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"Creative Vision" is a Cable TV Public Access Program about Art and Artists

Creative Vision showcases artists and their works, through a series of half-hour public access television programs. The programs highlight artists who live and work in the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area, bringing them to the attention of the community via cable-casting. Creative Vision is a complete art multi-media effort showing visions of creating art, experiencing art, and the rewards of artistic expression. Copies of this show and others in this series are available at The Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA. First Place in the 1998/1999 Hometown Video Festival with Alliance for Community Media for Overall Excellence, in conjunction with Arlington Community Television.

Our mission is to offer exceptional TV showcases on area artists and their art works, through a series of half-hour public access television programs. Public access television is a vehicle which can feature the vast cultural diversity of the artists who live and work in the beltway area and bring them to the attention of the community here in the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area. This cable casting programming is a complete art multi-media effort which will take a glimpse into the creative process and artistic expressions of our artists, and allow the viewer to experience fine local and diverse original artworks. Our goal is to showcase art through the eyes, hands, and emotions of the artists. Creative Vision is now a community art project, from encouraging and using the volunteer staff to interviewing local artists and visiting their studios, to developing the programs and airing them on the local pubic community television station. We hope to foster community involvement, heighten art awareness, and educate on the creative process.

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Show #19 Remembering The Present

Barbara Januszkiewicz is happy to announce the newest CVTV art educational cable TV showcase called Remembering the Present. This program features some of the vast cultural diversity of the artists who live and work in the beltway area. Filmed in July 2000 at The Kreeger Museum in Washington DC. with guest host Jack Rasmussen, PhD Executive Director Maryland Art Place. Art work from Clarke Bedford, Ed Bisese, Betsy Damos, Robert Devers, Tom Green, Lee E. Haner, Greg Hannan, Randy Jewart, Michael B.Platt, Jann Rosen-Queralt, John Ruppert and Jeff Spaulding. These Washington area artists were asked to submit proposals for monuments that would be relevant to today. This exhibition shows drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations and computer generated images. "They offer proof that we live in interesting times, where creativity and imagination flourish." said Judy Greenberg, Director of The Kreeger Museum.

In Post production.
Coming soon in early 2001 The Vision Project
Filmed at Gallery West Alex. Va with guest host Dr. Pia Salmre, producer with Voice of America. Work from artists Steve Fleming, Catriona Fraser, John Mor, Hilda Thorpe, Lloyd Wolf and Al Zaruba. Also showing Gallery West Artists in the Vision Project, Sally Behnam, Bill Moriarty, Nilo Santiago, Judith Smith, Nancy Hannans, Helen Dilley Barsalou, Ralph Lindeman, Pam McDonough, Ed Kirkpatrick, Wayne Guenther, Mary D. Ott, Sharon Mason, Helen Diley Barsalou, Karen Kobrin, Wayne Guenther.
"The Vision Project" Re-defining the Role of the Cooperative Gallery by asking:
Where do creative ideas come from?
How is the creative process nurtured and encouraged?

In Post production.
Coming in 2001 ART-O-Matic: Creative Diversity of DC
Guest Host for Creative Vision is Annie Adjchavanich ,one of DC's best art photographers and a key member of the DC art scene. What is Art-O-Matic? In the Fall of 2000, 650+ artists of all disciplines came together to celebrate the creative diversity of the DC metro area. Exhibited art work is an a all volunteer effort. This showcase will be a two part series.


Creative Vision airs on:

Arlington Community Television, Public Cable Access Station, Channel 33 (Sunday, 1:30 PM and Wednesday, 7:30 PM).

Cable TV Montgomery (Montgomery County, MD), Public Cable Access Channel 49, Open Channel 49 (Wednesdays, 5:30 PM)

Community Television of Prince George's, Inc. (Prince George's County, MD), Public Cable Access Channel 15a and 15b, (Mondays, 5:00 PM)

Fairfax Cable Access Corporation, Public Cable Access Channels, Channel 10 (second Tuesday of each month at 10:00 PM). The same show repeats Wednesday at 1:00 PM and Saturday 9:00 PM. Fairfax's new Channel for the Arts (Channel 30) between 1:00 and 3:00 PM on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, each week.

Jones Communications of Virginia (Alexandria), Public Access Channel 10, TBA - call for air time: (703) 823-3000.

Public Access Corporation of D.C. (DC/TV), (202) 265-5051, Public Access Channel 25, every other Sunday at 6:30 p.m.

Times for the Baltimore area to be announced SOON!


Creative Vision can be available in your area!
If you are interested in becoming a Resident-producer, please e-mail us for information.

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