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Specializing in RF Interference Suppression

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Since its founding in 1977, Zeger-Abrams Inc.(ZA) has been developing and applying advanced signal processing techniques, with emphasis on the simultaneous suppression of cosite and cochannel interfering signals and the enhancement of desired signals. ZA has direct experience in many areas including:

- Interference Cancellation

- Frequency Hopping Adaptive Interference Canceler (HAIC)

- Low Elevation Antenna Nuller (LEAN)

- Anti MultiPath System (AMPS)

- Power Amplifier Linearization (PA LIN)


ZA is proficient in all phases of electronic engineering and computer science, from research and development to production and installation. Our engineering staff is experienced in system and circuit design, computer simulation and programming, and prototype development and testing.


1) Cosite Interference Canceler (HAIC) 5) AJ Adaptive Nulling Arrays (LEAN)
2) Wideband Canceler (WBCAN) 6) TV RFI Suppression (FOPEN Canceler)
3) VHF Cosite Unit (VCU) 7) Antimultipath Systems (AMPS)
4) Power Amplifier Linearization (PA LIN)


ZA is located in Glenside, PA, 19038 -- a suburb just north of Philadelphia -- and is easily reached from the PA Turnpike and commuter rail lines. Our laboratory is well equipped for development and testing of RF, IF, and analog or digital baseband equipment, as well as prototype production. Please call us at (215) 576-5567 for more detailed information.

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