The Hitter
An Online Springsteen Commentary - Version 1.1 - 15 November 1999 -

Coincidence? You Decide.

From the Robert Mitchum classic Thunder Road to Louis Malle's Alamo Bay, movies have been known to inspire some of Bruce's best work. Yet imagine our surprise when we saw this --

The tagline for this 1979 Blaxploitation movie was, "The hustlers wanted cash, the women wanted love, the crowd wanted blood, and he gives it to them." Yep, it's about a boxer. And there's even a character named "Louisiana Slim."


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Why Does the World Need Another Springsteen Web Site?

Good question. Because there are plenty of fine ones out there. If you want to know what Bruce played last night, then visit one of them. The links are on the other side of the page.

At The Hitter, we want to try to do things a little differently. If
Backstreets is the Time Magazine of the Springsteen world, and if Flynn McLean's "The Boots" site is the CNN, then we're Ed Anger. You know, the guy who writes those cranky "My America" columns for The Weekly World News.

This is a great time to be a Springsteen fan. The values of community and individual dignity, to which Bruce's music has always spoken, are running stronger than ever before in his performances, at a time when they often seem to be losing ground in the real world. The Hitter is about taking those values and using them as a lens through which to view Bruce's work and his fan community.

Why the name, The Hitter? Well, we think "The Hitter" is one of the best songs Bruce Springsteen has unloaded in the last ten years. The only reason anybody knows it exists is because he played it once in concert -- in Syracuse, New York, nearly three years ago to this day -- and someone in the crowd made a superb tape of it, probably with a hidden tape deck thoughtfully provided by the Sony Corporation.

We think there's a moral in that story somewhere. We're going to be talking about that. And a lot of other things, too. But while we're not going to pull any punches, we want to keep it clean and steer clear of low blows.

One last thing. You're the referee in this fight. We hope to say
some stuff that you agree with strongly. We also hope to say some things that you'll probably disagree with. So tell us what you think. Send us e-mail at