Drugs and prostitution are sub-themes in much of Bil Keane's work but rarely does he address these issues directly as he does in this cartoon. Jeffy, is "the first one ready", but what does this mean? What task has Jeffy completed? The answer is, obviously, a scene of competitive carnality. As cataloged in numerous sports and film biographies, many times a group of men will visit a brothel for the sole purpose of seeing who can ejaculate first. Often, these excursions are preceded by a drug and alcohol binge. This is what Jeffy, his pupils dilated, his clothes disheveled in his haste to be first, has won. His first is clenched, ready to fight anyone who would challenge his sexual superiority.

Many Keane scholars argue that the hat and pants on the bed suggest that a homosexual act occurred. This is nonsense. More probable is a typical Keanesian visual pun that Jeffy has "manhandled" the prostitute."

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