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Welcome to Yoshi's Home Page!


Hi, my name is Yoshi. Thanks for visiting my home page. You can't come and see me, but please enjoy some pizza with my compliments.


Here are my vital statistics:

My full taxonomic name in the animal kingdom is: phylum CHORDATA, class REPTILIA, subclass LEPIDOSAUROMORPHA, order SQUAMATA, suborder Sauria, family Iguanidae, species Iguana iguana.

This picture was taken in 1995, when I was only about 38 inches long. I've grown a lot since then.

Currently, I live on top of a wooden cage that Neal built for me. Now that there is a dog in the house, I am afraid to come down off my cage. Fortunately, they shut the dog out of the room when I take my exercise, or that would be one sorry dog!

I support the International Iguana Society, and enjoyed attacking issues of the Society's magazine, The Iguana Times.

Additional Yoshi Pages

I let my owners type up a page about Iguana care because my claws were getting tired.

Yoshi's Iguana Care Tips (with anecdotes)

You can visit the page below to learn a little about my external anatomy. Hopefully my owners will finish the internal anatomy part someday. [Note: requires a Java-capable browser]

Yoshi's Iguana Anatomy Applet

Yoshi's Favorite Foods

Here are some of the foods I love to eat. The ones marked with a star are particular favorites that I don't get to have anywhere near as often as I would like. The picture on the right is me guarding my food dish.

Collard Greens Escarole
Romaine Lettuce Banana
String Beans Cucumber
Yellow Squash Blueberries *
Green Squash Strawberries
Citrus fruit * Cantaloupe
Kidney beans Okra
Lima beans Apple
Watermelon Peas

I also occasionally get or steal various treats: red-leaf lettuce, pizza, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, cat food, cat fur, commercial iguana diet, and even fingers!

Yoshi's Links

Here are some Iguana-related sites that you may find interesting. You can also read about Iguanas and other reptiles in the rec.pets.herp newsgroup.

[go] Melissa Kaplan's Giant Green Iguana Page
        (Also available in a frames version. The old 'Care and Socialization Guide' is still available here.)

[go]Iguana Iguana Newsletter - Neat newsletter in its 2nd year

[go]Jennifer Swofford's The Complete Guide to Keeping Green Iguanas in Captivity.

go The #Iguanas Channel - Iguana links, IRC channel info, mailing list

[go]Custom Cages - Custom cages for iguanas and other reptiles.

[go]The Famous IguanaCam at Iguana Images

[go]International Iguana Society page at Tropical Marketplace

[go]Iguanas at the Phoenix Zoo

[go]Tales of 4 Iguanas - Great info and pictures by Kim Scott

[go]The Pure Software mascot Igbert the Iguana Page

[go]Iggy - The MIT Network Iguana
Iggy died of kidney failure, just like Yoshi, May 30 1998. R.I.P.

[go]Jim Laird's Iguana Funpage [temporarily retired, but still supports the Iguana Story Exchange.]

[go]Draco's Lair - cute and informative page by Draco the iguana

[go] House of Galahad - great Iguana information collection


[go]Iguana stamps in Anguilla - 1997 issue of beautiful stamps from the island nation of Anguilla.

[go] Wong's Green Iguana Heaven - Great site, lots of pictures

[go]WWW Virtual Library: Herpetology - dead?

[go]AcmePet Pet Web - Your Guide to Pets on the Internet.

[go]Jorg Hartmann's Herptology WebSite - also in German.

[go]THE IGUANAS - Yoshi's Favorite Band?

Here are some individual iguanas that have web pages. Names in brackets seem to have gone into a dormant state, names in bold are new or updated.

Akbar Alex Speedy Dooley
Elmo Koji-Koji Goliath Ozzy
Pepe Ignatious Jorge Xanth
Joy Phyllis Hugo Hyper Hank
Pepper Vega$ Caesar Dennis Paul
Godzilla Darby Taz & Casper Iggy & Loki
Erb, Calvin, & Shemp Carmen Gwar
Smirnoff Zeus Lizzy & Rex Willard & Rocko

That's all. Thanks for visiting, goodbye.

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This page written by Neal Ziring, last modified 6/16/98.