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Creative Vision: Visiting the Artmakers

Creative Vision showcases artists and their works, through a series of half-hour public access television programs. The programs highlight artists who live and work in the Greater Washington metropolitan area, bringing them to the attention of the community via a cable-casting program. Creative Vision is a complete art multi-media effort showing visions of creating art, experiencing art, and the rewards of artistic expressions.

Show #2
Creative Vision's First Interview, Steve Fleming
Creative Vision: Visiting the Artmakers joins DC's own Steve Fleming, artist and watercolor instructor with a visit to his class. Look into the life of this artist and the challenges he faces. Experience this visual artist's work in a new way. Original music by Dennis Benjamin, composer and guitarist. (click HERE to see some of Steve's beautiful watercolor paintings)

Show #3
About the Artist... Barbara Januszkiewicz (
Award-winning multi-media artist
Barbara's aim in painting is to maintain the purity and freshness of color with both boldness and sensitivity, in as few brush strokes as possible. This artist uses her art to reach out and help students focus on creative approaches to problem solving by freeing their imagination. Her art work graces the cover of The Alexandria Visitors' Guide as the city celebrates its 250th Anniversary this year, and has also been presented in feature film and cable formats. Barbara is also the founder of the award-winning premier art showcase: Creative Vision. 'My vision is to foster community involvement, heighten art awareness, and educate others in the creative process. Every level of this project is a work of art for me.'
With original music by Dennis Benjamin, composer and guitarist. 30 mins. Copyright 1997
More info on Barbara from articles at ArtsFusion and Eklektikos plus The Old Town Crier

Show #4
Creative Vision visits Hilda Thorpe
Come join host Barbara Januszkiewicz on Creative Vision:Visiting the Artmakers, as she interviews DC's own Hilda Thorpe, artist. This remarkable colorist is both a painter and a sculptor. Her Old Town Alexandria studio is filled with works pushing new horizons, both in color and materials use. She shares with us current works from her Morocco painting workshop and stories about this trip. Come join Creative Vision as we look into the life of this gifted artist.

Show #5
Creative Vision on Margaret Huddy
This remarkable colorist is both painter and teacher. Her studio, at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Old Town Alexandria, VA is filled with works which push to new horizons using a dazzling display of colors and play of light. Her works, many created on a monumental scale, are unusual for the watercolor media in which she works. Margaret shares stories and thoughts about her painting history with Creative Vision and the viewer. She has recently been featured in the winter issue of Watercolor Magic. Come join Creative Vision as we look into the life of the gifted artist Margaret Huddy.

Show #6
Arts Safari
Creative Vision: Visiting the Artmakers, was part of the Great Art Adventure, Alexandria's Arts Safari. Creative Vision interviews Barbara Brecher from the Arts Safari's board of directors who shares information about the city-wide event. One could view the spectrum of visual arts covering sculpture, painting, and textiles during this 2-day celebration, however, art "safaris" can be enjoyed all year long with self-guided tours to include the Art Gallery Safari, Historic Safari, and the Public Art Safari. In exploring and experiencing the wealth of art and culture in Alexandria, we start our Creative Vision Safari tour with a visit to the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Old Town, for a special evening reception. During the visit we drop in on three working artists: Clay Huffman, Christine Parson, and Robert Rosselle.

Show #7
The Human Form
Join Creative Vision: Visiting the Artmakers, for a new show on the human figure. Barbara interviews two artists as they draw and paint, using the same live studio model for inspiration. The first artist, Jacqueline Saunders, approaches the figure with a loose and fresh style, whereas the second artist, Priscilla Treacy, handles the figure in a more classical manner. Get a sense of what it's like to work with live models, watching the rhythmic pattern of these artists as they create. This show highlights the artistic figure, and shares the insights from two extremely talented artists.

Show #8
Design to Print: High Tech Art with Graphic Art Services
Designers, illustrators and even photographers all create graphic communications. How is this done on a computer? Meet graphic artist Sara Leigh Merrey of Merrey/Orgel Design and see some of the tools she uses as she creates a poster which was designed with students from Drew Middle School in Arlington, VA during Studio Days. Meet high-tech artist Lee Moyer who started as a traditional painter but now creates in a different way: through his computer. Producing a printed product blends craft with art. Effective layout requires artistic vision, proper preparation and presswork. Larry Rudwick tells us more about service bureaus.

Show #9
Children and Art
Creative Vision travels to a local high school and meets with Giovanna DeSantis, Northern Virginia Art Teacher of the Year. We learn how she instructs her students with a novel curriculum. Her approach provides a unique opportunity for her students to develop their own creativity and abilities. Goal 2000: Arts Education Partnership, shares a 12 minute special report on the importance of the arts in our schools. This video points out that an education in the arts helps to develop collaborative and teamwork skills, technological competencies, flexible thinking, and an appreciation for diversity.

Show #10
Jury Process for Artists
In this episode, Creative Vision travels to the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Old Town Alexandria, VA to examine the mechanism by which art works are selected for display in The Art League's gallery.
The Art League operates a gallery which offers its members a monthly juried art show. This gives the members an opportunity to have their works judge by an experienced professional art critic, art teacher, or in this case a museum curator. Judging takes place on the first Tuesday of each month. The following Sunday an opening reception takes place where the artists have the opportunity to meet the public.
In this show, members of The Art League, The Art League's director, and judge of the show, are interviewed. Eliza Rathbone, Chief Curator of the Phillips Collection in Washington DC was judge for this show with the theme: American Landscapes. Ms. Rathbone shares her insights about the jury process. Join Creative Vision and get a sense of what it's like to be an artist competing in a juried show.

