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Members and Past Members

Neal Ziring Name: Neal Ziring
Rank: 3-dan
First branch: Bell Labs
Azedine Ouerghi Name: Azedine Ouerghi
Rank: 2-dan
First branch: Paris
Ketut Kusuma Name: Ketut Kusuma
Rank: 2-kyu
First branch: Indonesia
David Yuralivker Name: David Yuralivker
Rank: 2-dan
First branch: World Bank
Name: Allen Liff
Rank: 4-dan
First branch: Cornell
Name: Jeffrey Scherer
Name: Robert Loesch
Rank: 2-kyu?
First branch: London
Name: Elizabeth Scherer

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Picture Gallery

Branch founder, Sensei Kenichi Ohashi Founder of the World Bank Branch,
Branch members with Karahashi-sensei Branch members with a distinguished
visitor, Karahashi-sensei.
Group photo from Cornell Camp 2008 Group picture from Cornell Camp 2008
(study seminar held in Trumansburg, NY)

This section still under construction.

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