Scroggins/Scoggins Research:  Major Family Groups and Links

This list is arranged in the order of the groups on the Origins page.  For each entry there is a title with page link, name of researcher (if known) with e-mail link, and comment.  Questions or changes?


1. New Sweden Colony, ca. 1644. Description  There does not seem to be any significant information about early history of this family online. 

Some descendants of the family that went  to York County, PA:

2. Southeastern Virginia, ca. 1653. Description

3. Southern Maryland, ca. 1686. Description


3b.  Descendants of George's son, John (1687-1743). Description

3c.  Descendants of the second Humphrey (1763-1846). Description

3d. Barton Scroggins Description

3e. Southern Families Description

4. Northern Virginia, ca. 1740. Description

5. Alexander (Elick) Scogin (born ca. 1750, NC). Description

6. Solomon Scoggin (born ca. 1750, PA). Description

7. John Scogin (born 1770, SC). Description

8. James Scoggin and son Etheldred (of Christian Co, KY, before 1800). Description

9. Elisha Scoggin (ca. 1783, NH). Description

10. William Freeman Scroggins (born ca. 1779-1791, Lincoln Co, NC). Description

11. Benjamin 'Berry' Scroggins (near Wake Co, NC). Description

12. John Scoggin or Cogan (of Wake Co, NC). Description

12a. Smith Description
Descendants of John's son, Smith Scroggins

12b. John

13. James Scroggins (of Culpeper Co, VA). Description

14. Various Scroggins who remained in Western Virigina. Description

15. William Scoggin (of York Co, SC). Description

17. Isaac and Sarah Scoggin. Description


(b) Abigail Scroggins Description



Updated: 13 Sep 2002