The Western Transporation Corridor

- Significant Impact to the Human and Natural Environment
- No Demonstrated or Documented Need
- Why?

An up-front analysis of the Western Transportation Corridor, also known as "the road to nowhere."

A brief history of the project, including related transportation studies, from the Northwest Prince William Citizens´ Association.

See what the best civil engineers and environmentalists that our country has to offer have said about this project....

This project poses significant impact to the human environment, yet there is no demonstrated, documented need...
- US Army Corps of Engineers Letter, January 13 1996

There will be no bridge, and VDOT has assured Maryland that it does not intend to try to construct a bridge. Maryland is "unalterably opposed" to a new bridge across the Potomac.
- MDOT Letter, 14 November 1996

The area growth assumptions are not present today, and the need for north-south travel through the study area has not been shown.
- EPA Letter, 5 December 1995

VDOT has moved ahead with the study without addressing the concerns of environmental agencies.
- EPA Letter, 12 April 1996

Need for north-south travel is limited...east-west transit from the already developed areas of the study (Loudoun/Fairfax County) is the real issue...VDOT has failed to consider mass transit in any of its alternatives.
- EPA Letter, 27 November 1996

The National Park Service would only consider an option that would be placed such as to not impact the vista between the Manassas National Battlefield and Thoroughfare Gap. Further, there is concern for impacts to the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, the Potomac Heritage Trail, the Frederickburg battlefields and the Prince William Forrest Park.
- Dept of the Interior Letter, Dec 13 1996

The Prince William County Department of Public Works analysis of the improvement of traffic in the county brought by the various WTCS options. The county staff recommendation to the county board of supervisors was to disapprove the project.
- Department of Public Works Letter, 21 November 1996

How does this happen? Here is one Prince William County Supervisor's pre-election position on the WTCS. It is a matter of public record that this supervisor voted to approve the WTCS through Prince William County. It is not clear what changed her position on the matter, we certainly agree with the reasons for not building that she cited in her pre-election position.
Kathy Seefeldt Letter, October 23 1995

CARD has commissioned a technical analysis of the purpose and need of the Western Transportation Corridor Study. This report has grown as more and more has been uncovered. CARD now reports what is the definitive dissertation on VDOT´s Major Investment Study.

And finally, although not part of CARD´s technical report, we have provided a few thoughts on what VDOT´s "social engineering" of the land acquisition costs means to Prince William County homeowners, residents, and taxpayers.

Conclusion: The land, the cost, and the citizen.

More Facts Relative to The Western Transportation Corridor will be included as they become available.

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