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Scroggins/Scoggins Genealogy

Scroggins Genealogy News (added 4 Aug 2003, moved 3 Jan 2004)

North American Origins of Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Scroggins, Scoggin, and Scogin Families

Selected pages from Scroggins Acres and The Wars & Mr. Scroggins by Loma Scroggins Patton (updated 17 Mar 2001)

The Scroggins Papers, by William G. Scroggins (moved 23 Sep 2001)

  • Scroggins files (Name Index, Numerical Index); primarily descendants of the George Scroggin first found in Charles County, Maryland, in the 1680's.  Major early migrations were:
    • (1) from MD to KY, with a few going west to IL and MO by 1830
    • (2) from MD to VA to SC before 1790 and then splitting:
      • (a) one group going GA and AL with some going on to MS and AR by the early 1830's
      • (b) the other going to TN and IL by the 1810's with some stopping in KY along the way.

Hunting Barton Scroggins, ancestor of the Scroggins of Madison and Macoupin Counties, Illinois (VA-SC-TN-IL by 1818)  (minor update, 13 Sep 2001);  Descendants of Barton Scroggins (new, Sep 2002).

Nathaniel Scroggins (Nathan Culver Scrogin) (MD. ca. 1785 - TN aft. 1860) (updated 21 Jan 2004)

A Story for Mary Jo by Maurice E. Scroggins. 

Places named Scroggins or Scroggin

McLean-Fisk page (added November 2002)

Selected Photographs (Illinois cemeteries; Pickawaxen (Wayside) Maryland Church) (moved 23 Sep 2001).

Links to other pages with significant Scroggins/Scoggins information

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