North American Origins of Seventeenth and Eighteenth
Century Scroggins, Scoggin, and Scogin Families

Spelling variations in LDS Ancestral File


From John M. Scroggins
Date Thursday, February 10, 2000 644 PM
Subject Spelling variations in LDS Ancestral File

The following table is based on a thorough, but not absolutely complete, review of Scroggins & Scoggins names as they are spelled in the LDS Ancestral File. I believe it to be almost complete for individuals born in the U.S. before 1850, and to the extent it is incomplete, it is mainly missing living individuals and some persons born after 1850 who are not shown as being connected to other Scroggins or Scoggins families or individuals. There are a number of individuals in this review who are in the Ancestral File more than once with different spellings.

FWIW, all the names with an "r" account for 51.4% of the total, those without are 48.6%; and names with a terminal "s" are 62.7% of the total, those without are 37.3%.

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