Frequency Hopping Adaptive Interference Canceler (HAIC)

Size:  5.5" H x 8.5" W x 6.5" D    Weight:  8.5 lbs

Multiband 30-400 MHz Cosite Interference Canceler for Frequency Hopping Systems

- Protects Receivers from Single Frequency and Hopping Cosite High Power Interferences
- Have Quick-I, II and IIA compatible, 225-400 MHz UHF band
- SINCGARS-V SATCOM compatible, 30-88 MHz VHF band
- Adaptively reduces interference by over 60 dB
- High dynamic range prevents creation of intermodulation products
- Modular Construction for system adaptability to multiple interfering signals (Four-module unit shown above)
- Available also for VHF only (ZAX-V) and UHF only

The Multiband HAIC uses superior interference canceler technology to combat severe cosite interference problems, such as on the U.S Army Command and Control Vehicle (C2V) and the USMC AAVC7A1 and AAAV. The canceler uses a reference sample input from a cosite interfering transmitter to automatically generate a signal precisely equal in amplitude but opposite in phase with the interference input from the receiver antenna. Summing the adjusted reference sample with the receive input cancels the interference, but not desired signals. Multiple HAIC modules are combined to simultaneously cancel multiple cosite interferers. As the number of interferences increases, the need for a high dynamic range in the cancellation system increases geometrically. In fact, a commonplace canceler can create more harmful interference than it eliminates. In contrast, the HAIC uses innovative high dynamic range passive circuits to prevent canceler-generated intermodulation products and noise while providing a fast attack time at each new hop frequency to prevent receiver overload. Zeger-Abrams has operated its UHF HAIC with a frequency-hopping transmitter cosited with a sensitive UHF SATCOM receiver. Xetron Corporation has integrated the ZAX-V with frequency-hopping filters and its unique high power reactive combining technology to create a cosite interference suppression system that achieves the desired communications range at the low bit error rate needed in today's digital battlefield.


* Greater communications range in a cosite environment
   - Less background noise
   - Improved bit error rate performance
   - Improved message completion rate with less retries

* Greater flexibility in locating transmit and receive antennas on various platforms

* Improved COMINT receive sensitivity

* No user interaction required


Frequency Range 30 to 400 MHZ, full range coverage (option to 500 MHz)
Transmit Reference Power Input Up to +35 dBm
Cosite Interference Input Up to +22 dBm
Canceled Interference Output Level <-40 dBm
Insertion Loss (Desired Signal) < 4.5 dB
Output Broadband Added Noise None
Reference Input Third Order Intercept Point +62 dBm
Frequency Hopping Settling Transient Peak< -20 dBm
Tune Code Interface Compatible with AN/ARC-210, AN/ARC-222, RT-1523 Radios
Power +28 VDC supply
Size 3.7" x 2.1" x 6.2" per module
Weight < 24 oz. per module

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