Welcome to my miniature world of Haute Couture.

These are my one-of-a-kind creations that I have available for sale. All the beadwork and sequins on my creations are hand done, one at a time and not glued on. Each doll comes with a stand and placed in an autographed designer box with my logo on the cover. I do hope you enjoy this glamorous, yet sometimes humorous journey into my miniature world of fashion.

To purchase one of my creations just email me with the name of the doll you are interested in and it will be held for you. Dolls will only be held for 10 days and if I have not heard from you with a payment or deposit in that time period, the doll will go back for sale.

Please include $8 S/H.

(Note that none of the dolls will appear until all the graphics have loaded. This could take a few moments.)

60's Elegance (molded hair)


Night and Day (molded hair)


Deco Ball


60's Nightlife (molded hair)


Zebra Ball


60's Animal Magnitude (molded hair)


Golden Apple Dreams


60's Swing (molded hair)