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by Barbara

at the
Creighton-Davis Gallery,
3300 "M" Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20007
(202) 333-3050 phone
(202) 338-4470 fax

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The Old Town Crier
(July, 2000
and July, 1999), ArtsFusion

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of Malcolm Fleschner in his
washington review article
on Barbara

Photos of Barbara
at Ramsay House
and her
White House Easter Egg!

Mask Ball Poster



Barbara Januszkiewicz is renowned for both her artwork and as a DC area filmmaker/TV Producer. Attracted by her visual talents many collectors have chosen to include Barbara's works among private and public collections. Barbara's artworks have also appeared in feature film, cable and international television formats. As a painter Barbara says she tries to maintain the purity and freshness of color with boldness and sensitivity.

"My work grows as a result of experimentation with approaches, material and techniques," she says. "In this spirit of experimentation I have found I enjoy the moments to express myself with color, lines and shapes. I find true freedom in placing paint on paper."

Barbara also uses her art to reach out and help students focus on creative approaches to problem solving and freeing the imagination.

"I like to offer my time as an artist with kids in public schools," she explains. "Kids today are at risk of not getting visual art exposure. So what I have learned as an artist I try to share with my students. I believe in expressing oneself in art, learning that the techniques of releasing stress and creating enjoyable art are all the same."

To help the city of Alexandria VA celebrate its 250th anniversary, Barbara's artwork has been chosen to grace the cover of this year's Alexandria Visitors Guide.

Moving beyond the two dimensional canvas Barbara has also gained distinction as a multi-media artist, primarily from the exceptional art program she executive produces on Washington DC-area cable television. The program, titled "Creative Vision, Visiting The Artmakers" has helped expose the DC area to the wealth of fine art being produced in the community by highlighting regional artists' lives and exploring artistic themes.

"My vision is to foster community involvement, heighten art awareness, and educate others on the creative process. Every level of this production is a work of art for me," she says.

To learn more about Creative Vision, or to find out when the program airs in your area, consult Creative Vision's web site at







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