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July 21, 1999 First Union Parking Lot Phila PA

Lunachicks were set to take the stage at 3:15, and they were right on the dot, after Gina, Squid, and Chip came out to set and tune up. Chip was wearing a black Dropkick Murphys shirt, Gina was wearing a black pleated skirt and a tight red sports jersey with the number 40 on it, and Squid was wearing the yellow "Vultures" shirt and a black skirt. Theo took the stage at 3:15 wearing what looked to be a homemade a green camouflage skirt and matching strapped shirt w/ sandals laced with neon orange. Glitter was everywhere.

They opened with "FDS" and with the exception of "Knuckle Sandwich" "Crash" (which Squid dedicated to JFK Jr.) "Less Teeth More Tits," and the closing "Luxury Problem," they played all older material from Pretty Ugly and Jerk of all Trades. They surprisingly played the 30 second song "Pretty Houses" which can be found on the Fat Wreck Chords comp ""Short Music for Short People." Plus they covered a Cars song. Other songs in the set were "The Day Squids Gerbil Died" "Drop Dead" "Jerk of all Trades" & "Dear Dotti" It was hot out, but they were energetic and seemed in good spirits. Theo made comments about when girls at the show the day before in Pittsburgh would crowdsurf, they would get their tits and assses grabbed by the guys and Theo said -with all seriousness-"…and THAT IS NOT OK." The crowd cheered and the band blasted into another song. Some guy in the crowd had a shirt that read "My dick tastes like chap stick" and Squid asked something like "Well, is it also the size of a chapstick? Or the size of two chap sticks?" They finished their set at 3:45.

Fans were able to meet and greet the band in the Ladies Lounge at 5:15 and that went well, even though you had to be rushed through by the security guards to make sure all the fans had a chance to say hi and get stuff signed. Since I'm not too big on autographs, I said hi to everyone, got my pic with the band and left. My friend got his arm "tattoed" by the whole band. I had a good time.

Written by Shydoll (webmaster of this page)
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July 21,1999 First Union Parking Lot. Phila PA

i went to see/hear lunachics for the first time ever.
i was really hyped cause it was an all-grrrl band and that always get me
i remeber theo saying how when grrrls crowd surf grrrls would get felt up
and she bitched the guys in the crowd a bit not to do that.
they played some awsome songs, at the time i didnt know any of them.
when i went to mosh around i wasnt the only grrrl there.
that was awsome!
some guy kicked this grrrl in the head when he was surfing and then like 3
grrrls beat the crap out of him.
later after the show...i went to see them up close and personal but they
were playing the same time pennywise was. i had to sacrifice so i came back
after pennywise and luckily gina and chip were there to sign a paper for me.
i talked to gina for awhile about the dumb bois who beat me up in pennywise
cause i was stuck behind a fence.
then i told her the band was inspirational since they are a talented all
grrrl band.
Written By: *angela**

July 21, 1999 First Union Parking Lot Phila PA

The Lunachicks were AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I had a rad time!!!!!!!! I saw Chip at the booth before the girls hit the stage..picked up a t-shirt with the new logo one it too...they had Lunachicks undies! Granny kind!! but i didn't get any :( Anyways, since my cousin is on Warped..i was lucky enough to get tickets & passes to the show. Lunachicks were going on at 3:15, so i headed backstage & waited by the ramp for them to go on. Squid had her hair in ummm....dorothy from the Wizard of Oz style, she had on a yellow baseball shirt with blk sleeves & a black skirt....(backstage she lifted it and shook her butt in blk undies at Chip) It was soooo funny!!!! Theo was dressed in her glorous wig & camo tank top & skirt...Gina sported her blonde hair with green bangs & tips and Chip in black with her Harley Boots :) Those things stood out for some reason :) ANYWAYS....the lead singer of Sevendust waited with us & once the Lunachicks hit the stage we got to go up & stand on stage with them...My honey & I were right at the front of the stage next to Squid. It was awesome to see the ocean of ppl...i was wishing i was playing :)
They did this set list: (as written by Theo:)
Knuckle Sandwich
Less Teeth
Chow Fun
Cars (cover)
Lux Problem
Shut u Out (which they didn't have time for)

