 1671.

The University of Virginia has developed a wonderful site with many original texts available online.

Ogram's Web site has lots of original source material and links to other information on the Salem witch trials. She also has a page devoted to subscribing to the Margo Burns has an excellent 93 item  Annotated Bibliography which covers the Salem Witch Trials and their milieux  This site is the most thorough site I have found so far.


Part III

At the Library of Congress I found a book about Prince Genealogy. (This material was scanned using OCR (optical character recognition) software and then spell checked and proofread. If you find any errors I missed please let me know. ) The text of the book is in the framset below:

The Genealogy of the Prince Family from 1660 to 1899. By Frank A. Prince, Danielson, Conn. 1899 p. 12-25

I do not have any more information about the text within this frame. It was all written by Frank Prince in 1899. All I did was to scan it and put it here...

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