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November 14, 1998 The Bowery Ballroom, NYC

Their show @ Bowery Ballroom was great and fun. The audience vibe synch'ed with the band too. Every member dressed in animal-print outfit, all committed of being like Amazons.... No kidding, yet that night show was much tighter and sounded somewhat progressive (!) than the Coney Island show in last Feb. (the 'Drop Dead LIVE' well captured rapture of the show though). Hyper-tempo 'Heart of Glass' cover way to go. Plus, at the last piece Theo and Squid swapped their array. Squid stood erect and firm in center of the stage sung like mad woman ruling the finale. Do ya know? Theo was hellva drummer!! (sorry, I didn't know the song title). Of course they were always generous, replied our curtain-call by three encores.

Now did anyone attend FRAGGLEROCK @ Tramps in last June? Theo and Gina ensembled in the 'House Funk Band'! Oh boy, the gig was sooo gooud. Gina's a funky-cookie. Theo's the best singing funkiest-stinky Funcadelic pieces. Does anyone have tape of the show? That'll be a sort-after like a piece of gold.

Written by: izumi (

September 18, 1998 Coney Island High, NYC

I got to the show about an hour early so I could see if I could talk to The Lunachicks themselves. They weren't around but right before the doors opened I ran into Gina who I have talked to many times before. Me and my friends talked to her and then the doors opened and we went in.

After two hours of opening bands it was now time for the fabulous ladies. The lights went down and when they came back on, there they were. Theo in an evening dress, Gina in a blue dress, Squid in a t-shirt that said I LOVE NY and a skirt and I am not quite sure what Chip was wearing. They opened with Drop Dead and the songs they played were: (not in order) Binge & Purge; Light as a feather; Jerk of all Trades; Fingerful; The day Squid's gerbil died; Dear Dotti; Brickface & Stucco;
Don't want you; Spork; and 3 new songs!!!! They ended with F.D.S. and for encores they played Babysitters on Acid and Crash!!!!!!!

The entire show was filled the usual Lunachicks antics and mayhem and was TOTALLY GREAT!!!!!! I was especially glad to hear the old songs!!!!!! To sum it all up; LUNACHICKS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!

Written by: JASON (

March 27, 1998 The Pontiac Grille. Philly, PA

My head hurts and my arm is sore, but it doesn't really matter. The show was phenomenal, amazing, breathtaking, and I was right in front of them (the Lunachicks)! The show started around 7 pm, when the opening band, "Undergirl" came out. They're 2 guys and 2 girls from Philly (I think) and they rocked! When they finished up their set, they carried off their equipment and Chip and Gina came out to set the drums up and Gina tuned her guitar. (Gina's cabinet says "arse hole" on it!) They were in jeans and T-shirts and were even skinnier in person! Then Squid came out (with "HOAGIE" written on her head) in jeans, tuned her bass, and signed some stuff for the kids in front of me.

A little while later, the Lunachicks came onto stage in costume and glitter make-up everywhere. Gina was in green, Theo in pink, Squid in blue, and I think Chip was in jeans.When I looked up at Squid, I noticed that her belly was starting to poke out, (the false rumor that she is pregnant) she looked really cute. Oh mommy!

They opened with Wing Chun, and the songs they played were (not in order) "The Day Squid's Gerbil Died",  "FDS", "Gone Kissin", "Spork", "Throwin it Away", "Drop Dead", "The Passenger" (Iggy Pop cover), "Crash" (new song), "Buttplug", "Jerk of all Trades", "Don't Want You" , "Doughnuts" and ended with "Dear Dotti". They played the "Pms song" as an encore, but due to all the girls screaming "Ring and Run!", they ended with it.

(There were some complete jerks in the pit, ya know, the big drunk smelly macho tards. They were hurting a lot of the girls by pushing them around. At one point, I punched one guy and he grabbed my hair, pushed me to the floor, and stomped on my head. I'm ok, but I just wanted to get all the girls to go pound on them with me.They should have been thrown out, but I don't think the band noticed.)

When the show was over, a bunch of people went to talk to them and get autographs. I asked Theo if I could get a picture with her and she said "Sure." I told her about the jerks in the pit and that my head was bleeding, and she felt really bad. When someone asked if they could re-release Babysitter's on Acid, she kinda cringed and said that they have thought about it. I also heard someone asking Theo if it was true that the Lunachicks got booed off stage the last time they were in town (w/ Weezer and No Doubt) and Theo said that that is NOT true.When Squid came over, I got a pic with her and asked if she was gonna be a mommy. She said "Awww, do I look fat?" I replied "No" and smiled at her.(Update: The rumor was indeed UNTRUE, so stop the rumors!) I wanted to talk to Chip to tell her how much I love her drumming, but I didn't get to. They were all VERY nice.

I also met Amy and Missy from "Undergirl", and bought some vinyl off them. They were really nice.

Overall, the show was great. I just wish that one of the band members would've noticed all the trouble that the macho jerks were causing. Oh well, we'll get em next time!! Thanks so much to the Lunachicks!

Written by Shydoll (keeper of this page)

To see pics I took at the show, click HERE!

February 21, 1998 at Coney Island High, New York

-show where Drop Dead Live was recorded!-

Well well well. So there was this crazy Japanese punk I had a crush on in high school. He didn't speak too much english, so we didn't talk much, but one sentence I do remember was, "You haf to chick out disban de Runachek." That was 1994.

