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1 His Name is Wonderful (US 1973 CMP 7316) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
When We All Get to Heaven/When the Roll is Called Up Yonder3:23Arr.: Carmichael, Solos: Marion McKenzie, Lee HansardHis Name is Wonderful1:31Mieir
In Jesus3:03Arr.: Hughes, Solo: Phylis ThompsonHis Grace is Sufficient2:27Arr.: Skillings, Solo: Gene Rogers
At Calvary4:07Arr.: PetersonSavior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us3:34Arr.: Bock
But This I Know3:28Kohlmann, Solo: Nelda BlackAmazing Grace4:04Arr.: Turner
How Great Thou Art5:44Arr.: Howell, Solo: Keith JestictThe King is Coming3:48Gaither, Solos: Jud & Ida Dabney
Magnolia Avenue Baptist Church, Riverside, California
Don Howell, Minister of Music
Organisits: Taunja Greenwood, Gayle Hurt
Pianist: Nancy Young
Violin: Steve Ferguson
Flute: Sue Hansard
Bass: Steve Smith
Drums: Marc Evans
Brass: Jim Griffits*, Spencer Gelin, Marvin Tapsfield, Mervin Tapsfield
*Brass Arrangements
Credits: Production Supervisor: Billy S. Hilbun
Technician: Bill Thompson
Adults participating in the chior during the 1972-1973 Church year:
Bob Adcock, Coleen Adcock, Shari Barnes, Charlotte Bassler, Debbie Belohovek, Pat Bixler, Nelda Black, Judy Brock, Matt Brooks, Dave Bryan, Mildred Byars, Louise Carleton, Margaret Collins, Gloria Combs, Tina Connell, Ida Dabney, Jud Dabney, John Davis, Buck DeWeese, Judi DeWeese, Cheryl Durham, Faye Edmunds, Carolyn Ellstrom, Ray Ellstrom, Jyce Evans, Donna Fulks, Ken Futch, Mary Gazley, Stan Gazley, D.L. Goodnight, Jerry Goree, Terri Goree, Margaret Greenwood, Bill Hagood, Veta Ruth Hannah, Lee Hansard, Sue Hansard, Jo Ann Hawkins, Richard Hawkins, Bill Hayes, La Rieta Hayes, David Hill, Margie Hill, Christine Howell, Ed Hurt, Gayle Hurt, Mike Janz, Keith Jestice, Jennifer Keltner, Harry Koontz, Sharon Laisure, Des Lambson, Gene Lambson, Bruce Langford, DeAnn Langford, Ed Lewis, Dorthey Lewis, Mary Ludwick, Joan Malcolm, Vaneta Martindale, Wayne Martindale, Jim Maxwell, Karen Maxwell, Sue McDowell, Marion McKenzie, Frankie McPherson, Willie McPherson, Betty Musacchio, Sandra Palumbo, Lois Quattlebaum, Jon Rainbow, June Reeder, Al Robinson, Darlene Robinson, Gene Rogers, Mary Lou Saunders, Lucy Shearer, Don Slaten, Doris Slaten, Don Smith, Judy Smith, Frank Smith, Elaine Smith, Stephen Smith, Willie Spears, Jay Streeter, Sue Streeter, Earldean Sutherland, Janice Sutton, R.B. Sutton, Kathy Swihart, Mark Swihart, Herb Tatum, Jeanette Tatum, Jorita Tatum, Cornelia Therneau, Arleta Thompson, Rob Thompson, Phyllis Thompson, Randy Thompson, Clarence Tuck, Janine Tuck, Ronda Tucker, Helen Walker, James Walker, Joyce Wiebe, Peggy Witt, Gaile Yoder, Sandra Yoder, Richard Young

