Modern Art

We can trace the Modern Art Movement by first examining the "turn of the century" artist William Harnett. In opposition to the portrait photographers of his time, Harnett thought photographers would interfere with his portrait painting business, and offered an option that was unavailable. He was able to produce his work using COLOR.

He strived for photographic realism in all his paintings as a result.

He painted "Old Refrain" which was hung in a local bar. It is said that he challenged unsuspecting patrons to knock the "violin" off the wall. Many were fooled by the illusion and lost the $5 wager...

Postal authorities arrested
Harnett on one occassion for mailing a letter with a "forged postage stamp" on the envelope. He was released after promising not to repeat the infraction.

Old Refrain by William Harnett
Woman by Wilhem De Kooning

In sharp contrast to the "School of Realism" Wilhem De Kooning uses broad quick brushstrokes as an Abstract Expressionist. He powerfully portrays A Woman with the fury of this style.

His concern was to demonstrate his passion and emotions.

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