 Come 1996, years after the crazy punk had faded from my memory,those words for some reason stuck. As I was perusing the New Releases section of some record shop, I came across Lunachicks' "Pretty Ugly" and decided to give it a whirl. And I never looked back. But you all probably know how much they rock. The question is, can they pull it off LIVE?

 No Duh.

 At their show this past Saturday, I was so giddy with excitement I couldn't even listen to the opening bands, and I remain so giddy jus thinking about it all that I can't even remember who they were. But a little after 10 when the lights came on and the chicks themselves came on stage, I died and went to heaven. And of course they opened up with"Yeah", the first track on "Pretty Ugly". Chip set the mood with those snazzy tsetsetsetsetsetsetse cymbals, Theo got the whole crowd snapping to the beat, Gina started up her guitar, but it was all over when the Ex-squid-ite Squid plucked the first string on her bass, sending the crow dinto hysterics. And we never looked back.

 The ladies were simply electric, in their fabulous plastic outfits and dramatic neon makeup. They played a whole bunch of songs, mostly from Pretty Ugly and Jerk of All Trades, as well as a brand new one... which means they got a new album coming out, kiddies! If I'm not mistaken, they recorded the show for a NEW LIVE ALBUM coming out sometime soon. But aren't they famous for recording and then not releasing? Maybe that's someone else. Anyways, if you are the type who like a band to stand up there and look nice and sing nice stuff and play nice tunes, go home.These women are not for you. The wild crowd was mostly younger girls,which warmed my heart. Get em at an early age, I say. A few times the dancing got a little rowdy, but what's wrong with that? Other than almost getting my eye poked out by some spiky bracelet, I had a blast. And apparently, so did Theo, who looked like a twisted Romy or Michelle up there. During "Mmm Donuts", they threw out donuts. During "Spork", sporks were flying through the air. At least they had the decency to not bring buttplugs.

 Needless to say, I almost broke down in tears when the show ended. Tears of happiness after the most wonderful night a girl could ask for, tears of upsetness for it being over. About an hour after the show, still in my euphoric high, I actually saw them walking along St Mark's Place. I don't think it was an hallucination. They, in alter-ego-normal-clothes but with makeup slimed down their faces and Squid with blacked out teeth and a sweaty YEAH still on her forehead, looked like the goddesses they are. It made my night. Seriously, take it from me: You haf to chick out dis ban de Runachek.

Written by Jamie Hardy (

February 21, 1998 Coney Island High, NYC

-The show where Drop Dead Live was recorded!-

Hi fellow lunafans!! Ok it took a while, but here I am to give you the low down on the 2-21-98 Coney Island High, NYC Lunachicks show!!!!! I was very close to going alone to the show & then on the verge of not going at all....until my friend George in Woodbridge saved me & went with me to the show... I live in south i drove 2+ hours north & met George. He drove into the city to our destination...We arrived around 8 or so. The doors read "LUNACHICKS SOLD OUT". I was sooo glad i was on the guest list! Lucky me.

We had missed the first band the "Cadillacs" i believe. And showed up in time for a metal girl band who's name escapes me at the moment. George & I were kinda bored...hanging out in the back of the club by the bathrooms. We did see Gina walk by & I said hi!! And she smiled & said hi...looking at me, searching her mind as to how she knew me. I said "The Saint in August..." And she said "Oh yeah!" I had on my Gibson guitar shirt & was approached by an older woman who's daughter was in the Cadiallacs and both played...I was getting ansy for the show though so George & I decided we had to do *something*. hehe. He suggested we try to go backstage...i was like OK!! :) So, we pushed through the crowd & made our way to side stage to where the steps led down to the backstage area...He whispered something in the security guards ear & we were cleared. ( I later found out he told him i had a Go Kart photo pass). We went down & there was Gina walking around with her SG doing warm up scales. Chip was hanging out with her girlfriend & doing an interview. Theo & Squid were in & out. We didn't really talk to them cause they were getting ready to go on shortly. The room wasn't huge...but we sat on chairs, eves dropped & watched them streching & primping for the show. It was cooler than cool to be there for this. Theo did like 15 push ups..that in itself was BAD ASS hehe. George was the guy that was in the film i told you about with Squid, so they were talking about it a bit...but it was time for the show. We walked upstairs with the girls & they went on. If you've never been to a Lunachicks show,,,you've never been to a show. I mean they do it like no one else...I wish i had a set list for you...but i was unable. They did one song that was new...i think they said it was on a comp maybe?? About a car?? (it was crash..hehe) I'm lost on this...have to investigate that. But the coolest was that they were recording for a live album!!!! YAY!!! Kembra from The Voluptious Horror of Karen Black was there...bowing to a Goddess :)

After the show, I went back downstairs...a lot more ppl this time!! hehe. Kembra on her knees kissing Theo's legs. It was hysterical. Kembra said "Did you see all those girls??? They love you!!!" It was cool, I had all the girls sign all my 7"s. I went around and had them sign our favorite utensil also...YEP-SPORKS!!!. They thought that was the coolest & said it was the first time they had done that!!! YAY!!! I hung out a bit & decided I should find George who disappeared & get on our way. It was an awesome time...Sorry i never met Theoluna though :\ OH FYI the movie that George & Squid are in is called "Open Return". I found out the film is still being developed cause that is VERY expensive & i was reassured that Squid *did* find it tedious & tiring. Well that's my story...hope your not all sleeping :) xoxo

Written by: caren (

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