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Yoshi's Iguana Care Tips

These are some tips and tricks we've used to raise Yoshi from a sickly, pokey, starving juvenile iguana to a strapping, alert, healthy adult iguana. This is not a comprehensive care guide, check out Jennifer Swofford's Iguana Care Guide for that kind of coverage. Also look in the newsgroup rec.pets.herp

Iguanas have somewhat specialized dietary requirements. Feed your Ig the right stuff and it will be happier, more alert, and will probably grow bigger.
Heat & Light
Proper temperature is vital for iguana, they need their body cavity and the food in it to be at 90 degrees (F) or higher for proper digestion. It can be a little challenging to provide facilities that will allow your Ig to thermoregulate as its instincts tell it to, while minimizing the risk of burns.
Your iguana needs a place to call home. As the Ig becomes comfortable, it will want to explore, but it still needs a place to go back to that it can be sure will have food and warmth.
Training an iguana is possible, as long as your patience is great and your goals realistic.
Iguanas are tough animals, but they do get sick sometimes, and when they do they can go downhill and die very suddenly. Find a good veternarian who is comfortable with treating reptiles.

Well, that's it for tips for now. Good luck and say hi to your iguana from us.

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This page written by Neal Ziring, last modified 6/1/96.