18th Autocross(11/02/2003, RoseCroft):
SETUP (Changes):
  • Tire pressure: 28.5 Psi. Front/28.5 Psi. Rear
  • New Engine! (see bottom of
    previous season's page
  • 3 Quart Accusump to protect said new engine
  • Corner Weights (taken 02/21/2004 but effective
    as of this event):
     Full tank, spare & jack in the trunk,
     and Simpson child seat in the right
     rear seat (how I run the car):
                     LF      RF
                    ===     ===
     W/Driver:      919     872
     WO/Driver:     832     847
                     LR      RR
                    ===     ===
     W/Driver:      853     821
     WO/Driver:     774     799
     Total W/WO driver: 3464/3252
     Rest of the weights with driver.
     F/R: 1791, 51.7%/1673, 48.3%
     LF-RR Cross:  1740
     RF-LF Cross:  1724

1979 Green
Caterham Super 7
CP Class Winner 58.797
Me 60.201
One of the nicest CP style courses I've run
at this lot. A pair of long figure eights connected
by a long sweeping left that had the PCV sucking oil
on each lap (HUGE clouds of oil smoke). More power
definately helped out on this course with my closest
time (cone aided wins not withstanding) to date. The
tail seemed a little loose with double the power =8^D .

19th Autocross(11/09/2003 RoseCroft):
SETUP (Changes):
  • Tire pressure: 28.5 Psi. Front/28.5 Psi. Rear
  • Adjusted Front Swaybar End Links to Middle Position
    From Full Soft.
  • Extended and Baffled Oil Fill Tubes on Valve Covers to
    Keep the PCV from Sucking Oil and the Breather from
    Puking It.

1979 Green
Caterham Super 7
CP Class Winner 57.838
Me 57.838(Grin)
CP 2nd Place 59.177
Somewhat tighter layout this week but still very fun.
Tightening up the front swaybar really helped plant the
rear wheels without inducing a push at the front (something
I was worried about). I suspect the cold tempuratures
(high for the day was 45°F) played into my hands, as
the cars running slicks had trouble getting any temp into
their huge donuts, while my 225 50 15 Toyos worked just fine.
PCV & oil breather mods appear to be keeping the oil where
it belongs, I guess we'll have to start using mosquito repelent
next season. Hmmm, This was the 17th autocross on the same set
of 225 50 15 Toyo Proxes RA-1 tires that have also been
primary street tires for the GoldFish since they were installed
for the 7/22/2001 autocross (about 2500-3000 miles on the
street). THAT'S REALLY GOOD TIRE LIFE, I recomend them
quite highly.

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