Material Inspection :

Isolating the sample from the operator

The optical microscope is a tool widely used in most laboratories, but the application of this tool of science is often severely limited due to the nature of the specimens. For some samples, such as those that present an extreme biological hazard, conventional microscopic examination can be impossible.

But, a remotely operable microscope with all control modalities intact, can completely separate the microscopist from any hazardous specimens.

This product line provides optical microscopy systems specifically optimized for remote operation by motorizing all key operational components. The only external support required is in placing one or more samples within a predefined area for examination. All key microscope functions, sample viewing, image focusing and selecting the size of the area to be viewed, are integrated into a single Personal Computer platform controllable by way of standard interfaces such as keyboard, mouse or joystick.


Biological Hazards

The basic product line of PC-Scope, PC-Zoom and PC-Stereo Zoom are operable from a remote location. The microscopes are placed inside the hazardous environment while all normal microscope operations are performed using the Personal Computer which is external to the hazardous environment.

Radioactive Hazards up to 1 x 108 RADS

Outside the Exclusionary Environment.

Mounted external to the exclusionary environment are the Personal Computer & Monitor, 6-axes motor controller, and a 60VA 24VDC Power Supply.

Inside the Exclusionary Environment.

The major mounting assemblies that comprise the microscope are made from aluminum that is anodized black. Major assemblies are bolted together using stainless steel cap screws. All moving part interfaces are either ball bearings, precision carriage & rail assemblies or crossed roller guides, lubricated with radiation-tolerant grease. Drive mechanisms are recirculating-ball nuts mounted on ground ball-screws which are also lubricated with radiation-tolerant grease. Stepper motors are used to drive all movable components.

The microscope head assemblies that hold optical components are manufactured from stainless steel, aluminum-brass or aluminum. Specially manufactured radiation-tolerant optical components are available as an option.

Wiring inside the exclusionary environment carries current at 28VDC or less and is selected for its tolerance to radioactive fields. Connectors used for electrical interconnections are customer selectable to facilitate installation in existing facilities.