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If jumpin' boogie woogie rhythm & blues is what you're all about, stop what you are doing and run to the record store right now. The new CD from guitar hero Rich Chorné is smokin', to say the least. The sixteen songs on this release are a nice blend of originals and rock 'n roll classics. Rich is joined by some of the finest musicians around, including Tommy Lepson, Steve Wolf, Mookie Siegel, Jay Turner, Rob Holmes and Wade Matthews, to name a few. It's impossible not to like this CD. I haven't taken it out of my CD player in weeks. I highly recommend it.

Bill Wright - Chesapeake Music Guide - June 2001

“Check that stuff out, honey. Horns, twang, fire and what I like to call bbq. It’s got sauce  baby!!! This piece goes down deep to some of that traditional music from this land, the heartland. This disc just kicks ass. Twangahawmawringadinga-dangdong. (That means lotsa fun for those uninitiated.)”

Music Monthly, March 2000

"Thumbs up!"

Blues Revue, June 2000



“Rich is a home grown product, but it may become harder to catch him locally once this album gets around. There is a rich mix of talent and professional production on this disc resulting in excellent sound and musicianship. From the songwriting to the vocals to the instrumentation this is an extremely successful product...”

Lee Alban, Baltimore Blues Society - Blues Rag, August 1995

“What a monster player - (Rich) certainly knows what to do with an axe.”

Susie Mudd, Music Monthly, June 1995

“It has become relatively easy to self-produce one’s own recordings, and while many have merit and are an easy sell to fans of the performer or group, few such self-produced blues-based discs have as much appeal as Rich Chorne’s That’s Shor-nay... Chorne’s songs are memorable and the performances quite accomplished.”

Ron Weinstock, DC Blues Society Newsletter, November 1995

“Chorne can certainly light a fire under those fingers, as he does on the opening “Let Me Show You What Love Can Do” and the sassy instrumental “Pass the Sauce.””

Lee Gardner, Baltimore City Paper, October 1995

That’s Shor-nay... not only explains how to pronounce his name but also marks him as a major blues guitarist in the local tradition of Tom Principato, Jimmy Thackery and Rick Serfas. Like those three, Chorne is a fast, imaginative picker...”

Geoffrey Himes, Columbia Flyer, July 1995

“Ably handling the electric guitar throughout, Mr. Chorne limited himself to a single vocal spot, preferring instead to vary the soul sound of Mr. Lepson with the strong, feeling style of Ms. Munson... The flow is also paced with interesting instrumental pieces such as “Pass the Sauce”... and “Not For You to Say.””

Brian Fitzmaurice, The Capital, October 1995

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