Show #11
Bad Art (MOBA)
Never had uncontrolled nausea at an art show and wanted to say out loud how bad the art was that you were looking at? Then you missed The Museum of Bad Art Road Show. But there is good news, Creative Vision's team went into the Ellipse Arts Center located in the Ballston section of Arlington, VA during the traveling exhibition of The Museum of Bad Art Road Show. Many works in this collection are shown: a lot of bad art. Each piece was carefully selected as work that will continue the tradition of 'celebrating bad art in all it's forms and in all it's glory'. We get a sense of what it's like to be one of the artists whose work is in this show. Creative Vision interviews an Arlington artist who can laugh and joke about his own art. This show highlights the artistic needs of expression and reinforces mankind's relationship with bad art.

Show # 12
Reality Check, an exhibition of trompe l'oel art
The Arlington Center for the Arts hosted Reality Check, an exhibition of trompe l'oel art
juried by William Kloss, art historian and consultant. In this episode of Creative Vision you will get a sense of what it's like to be one of the artists whose work is shown at the exhibition. What is trompe l'oel art? We'll eavesdrop as others talk about the art on the walls and floor, and the techniques used in trompe l'oeil which depict images that are more surreal than real. This show highlights the artistic need of expression and reinforces mankind's relationship with art - a reality check.

Show # 13
The Photographer's Progress
The Emerson Gallery of the McLean Project for the Arts hosted an exhibition of photography by Arlington-based photographer Jason Horowitz. This exhibition surveys the photographic evolution of Horowitz from his earlier photo-journalistic style into his more recent style of "photography of invention". In this episode of Creative Vision you will get a sense of what this exhibition is like. We filmed gallery director Andrea Pollan, art critic Martha McWilliams, and artist Horowitz on opening night as they talk about the photos, images, and techniques used. We also capture Horowitz in his studio speaking in more detail about his newest body of Ilfochrome work.

Show #14
Visual Story Tellers, Young Film Makers
Creative Vision interviewed two Washington film makers. First we met colorful artist Bob Waters who spoke on his days in film school. As we viewed three of his short pieces, he talked about his concepts in "visual story telling". Our second film maker Vilma Zefran works in a documentary style. One of her pieces was developed with sub-titles, as she took her camera to her native land to yield a unique perspective into the Philippine family. Vilma talks about film festivals like the Rosebud, and showing her work. Vilma shares her thoughts about growing as a young film maker.

Show #15
Photography: Celtic Nations
Catriona Trafford Fraser is an award winning photographer, curator and the owner and director of the Fraser Gallery in Washington, DC. Her black and white Infrared landscape photography focuses on documenting the ruins and historical sites of the Seven Celtic Nations and has been exhibited in a variety of galleries and museums in Europe, the United States and Latin America.

Show #16
Artistic Forces
Creative Vision is debuting a new visual showcase. The remarkable colorist Barbara Dougherty takes the viewer into her private art world. She narrates her thoughts on why she paints as the camera displays her landscape filled canvases. Barbara's work is filled with dazzling displays of colors and the play of light. Her painting pushes new horizons. Barbara shares stories and thoughts about her painting history with Creative Vision and the viewer. Barbara is also the publisher of a top art periodical called Art Calendar Magazine, The Business Magazine for Visual Artists.

Show #17
The Michael Sprouse Story

For eight weeks starting April 1, Creative Vision is debuting a new visual showcase. Michael Sprouse, a Washington, DC area contemporary artist, did something very brave and truly creative. He allowed me to bring in video equipment and tape an interview with him and George Thomasson in their art gallery as they were hanging his one person show last fall. We captured George hammering in the background, and you see our light stands and cables everywhere. But all this adds to the coolest showcase we've done so far. Some have called it MTV style, but I call it fun. I am very happy that Michael allowed me the freedom to hand hold the camera and use many special effects in this showcase. We listen to some realistic conversions between Michael and George about art and the Washington, DC art scene. The show's stopper is Michael's work. His paintings for this show are great. This one person exhibit is a showing of vividly painted faces. Some feel like strangers, some feel like old friends, but all of his paintings make you want to look more. The paintings show a dazzling display of colors and a masterful handling of the play of light. Michael's works reveal an artist pushing new horizons. 28 minutes. A special thanks to Breaking Form, an area Rock and Roll band who provided their music to Creative Vision.

Show #18
Hilda Thorpe, in her own words
Interview with Ms. Hilda Thorpe by Barbara Januszkiewicz

In July 1997 I interviewed Hilda for a special Creative Vision documentary.
I had the unique opportunity to spend some time with Ms. Thorpe , a well-respected Alexandria, VA artist. Hilda answered some questions about how she began as an artist, what her work is like, how her work has evolved, and her contributions to the art world.

Hilda was more than a great sculptor, painter and teacher. She was a friend.
Hilda Thorpe, 1920- April 2000.
For text of interview: click here.

Show #19
Remembering The Present

This program features some of the vast cultural diversity of the artists who live and work in the beltway area. Filmed in July 2000 at The Kreeger Museum in Washington DC. with guest host Jack Rasmussen, PhD Executive Director Maryland Art Place. Art work from Clarke Bedford, Ed Bisese, Betsy Damos, Robert Devers, Tom Green, Lee E. Haner, Greg Hannan, Randy Jewart, Michael B.Platt, Jann Rosen-Queralt, John Ruppert and Jeff Spaulding. These Washington area artists were asked to submit proposals for monuments that would be relevant to today. This exhibition shows drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations and computer generated images. "They offer proof that we live in interesting times, where creativity and imagination flourish." said Judy Greenberg, Director of The Kreeger Museum.

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