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Ziring MicroWeb Site Construction Information

This page describes how the Ziring web site was constructed, and explains some of the goals behind its design.

Our web site is hosted by Erols Internet, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) headquartered in Maryland.

Design goals for the Ziring web site

These web pages are intended to introduce our family to you, to provide some information and links to other resources, and to share our interests with the web community. These pages are intended to be acccessible to anyone, using any web browser software. With these goals in mind, I made up a few simple design rules:

At the time we started creating these pages, a fair percentage of web browsers were not table- or frame-capable. This has been changing over the last few years, so I may start using more complex HTML on some of the pages to add visual impact.

The last and most important design goal was: every page should be a thread in the World Wide Web. Essentially every page in this little web space has links, sometimes lots of links, to other web sites. I am aware that few surfers will come to this web space with the intention of reading it all. If you stop by, well, I want to give you lots of choices of where to go next. This is one simple way to thank you for visiting.

This site is non-commercial and accepts no advertising

Tools used to build this site

A broad array of tools were used to build this site. Some of them are listed below.

On June 18, 1998, all the pages at this site were changed to reflect our new email address of ziring@home.com. This change was performed with a Perl script, but since the content of the pages was not changed, the 'last changed' date on each page were left alone.

Other Information about the Site

Pages on this site used to be rated with RSACi system, but we have changed to the ICRA system. Pages on this site are rated "(cz 1 lz 1 nz 1 oz 1 vz 1)" - no sex, violence, or offensive language. RSACi-rated


Future Plans for this Site

In the near future, I hope to do the following things for this small web site:

Eventually, I'd like to add some VRML to this site, but I haven't had a chance to learn VRML 2.0 yet.

WWW Resources for Site Design & Construction

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This page written by Neal Ziring, last modified 3/12/01.