MIKE MAHONEY     Go to Next band (Malcolm & Alwyn) Previous band (Magnolia Avenue Baptist Church)
1 He Will Carry You (US 1981 Custom WS-517) M-/VG+ autographed has insert $25
Side 1Side 2
He Will Carry You4:25Tim SheppardLook How Far You've Come3:37Jamie Owens Collins
You're the Reason3:22Michael W. Smith & Gary ChapmanSombody Believed2:50Gary & Rosemary Dunham
Perfect People4:10Larry BryantSavior Like a Shepherd Lead Us3:20Dorothy Ann Thrupp, William B. Bradbury
He Shall Dry (Every Tear From Our Eyes)3:12It Was Enough4:29Larry Bryant
The Blood Will Never Lose It's Power3:44Andre Crouch
Produced by John E. Coates
Arranged and Conducted by Larry Bryant
Recorded at Lower Level Studio, Nashville, TN
Engineer: Randy Holland
Remix Engineer: Randy Holland
Keyboards: Dave Huntsinger
Drums: Mark Hammond
Bass: Steve Schaffer
Guitar: Dan Huff
Percussion: Bubba Smith
Saxophone: Sam Levine
Brass: Ernie Collins, John Kamrada, John Reed
Strings: Larry Lasson, Joanne Cruthirds, Solie Fott, Mark Feldman, Polly Ewing, Cindy Ricker
Back-Up Vocals: Marlice Kraemer, Marty Coates, Rick Gibson
Cover design and photography: Dill Beaty

MALACHIA     Go to Next band (Malcolm & Alwyn) Previous band (Mike Mahoney)
1 Red Sunrise (US 1987 Victoria VLP-002) M-/M- $50
Side 1Side 2
In Christ We Rock3:59PikeSightless Eyes3:07Pike
Red Sunrise3:51Heaven or Hell3:20Stewart
Lonely is the Night4:45Little/PikeMark of the Beast3:37Little/Pike/Stewart
Let it Go3:08Master's Call4:50Little/Pike
Produced by Ken Roberts
Executive Producer: Wayde Productions
Recording Engineer: Carl Lange
Recorded at: The Music Box, Hollywood, California
Mastered at K-Disc Studio, Hollywwod, California
Cover Design: Ken Roberts
Violin on "Master's Call": Paul Krause
Photography: Melinda Cogan
Steve "Chima" Ayola: Keyboards
Jeffrey James: Lead Guitar
Ken Pike: Vocals, Guitar
Wade A. Little: Bass Guitar
Dave Devaughn: Drums

MALCOLM & ALWYN     Go to Next artist (Jimmy Mamou) Previous artist (Mike Mahoney)
1 Fool's Wisdom (US 1973 Myrrh MST-6518-LP) M-/VG+ $15
Side 1Side 2
Say it Like it Is3:30Malcolm Wild/Alwyn WallHeaven or Hell3:46Malcolm Wild/Alwyn Wall
Fool's Wisdom3:04Seed of Corn2:57
Tomorrow's News3:30The World Needs Jesus3:38
Growing Old3:53Always on My Mind2:05
Things are Getting Better3:24It's Here the Answer Lies4:46
Recorded at Air London Studios.
Engineers: Jack Clegg/Denny Bridges.
String and woodwind arrangements: Chris Gunning
Guitar and vocals: Alwyn Wall.
Autoharp and vocals: Malcolm Wild.
Keyboards and percussion: Rod Edwards/Roger Hand.
Electric guitar: Mickey Keen.
Bass: John Wetton.
Drums: Clem Cattini.
Produced by Jon Miller, Rod Edwards, Roger Hand
A Triumvirate Production for Key Records, U.K.
See also: The Alwyn Wall Band

JIMMY MAMOU     Go to Next band (Maranatha Singers) Previous artist (Malcolm & Alwyn)
1 "I Am" He Said (US 1973 Inspiration ISLP 103) M-/VG+ $50
Side 1Side 2
I Am (He Said)4:48Jimmy MamouLet Us Pray (That the twinkling of an eye will come)2:10S. Heitxman & J. Mamou
Every Knee Shall Bow2:26Do You Believe in Jesus2:05Jimmy Mamou
Hold Me Jesus2:41Let The River Flow3:15
I Read The Bible2:46Let Me Stand Up For Jesus3:35
Detour Off That Road2:32Creation3:36
Executive Producer-Good News Outreach Inc. 1017 Kahili St., Kailua, Hawaii
Record Producers-Bob Swanson, Curt Chamberlain
Recording Producer-Evan Williams
Studio-United Audio, Santa Ana, Calif.
Engineer-Evan Williams
Instrumental Arrangers-by the Holy Spirit through Jimmy Mamou & Evan Williams
Special thanks to Roberts Studio for the photos.
Jimmy Mamou-Guitar, Tambourine, Maracas, Cabasa, Piano
Evan Williams-Guitar, Bass, Drums, Congas, piano, Organ, Cabasa, Maracas
Judy Barbar-Harpist
Mike Harrison & Martin Zavala-Violins
Dave Diggs-Drums
Pat Duffin-Synthesizer
Hank Quinn-Congas
Vocalists-"Heaven Bound" Janet Brown, Sheila Frush, Kerry Hedley
Additional Vocalists-Betty McMullen, Bob Swanson, Curt Chamberlain

