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By Aaron Norstad with an article by F. Lennox Campello

(5/1/99) ANNOUNCEMENT! OPEN CALL! Creative Vision Television 15 Minutes of Fame Showcase,, is calling for entries for the TV Cable Access Premiere Showcase for Artists! Creative Vision Television is seeking all visual artists (all 2 and 3 dimensional media including photography) who reside in the tri-state area, Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C., for a documentary style format, cable access TV program. The program will be about you as an artist.

ArtsFusion is thrilled to announce we are building a relationship with a Washington D.C. based artist, Barbara Januszkiewicz.

The artist is the Producer for a new cable program called Creative Vision Television 15 Minutes of Fame Showcase. Barbara Januszkiewicz has provided ArtsFusion with an article written by F. Lennox Campello as a further description of the project.



Creative Vision Television, exceptional art programming what is it all about?

From by F. Lennox Campello

One of the most significant items of the new Washington art season is an event which does not take place in an art gallery or printmaker's shop, or in a photographer's darkroom or art studio, but in a sense in all of them. I am referring to artists Barbara Januszkiewicz's tremendous success with her public access TV show "Creative Vision." This show, which was created as a result of Barbara's tenacity and her skill as an artist and negotiator (more "victim" artists should take lessons from her!) has become a huge success in recent months. The show introduces the viewer to artists, gallery openings, art critics, and art jurors. It tours through studios, mixes with the gallery goers, questions the critics - in summary it gives a full balanced view (almost with an educational tilt) to the art world.

We asked producer/artist Barbara Januszkiewicz, 'So what is it all about?' "I am trying to reach artists in the tri-state area about Creative Vision Television, open call for 15 Minutes of Fame Showcase. As you know there is a lack of visual arts getting the proper exposure, and support for the arts is a serious problem. The arts can restore and refresh the spirit, delight, instruct, console and entertain. Local television neither provides adequate art education programs for the community at large, nor supports public awareness for local visual artists. The Creative Vision's purpose is to stimulate and encourage art awareness. It fosters community involvement and educates on the creative process. The focus for The 15 Minutes of Fame Showcase is to develop an art educational cable show to showcase visual artists and their artworks, through a series of half-hour public access television program format. Public access television is a vehicle which can feature the vast cultural diversity of the artists who live and work in this area and bring them to the attention of the community. There is no advertising, promotion, or the sale of commercial products or services on this community television equipment and facilities. To date, there have been over one hundred behind-the-scene volunteers involved with Creative Vision, and public access viewers in this area are approaching one million in number. We would also like to offer copies of these documentaries to public school systems for use in their fine art education curriculums. Creative Vision is a complete art multi-media effort showing visions of creating art, experiencing art, and the rewards of artistic expressions. Every level of this project is a work of art for me."

Barbara has brought Creative Vision from the concept stage to full production and now the show broadcasts in the Greater Metropolitan Washington area with hopes to expand into new markets soon. This artist/filmmaker understands the need for visual artists to show their works in order to sell them. Her own artwork has attracted the attention of collectors and her works are currently represented at private corporations as well as public collections. Barbara's works have also been internationally shown in feature film, cable, and television formats. Check out Creative Visions Web site for more details on this cutting edge program. If you are a visual artist, ask yourself, would you like to be on TV? This could be your 15 Minutes of Fame. Catch the creative spirit and support this project.


Images of Barbara's art

Eligibility and Prospectus can be found at, or send SASE to: 2nd Street Studio, 3115 2nd Street N. Arlington VA. 22201. E-mail questions to


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