Before Crash, Squid said "this song is for JFK". Which Theo kinda looked at her like "oops, maybe you shouldn't have said that". Theo also commented on how Pittsburgh, PA was a bad crowd....stating if your a girl and you crowd's NOT OK to grab that girl. Someone had a shirt on that said "my dick tastes like chapstick" and Squid asked "is your dick as big as a chapstick tube? Is it as big as one chapstick tube or as big as two chapstick tubes? And is it as skinny?" LOL They weren't impressed with the was great! After show i was lucky enough to get Gina and Squid to sign some stuff....The girls were in the Ladies Lounge at i waited there to catch Theo....They had all washed off their glitter and make-up...Theo had her hair up in kinda princess leia pigtails...They were all adorable! I got Theo to sign some photos i had of her from the AP magazine shoot with Orgy...She was really excited i had them & said "this is the first time i've had ppl bring these for me to sign" I was so proud...It made me remember ***and boast i may add*** (hehe) of the Coney Island High show in NYC (when they recorded the live cd) when i brought sporks for them to sign & they were all excited & said i was the first person to ever have them sign
them!!! YAYYYYYYY!!!!! I swear i love them to death!!!!!!!! Needless to say they were wonderful & i can't wait to see them again.....

Written by: caren (

July 21, 1999 First Union Parking Lot Phila PA

The Lunachicks played at the Warped tour in Philly. They played at 3:15 pm and ended at 3:45. It was a short set but it really kicked ass. I think it was they're best performance. Anyway, Gina and Squid came out first and did some tuning. then chip started getting ready for the show. After about ten minutes, Theo came out and the crowd went wild. They played alot of old stuff with a little bit of new stuff. The set was something like this but not in

The Day Squid's Gerbil Died
Drop Dead
Dear Dottie
Knuckle Sandwich
Luxury Problem
Less Teeth, More Tits

They played alot more stuff but i can't remember it. Sorry. ok, so i was screaming and singing the whole time. and Theo was looking at me. i was so crazy. so i looked at her and blew her a kiss. and guess what? she blew one right back. it was soooooo crazy. after the show i met them. Theo came up to me and started talking to me. She told me they were going to have a autograph session at 5:15 so of course i went. i got there really really early. i got my shirt signed my all of them and told them how great they were. They are the nicest people in the world. and sweet too. i love them. They rock plus they are sweet too.

Written by : SMiLEY FaCE (

June 21, 1999 First Union Parking Lot Phila, PA

June 21, 1999 the Lunachicks, a riot girl hardcore punk band, performed at the First Union Center parking lot in the city of brotherly love. They were set to take the stage at exactly 3:15 P.M., and of course the girls were precisely on time. The drummer, Chip, was dressed in all black, including her long hair and Harley steel-toed, with a shirt of the punk band "Dropkick Murphys." Gina, the lead guitarist was wearing a black ruffled skirt and a tight red sports jersey with the number 40 on the front. Blonde with green tips highlighted Gina's long hair. The bassist, Squid, was clothed in a bright yellow baseball shirt and black skirt. Her hair was in pigtails and she looked so cute like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Finally, the talented and beautiful vocalist, Theo, came out. The crowd went crazy. Her outfit was a green camouflage skirt and matched with a strapped shirt with sandals laced with neon orange.

Everyone was concealed in glitter. The Lunachicks opened with "F.D.S," a particularly great song from the album "Jerk of all Trades." They performed new songs from their brand new LP "Luxury Problem," and older material from the album "Pretty Ugly." Before the song "Crash," Squid said "This song is for JFK." After that comment, Theo glanced at at her and said "Oops, maybe you should not have said that Squid." Theo also stated about the day before in Pittsburgh, "girls would crowd surf and get their breasts and behinds grabbed by all the guys in the audience." Theo then shouted, with all madness, "THAT IS NOT OK!" The crowd cheered and the band bursted into another song. The set ending with the title track from "Luxury Problem" because they did not have time for the song "Shut You Out." The performance was magnificent, and it was definitely the finest Lunachicks show seen by me.

