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World Bank members at Cornell Camp 2008

About Shorinji Kempo

Shorinji Kempo is a sophisticated martial art incorporating scientific and physical principles in its performance, and Buddhist philosophy as its intellectual foundation. Shorinji Kempo was developed as a means of self-defense and self-improvement, rather than simply a method of fighting or winning contests. Shorinji Kempo practice focuses on improving technique, physical condition, and mutual respect. It is a very deep but accessible martial art.

Today, Shorinji Kempo is practiced all over the world, under the auspices of the World Shorinji Kempo Organization. For more background about Shorinji Kempo, see the history page.

World Bank Shorinji Kempo

The World Bank branch is a small group that works together to learn Shorinji Kempo. By practicing the art, we try to improve our physical condition and gain understanding of ourselves and those around us. Our practice sessions are cooperative, strenuous, and fun. Bring comfortable clothes and join us in a friendly atmosphere.

The World Bank Shorinji Kempo branch has practiced continuously since 1979; it is one of the oldest branches in the North America. The founder of our branch, Sensei Kenichi Ohashi, still works for the Bank. The present instructor, Neal Ziring, has practiced since 1988. For more information about the branch, email Neal ("ziring" at "") or Azedine Ouerghi on 202-473-7531 or email AOuerghi at Worldbank dot org.

Schedule and Location

Contact Neal or Azedine first, because depending on members travel schedule, class schedules may be adjusted from time to time.

You can get directions via Google Maps: map link.

Foundations of Shorinji Kempo

Shorinji Kempo is a comprehensive self-defense system. The philosophy of Shorinji Kempo is based on Zen Buddhism (specifically Kongo Zen). It uses rational, scientific and medical principles rather than brute strength. Anyone can become proficient in Shorinji Kempo regardless of size, gender, or age.

Shorinji Kempo utilizes a balance between the hard techniques like blocks, dodges, punches and kicks (called Goho), and soft techniques like escapes, throws and locks (called Juho). It also involves therapeutic massage and relaxation techniques using pressure points (called Seiho). Seated meditation is also part of the foundation of Shorinji Kempo.

Training in Shorinji Kempo improves health by reducing stress, fostering weight control, increasing flexibility and sharpening the mind. There is no sense of competition in class, rather it is a place where you can go to further yourself mentally and physically in a spirit of mutual support and cooperation. Students work together to improve their skills; there is no fighting. Join the more than 1.5 million kenshi (students) worldwide who have found the value of training in Shorinji Kempo.

A former student, Mariángeles Sabella, kicking.

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