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Mr. Dorian and Rev. Lainie Dowell

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Reverend Lainie Dowell
Baptist Preacher-Prophetess


Holy Ghost-filled

Called, Appointed, and Anointed by God.

In 1985, Reverend Dowell received of the hand of God to begin her ministerial, spiritual Christian outreach of support:

To encourage and minister to hurting women clergy of the gospel.

To advocate prayerful and loving sharing one with another
within the Christian community.

To foster networking, ministerial advocacy, public awareness of
crucial women clergy concerns, laying on of hands and healing and personal
education about spiritual pain and discerning of spirits.

To boldly preach and teach the liberating gospel message of
Jesus Christ, our Lord and personal Savior.

To seek after all who are lost and who need to be found in Jesus.

To all those who stand and HERALD the presence of the living God.

To minister to so many others who long for a much deeper and closer
spiritual walk with the True and Living God in whom we serve and believe.

In 1989, when the Lord placed the mantle over Reverend Dowell to stand in the Office of Prophetess, He said, "Lainie", we sent all the way back to the Throne Room to make that garment, and there is more than enough material to cover you until we call you back across the river." Believing God to be really real, Reverend Dowell does not play with God, the people of God, or the things of God. Nor does she take lightly any one who calls themself a child of God who does so. It causes much harm especially from among all the shepherds of the Lord's sheep. She believes that we don't have long to stay so we surely don't have time to play. She gives God the glory in everything! Her only God-breathed message is one of Christ's liberation. Don't look for a big show or grand entertainment from among us at The Mountainside Ministries and clergy peers WHEN IT COMES TO STANDING FORTH TO PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL. For we realize that it is a very serious matter of life and death that we stand to preach and teach. To heal hurting souls and to birth strong warriors in the admonition of the Lord. If you said, "Amen," consider joining with us. No dues. No membership. Discipleship in the fellowship. Price paid. "Jesus Paid It All" with His own blood. Good News Today! Give God the Praise! "Jesus' blood will never lose its power!"

Among her spiritual experiences, Reverend Dowell served faithfully as an associate minister of a local church in the community where she resides. She has served as assistant secretary of the United Baptist Ministers Evening Conference of Baltimore & Vicinity Inc. and she has served as an assistant to the past president of a local branch of the NAACP. She has remained a civil rights activist and community advocate for more than 30 years. The Lord has blessed her to stand in the Office of Prophetess and to also meet many strong, Christian women and men of faith throughout the U.S. during her many years of service. Reverend Dowell resides in Columbia, Maryland, with her loving husband, Dorian, four wonderful children and beautiful granddaughter.

Can't you feel the nearness of the Lord's loving comfort? Praise Him today in the beauty of His Holiness! Praise ye the Lord God of all. Yes, praise Him for He alone is worthy of all the praise. Her heart glories in the Lord Jesus. Glory be thine, O Lord.

It's all right to make a joyful shout unto the Lord. All of heaven rejoices at your Salvation. Give thanks and praise to the God of your Salvation. He alone is worthy, worthy, worthy. Praise Him!

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Let me share with you how blessed I am, because of the outpouring of love expressed by visitors to this website. My heart is overwhelmed at the many, many beautiful women (and men) who are laboring faithfully for the Master online as well as in your daily lives. I truly mean to glorify God. Further, as a result of a recent e-mail I received from a gentle, sweet Sister, I will make a much more determined effort to capitalize all pronouns, which refer to the diety of our Lord God (i.e., He, His, Him, etc., as it comes up). Continue to hold us to a higher standard. We are Standard Bearers for the Lord Jesus Christ! And we do appreciate every one of your responses. Thank you, to our Sisterfriends and to our male supporters, too. May God Bless You and Keep You in His Perfect Peace. Pray our strength in the Lord.

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"I'm not gonna let up until I'm let down into the ground"
Rev. Lainie Dowell ~~ The Mountainside Ministries ~~ Columbia, MD

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