Cancellation of Wideband Cosite RFI
aimed at JTRS WNW (WBCAN)


A cosite interference canceler performs its function by accurately and dynamically adjusting the phase and amplitude in an RFI auxiliary cancellation path to combine with the Tx-Rx antenna coupling path so that deep cancellation of that RFI is achieved. If there is differential time delay (including multipath) between these two paths, it causes phase to be dependent on frequency so that poor cancellation of an instantaneously wideband RFI (such as the JTRS WNW) results.


ZA has developed an RF cancellation technique that greatly enhances the cancellation of a wideband cosite RFI where there is differential time delay and/or multipath. ZA has demonstrated the benefits of its approach at SHF and at UHF. UHF performance showed cancellation by 40 dB or more with 5 MHz bandwidth and a 10 nanosecond differential delay.

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