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These are home pages of some official WSKO branches in North America and elsewhere. If you would like your branch added to this page, write to Neal Ziring, email address lastname at comcast dot net

Ann Arbor Branch, Michigan USA
A strong branch led by dedicated instructor Gary Dolce.
Seattle Branch, Washington USA
A very active branch led by Sensei Hiroshi Onaka. Site maintained by Colin May.
San Diego Shorinji Kempo
This is the site for the active and well-known San Diego branch, led by Sensei Kawamata.
Site for Shorinji Kempo San Francisco
This slick web site gives information about one of the largest branches in North America, the San Francisco branch, led by long-time teacher Harada-sensei.
Calgary Branch, Alberta Canada
This one of the main branch web sites in Canada, with a good Kempo history and an good list of links to other Shorinji Kempo web pages.
Caltech Shorinji Kempo, California USA
This branch practices at the California Institute of Technology. The web site gives some Shorinji Kempo history, as well as branch workout times and location information.
Shorinji Kempo, Brisbane Australia
Small but pragmatic page for the Brisbane branch.
Basel Shorinji Kempo, Switzerland
Nicely organized site for Swiss kenshi; text is all in German, though. A former World Bank kenshi went to practice in Basel - Hi Bruce!
Shorinji Kempo Toronto Branch
Long-established site for this highly esteemed Canadian group, led by Sensei McCollough.
New York City Shorinji Kempo
An up-to-date and informative site by the New York City branch.
Vancouver Shorinji Kempo, Canada
These pages provide information on all the branches in the Canadian province of British Columbia.
Shorinji Kempo Spain Portal
A well-organized portal for Shorinji Kempo branches in Spain.
Melbourne branch Shorinji Kempo
Large and well-organized site from the Melbourne branch, but unfortunately they've moved all their pictures to their Facebook page.

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