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Through our research and developing of this project Internet Arist Rick Doble contacted us to share his ideas and perspectives on art.

Many of his points complement our project. We invite you to use them as springboard for speaking, listening and viewing our work.

"Your site is very good, an excellent blending of ancient, classic, and modern."

  1. Painting and art are well suited to create new images and icons that can serve as touchstones and guides to our future.

  2. Art should often evoke, refer to, pay homage to, or be related to earlier art or art forms.

  3. Even radical modern art has been related to earlier art forms.

  4. Now, most painters tend to create from their imagination, from subjective inner needs and inner impulses or they paint based on abstract principles or conceptual ideas. Instead of drawing from nature directly, some painters draw from their inner nature.

    For example, Jackson Pollock used to point out that he, himself, was nature.

  5. Jackson Pollock's dripped paintings which were inspired in part by the Navajo Indian sand paintings. These sand paintings were created by shaman who poured colored sand into the shape of figures. Later the wind blew the sand away.

  6. Painting in this century has merely reflected the break with nature that the civilization as a whole has experienced.

  7. Since this is where the future and civilization are leading us, it is only natural that painting and other arts would also move in that direction and be in the vanguard.

  8. Architecture needs to be created that provides transitional areas from inside to outside and which does not set the building and the inside environment completely separate and apart from the outside environment of the world. For example, buildings should have some balconies, roof top gardens, and other points that open to the outside.

  9. Because technology has changed, the roles of men and women are different. Women and men will be full equals.

    There need to be stories and myths of the heroic that apply to both men and women.

  10. It is clear that the Earth and humankind will go through major changes in the next century.

Please feel free to use any text parts of my article.

         Rick Doble
       Internet Artist
    (listed in Who's Who in America)
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