Also written by: SMiLEY FaCE (

July 18, 1999 Asbury Park, NJ Stone Pony Lot

So..where do I begin? Ok I didn't know when the Lunachicks were gonna play, because the schedule was screwed up, but i finally found out that they were playing at 6:30 PM. I have been waiting a long time to see the Lunachicks live again, because the last time I saw them was when they were touring with No Doubt in 97, which is how I found out about them, but anyway...At about 6:15 I saw Chip on stage fixing her mics on her drums, at this point I was with my friend waiting for the hot dogs to cook, and I wanted to get a place right up front, but of course he HAD to have a bloody hot at about 6:20 I had my place in back of a few people from the front. The spot was good enough. Then Gina and Squid came on stage and plugged in, then last but not
least Theo (My Love) . Everyone went NUTS!! Then Theo joined in the screaming, then she screams "YooooooouuuuruuuuuuuuRRR AAAA!" and we all knew what that was my friends -"FDS" complete with Theo's lil dance during the guitar solo. Then came "The day Squids Gerbil Died" other song they played were "Knuckle Sandwich" "Drop Dead" with Tequila instead of Ole, "Less teeth more tits" Where Theo was ummm urrr playing with her tits :) "Jerk of all trades" "Dear dotti" "Crash" "More than a feeling" and some lil short song off of some compilation. The girls looked stunning, Theo in her pink Dress with feather head piece, Glitter, and hair extensions. Squid and Gina in Yankees shirts, and dead cheerleaders skirts. With Blue lipstick, and makeup. I think Chip had on a black shirt and pants, but I'm not sure. The only part that sucked, was that some guy that was crowdsurfing landed on my head. But the thing that made it worth while was Theo's dancing, Squids funny faces, Gina's jumping, and Chip banging the hell out of her drums :) Unfortunately my pics aren't the best......but they still capture the splendor and beauty known as the Lunachicks :)

Written by: Joey (

July 18, 1999 Asbury Park, NJ. Stone Pony Lot

So yeah....over the summer i got my first taste of the most beautiful girls in the busniess, the lunachicks. I've heard there stuff before, and quiet frankly-loved every bit of it. When i found out that they were gonna be at warped tour, i fliped. Theres' nothing i like more than seeing a live chick band.....theres just soo much energy that goes on-and all in all, it makes me go crazy. So, warped tour 99'-asbury park in fucking hot day. I spent it all basicaly crowd surfing just so that i wouldn't have to be on my feet. As i longly awaited the whole day for the chicks themselves-i found a group of kids all from my school. We all mingled for a while and headed over to where the lunachicks were to play. I knew where they were gonna be because i saw gina's blue tips blowing in her face while she tuned her gitar before they played. Plus, not to mention the mascot of there set-the pink furry amp. Me and a bunch of my friends **all girls** decided, "hell---the guys had all day to mosh and show that they were tuff...basicaly prove nothing, we want to prove nothing too!!! WE WANNA START A CHICK PITT!!!" As soon as we heard the scream of theo as she and the band went crazy-that was key for us to loose our shit and go even more crazy. Prove that we were strong girls with fucking attitude. **well, hey-i can think that right?!** All in all--i had such a fun time either singing along...screaming....or throwing my fists in the air that it seemed to fly by. I couldn't belive how much fun i had-in such a short time. It was simple unbleviable....thus marked my everlasting LUST and LOVE for the band. Out of all the shows i have ever, ever seen--The lunachicks have got to top it all off. *bravo girls***

Written by: adrienne battaglino (

July 18, 1999 Asbury Park, NJ Stone Pony Lot

Ahhh, the fabulous Lunachicks. You know, they were pretty much the only reason why I braved the 2 hour drive, horrific heat, and traffic of Asbury Park. Yes, they played the Warped Tour on July 18th. There was a number of other good bands playing, like H2O, the Bouncing Souls, Pennywise, 7 But I digress...

The Lunachicks were on pretty late in the day, after H2O. They played on the main stage, which was good, since they weren't demoted to the miniature "local" band stage. The girls came out in all their glory...Cuz you know the outfits are half the fun!

Gina & Squid had on these matching little NY Yankees cheerleader outfits on. I unfortunately could not see Chip, because of where I was standing. Theo was wearing this hot pink dress and pants ensemble, with the trademark hair, plus a feather headpiece. Of course, glitter and eyeshadow reigned supreme on all the Lunachicks!

They played a tight set, although it was time restricted, which was a downer. Songs were (in no order)...FDS, Yeah, Day Squid's Gerbil Died, Crash, Jerk of all Trades, Luxury Problem, and Less Teeth-More Tits. The crowd seemed pretty receptive, since I am sure lots of people there had never even heard of the Lunachicks before, let alone seen them. I had one crazy guy in front of me who kept throwing his T shirt on stage and trying to show them his dick. Which sucked for me, cuz I kept having to see his ugly hairy ass. Other than that, the crowd was great, and the band was awesome.
I wanna be a Lunachick when I grow up!!!

Written by: adelisa (

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