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Beth Gilbert, Richmond "Its the only real news radio station in Richmond."

Dennis Geremia, Hopewell
"I really enjoy the continuous coverage of the news. I like to know what's going on in the world."

Joe Carter, Richmond
"Congratulations on bringing the most professional and informative news format in Virginia."

Michael Rhodes, Janesville, Wisconsin "I listen throughout the day as I work on the Net."

Bob Singleton, Richmond
Re: Jim Jacobs . . . "Thank goodness someone had the sense to hire this talented man. Please put him back on the air. Good luck, Jim."

Gene Toler, Rockville "Really, really, really enjoy WVNZ 990."

Ray Wallace, Richmond
"Discovered you at 1320AM and am delighted - the signal is so much better."

Bebe Maddux, Richmond
"Keep up the great work but cut down or eliminate the sports."

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