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An Online Springsteen Commentary - Version 2.07 - 19 November 2000 -
Long-Delayed BITUSA Contest Beats U.S. Presidential Race to Finish Line 

No doubt you have been wondering just what in the heck happened with our Born in the U.S.A. contest.  

Oh, ye of little faith.  These past weeks, veritably hundreds of senior citizen volunteers have swept up the chads and tallied the entries, all under The Hitter's watchful supervision. 

And we have a winner.  Pietro Cafiero submitted the following lineup:

This Hard Land

A side:

Murder Inc.
Atlantic City (Electric)
Working on the Higway
None but the Brave
County Fair

B side:

Born in the USA
No Surrender
Johnny 99
My Hometown
Downbound Train
This Hard Land


Born in the USA/Shut out the Light
This Hard Land/Unsatisfied Heart
Murder Inc./Darlington County

Congratulations, Pietro!  And, yes, you win something cool.  Thanks as well to our other entrants.

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Do The Right Thing.

We're going to start this long-overdue edition of The Hitter by reprinting a letter from Bob Benjamin, Joe Grushecky's manager, that was posted recently on

I wanted to thank everyone for their support, for coming out to the Stone Pony and for their kind words in the  wake of the Light of Day Concert to Benefit The Parkinson's Disease Foundation (PDF).

Over 800 people came to show and between ticket sales and the raffle we will be able to donate approximately $20,000 to the PDF.

The PDF is a national, non-profit organization with offices in New York City and Chicago. The PDF is dedicated to supporting and promoting the highest-quality research worldwide into the cause(s) and cure of Parkinson's Disease (PD), and for better symptomatic treatments.  Founded in 1957, The PDF was the first private foundation in the United States created specifically to advance research into PD. 

It has come to my attention that there is an unauthorized soundboard recording of Bruce Springsteen's performance with Joe Grushecky & The Houserockers circulating in the fan community.  This recording in no way has been authorized or condoned by any of the musicians, managers, promoters, event organizers or club management involved in the concert.

If anyone does get this or other recordings of the show it would be greatly appreciated if they could see it in their heart to make a donation to the PDF. Parkinson's Disease is the reason this night came together and I hope no one loses sight of that as they replay the evening in their minds and/or on their stereos.

Thank you,

Bob Benjamin

P.S. If you would like to contact the Parkinson's Disease Foundation to make a donation or just for information please refer to the numbers and addresses listed below.

Telephone: 212.923.4700
 Fax: 212.923.4778 

 Address: Parkinson's Disease Foundation
               William Black Medical Building
               Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center
               710 West 168th Street 
               New York, NY 10032-9982 



The way we see it, every so often, you get the chance to rise out of the swamp of your normal, day-to-day life, and act like the person you're supposed to be. 

One of the best things about being a Springsteen fan is that the other fans are generally pretty cool.  We at The Hitter have had people we didn't even know give us tapes, help get us into shows, and even track down pictures taken of us with Bruce.  Some of our very best friends are people whom we met at concerts, at CD shows, and the like.

That's why we get so mad when the RIAA and their ilk contend that the fans who collect unauthorized CDs are thieves.  We are well aware that the collecting of unauthorized material places one squarely in the moral swamp; we took not a little abuse for taking precisely such a position in our last issue.  But we know the people who collect shows.  They are not thieves.  They are not leeches.  To the contrary, by and large they care deeply about Bruce, his music, and other people.  In fact, it is precisely because they care deeply about the music that they track down unreleased material.

This is our chance to prove the RIAA and their ilk wrong.  Go to and make a contribution.  In so doing, you will show solidarity with the values that underly Bruce's music -- the values of human dignity, respect and integrity.  Send a letter with your contribution; don't send a letter; we don't care.  It's not important whether they know why you gave.  What's important is that we do what's right.

There are no excuses.  If you can afford Internet access, if you can afford to collect CD-Rs, then you can afford to give a measly $5 to make life better for people less fortunate than yourself.   Like the man said, get yourself a wheelbarrow full of cash, and roll it in the door, and tell 'em The Hitter sent you!