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Booger the Cat's Nap Spot

You've reached the home page of Booger, a Domestic Shorthair mixed-breed cat belonging to Julie Ziring. Booger, or Big Booger as he is sometimes called, is a large, shy, all-white male cat with expressive eyes. We often call him a large white, just like the movie pig, Babe. Here are his vital statistics:

Height: 12 in.
Length: 32 in.
Weight: 15 lbs.
Fur color: white
Eye color: gold
Birth date: 6/15/88
Marital status: fixed

Booger is really a beautiful cat.
Here is a picture of him, this
was taken in 1993.

Why Booger is Shy

Why Booger Weighs Fifteen Pounds

Booger's Accomplishments

How did Booger get his Name?

Booger's Likes and Dislikes

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