Our Format Increases The Impact Of Your Message
Listeners tune toWVNZ All NewsRadio 1320AM to hear specific information. this is high impact, foreground listening. The listener's attention is "primed" and the level of attention paid to the news programming carries over to your message. Commercials are part of the news environment, which lends immediacy and credibility to your advertising message.
We Showcase Your Commercials
Unlike other radio stations, at WVNZ All NewsRadio 1320AM we rarely stack more than two minutes of commercials together. This reduces the "tune-out" factor prevalent on other radio stations, particularly music stations, where listeners flock to other stations during the long commercial breaks. By contrast, at WVNZ All NewsRadio 1320AM, listeners stay with us during the brief commercial breaks between news segments, and as a result they actually hear your commercials.
We Offer Frequency For Every Budget
It is well established that the more times you reach a consumer with your message, the more likely you are to motivate that consumer to seek out your product or service. Simply stated, high frequency sells and high frequency produces top of mind awareness. At WVNZ All NewsRadio 1320AM, we offer various packages designed to provide you with the same kind of frequency that major radio advertisers use, but at a fraction of the cost. We deliver results.
We Were The First Richmond Radio Station To Simulcast Over The Internet
WVNZ All NewsRadio 1320AM was the first radio station in Richmond to simulcast its programming on the Internet. Now, listeners can take our programming from their homes, into their cars and into their offices. Advertisers can reach our listeners via audio over-the-air and on the Internet, and with banners on our Internet site.
To learn more about the benefits of advertising your product or services on WVNZ All NewsRadio 1320AM and on the Internet, please contact:
Mike Mazursky, General Manager, at (804) 643-0990
or e-mail us at sales@wvnz.com

We want to thank our sponsors for their support of WVNZ All NewsRadio 1320AM, which allows us to bring you high quality news programming that keep you informed.

This month's featured sponsors are:

Cabo's Bistro, Broad and Allison Streets
(Across from Pleasants Hardware)
Richmond, Virginia
(804) 355-1144

Check out The Pearson Auto Group! Three of their Web Sites are:


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