20th Autocross(3/28/2004 FedEx Field):
SETUP (Changes):
  • Tire pressure: 28 Psi. Front/28 Psi. Rear
  • Set shocks 1 click stiffer, at 12 in from full soft
  • Moved the radiator puke tank to the right rear of
    the engine compartment.

F 125 Shifter Kart
CP Class Winner 68.337
Me 68.337(Grin)
CP 2nd Place 69.363(1)
Tight and technical course layout this week. Very fun but
tightening up the shocks didn't really help me get through
the long tight slollum that was a key feature of this course,
the stiffer damping just seemed to make the car a little
slugish in taking a "set" after each transition. Also not
really my best drive, but a win's a win.

21st Autocross(4/04/2004 Rosecroft):
SETUP (Changes):
  • Tire pressure: 28.5 Psi. Front/28.5 Psi. Rear
  • Set shocks 1 clicks softer, at 11 in from full soft

2001 Sliver
Mazda Miata(SM2)
CP Class Winner 55.782
Me 57.762
CP 2nd Place 57.762
Fairly fun serpintine course but with some really sneaky decreasing
radi turns that cought me out on two of my four runs. Seat of my
pants tells me that 11 clicks in from full soft on the SPAX shocks
is just about right with my current spring rates and weight. I'm
going to experiment with a little less tire pressure on the 18th.

22nd Autocross(4/18/2004 FedEx Field):
SETUP (Changes):
  • Tire pressure: 27 Psi. Front/28 Psi. Rear

FTD 2000 White TonyKart
Shifter (F125)
CP Class Winner 55.038
Me 57.770
CP 2nd Place 57.770
This course was a little more open than the last two with some
lovely sweepers. A very hot day for mid April. I think I'll
to wait for my competition to use up his tires a bit, my three
year old Toyos just can't generate enough grip to get much closer
but it IS fun trying. MAN! Do those shifter karts rock!

23nd Autocross(6/27/2004 Rosecroft):
Waiting to start
SETUP (Changes):
  • Dropped the T-Bars 1/2 turn
  • Tire pressure: 27.5 Psi. Front/28 Psi. Rear

FTD Formula V (FM) 45.027
CP Class Winner49.104
Me 49.104
CP 2nd PlaceN/A
A technical and fairly tight course but lots of fun! I wasn't
driving very well, but ran 50.440, 49.537, 48.683+1, and 49.104
in that order. After I ran the 48.683 I KNEW I could brake into
the 47s, but just over cooked things on my last run and had to
settle for the 49.104 as my best time. Still good enough to
set fast prepared time of day, but THAT's not saying much as
there were no other CP cars and just one EP 1974 2002tti BWM.
Course Map

24th Autocross(10/24/2004 Rosecroft):
SETUP (Changes):
  • Dropped the T-Bars 1/4 turn
  • Tire pressure: 26.5 Psi. Front/27 Psi. Rear

FTD Corvette Z06 (SM2)56.447
CP Class Winner 60.668
Me 62.040
A fast but technical course with some fairly tight bits
near the end but lots of fun! Also wet although drying.
This was the 22nd Autocross for the Toyos, now mostly bald
but still working pretty well even in the wet. But, Steve
was running on full tread depth Hoosier dirt track tires and
nipped me by about 1.4 sec.

25th Autocross(11/07/2004 Ripkin Stadium):
Matt Grubel & Barracuda
Dave Mapes & Barracuda
SETUP (Changes):
  • Dropped the T-Bars 1/4 turn
  • Tire pressure: 27.5 Psi. Front/28 Psi. Rear

FTD Caterham 7 (DM) 45.316
CP Class Winner 51.373
Me 54.267
On Nov 7 a (very) small gathering of the MOPAX
faithful took place at Ripken Stadium in Beutiful
Aberdeen MD (about 20 minutes north of Baltimore
on I-95). Matt Grubel (from the Philly area) and
I met (for the 1st time in person) and flogged
our Barracudas around a long, technical, but fast
course. I ran a 55.979, 54.610, and 54.267,
then threw away my last run on a dumb off course
followed by a little drifting exibition (...
... (kicks self));still had a 56 &
change. Matt's '67 notch back Barracuda looked
pretty composed, and ran a best of 55.240. Since
it was the first time he'd run in over a year we'll
cut him some slack for not beating me (see below).
Oh, yea after the event Matt noticed my right front
swaybar end link was broken
; wondered why it seemed
to be leaning a bit more than usual (Heh! I thought
it was just the smooth but grippy surface).
Busted Rod End
Busted Rod End
Old & New End Links
Old & New End Links
New End Links Installed
New End Link Installed

Some Shots of Matt Grubel
Matt In a Hurry 1
Matt In a Hurry 2
Matt Changing Tires 1
Matt Changing Tires 2

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