The Genius Of Bil Keane
(An Occasional Feature)

Bil Keane. For many of us, the mere mention of the name puts us to sleep. And that's exactly what he'd like - for us to sleep and miss the underlying meanings of this multi-layered single panel strip. Sleep, he urges us, there's nothing going on here. Oh, Mom might get a haircut, but the children will never grow. It's safe here, he lulls.

But is it?

Bil's world is as odd and as scary as the spelling of his name. Where did the other "l" go to? Why did it leave? The answers to these questions lead us to the Lynchian world of Blue Velvet. To view this strip at face value is to miss the strip entirely.

Come with me into the strange, disturbing world of Bil Keene.


1. Your days of being lifted overhead are numbered, young man.

2. Do you wanna get sick, Barfy! Jeffy and PJ were swimmin' in there!

3. Mommy, how did Daddy get so little?

4. I WIN! I'm the first one ready to go!

5. If anybody needs to know what time it is, I'm wearin' my new watch

6. And wise people have two more: horse and common


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