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1 Praise II (US 1976 Maranatha! MM0026A) M-/M- gatefold $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Sing To The Father2:50Guy GrayServant Of All3:20Philip Floyd
Praise You Father4:15Jim StipechSing Hallelujah3:05Linda Stassen
Light Our Way3:32Tom CoomesMedley (O Come Let Us Adore Him/Thou Art Worthy)3:49Arr. M!M
Christ In Me3:31Gary GarciaOpen Our Eyes4:42Bob Cull
Unto Thee O Lord3:45Arr. Maranatha MusicMy Peace3:15Thank You Music
Produced by Tom Coomes
Orchestrated & Arranged by Bob Cull
Additional Arrangements by Jim Stipech-
"Unto Thee O Lord" and strings on "Christ In Me"
Mixed by Bill Schnee at Whitney's "B," Glendale
Mastered by Toby Foster at Kendrun Recorders, Burbank
Recorded at: Sunwest Recording Studios, Hollywood;
Buddy King's Huntington Beach; Martinsound, Alhambra;
& Mama Jo's, North Hollywood
Recording Engineers: Rick Donaldson, Buddy King, Jack Puig, Billy Taylor, Gil Weber & Gary Van Pelt
Album Design and Artwork by Neal Buchanan
Cover Photo Garo Nalbandian
Inside Photos Ray Westbrook, Neal Buchanan & Garo Nalbandian
Musicians & Singers
Bill Batstone, Steve Baxter, Virgil Beckham, Jeanie Bowman, Chuck Butler, Jerry Chamberlain, Tom Coomes, Bob Cull, Johanna Cutler, David Diggs, Mike Fay, Wendy Fremin, Chuck Fromm, Darrell Gardner, Bruce Herring, John Hilton, Tom Keene, Katie Kirkpatrick, Karen Lafferty, Alex MacDougall, Erick Nelson, Al Perkins, Ernie & Debbie Rettino, Linda Stassen, Russ & Marsha Stevens, Joy Strange, Tani & Michelle Takaoka, Terry Taylor, Mike & Becky Ugartechea, Bob Wall

2 Praise III (US 1979 Maranatha! MM0048A) M-/M- has inner sleeve $12
Side 1Side 2
We Have Come Into His House (Let's Forget About Ourselves)3:51B. BallingerBehold, Bless Ye the Lord1:56B. Probert
Humble Thyself in the Sight of the Lord/Lord Be Glorified3:10B. Hudson/B. KilpatrickJohn 3:162:30K. Lloyd
Behold What Manner of Love2:04P. Van TineFather I Believe in You2:17S. Anderson
Shepherd's Song2:50S. HauxhurstJesus, Name Above All Names2:55P. Cain & N. Hearn
Spirit Song3:31J. WimberHis Name is Jesus2:34J. Daniel
Wait on the Lord3:04B. Cull
We Must Wait (On the Lord)3:10R. Thomas
Produced by Tom Coomes
Orchestrated by Peter Jacobs
Arranged by the Maranatha! Singers and Peter Jacobs
Engineered by Chris Taylor, Dan Willard and Jonathan David Brown
Mixdown by Jonathan D. Brown
Recorded and mixed at Maranatha! Studios, Santa Ana, California
Mastered by Bernie Grundman at A & M Studios
Art Design, layout and graphics by Neal Buchanan
Photo by Larry Frowick

3 Praise Five/It's Time to Praise the Lord (US 1981 Maranatha! MM0076A) M-/M- has inner sleeve $12
Side 1Side 2
(Don't You Know) It's Time to Praise the Lord3:17B. & J. BornernanCall on the Lord2:17T. Coomes
As We Gather/The Steadfast Love of the Lord5:05M. Fay & T. CoomesThe More I Get to Know You (The More I Fall in Love)3:51H. Jacobs
A Shield About Me4:10D. Thomas & C. WilliamsI Believe in You4:27R. Thomas & G. Eckler
Jesus I Love You2:17M. ThompsonIn Moments Like These3:47D. Graham
Praise Song3:54J. WimberGlorify Thy Name4:25D. Adkins
Singers: Bob Buzbee, Tom Coomes, Jim Coulson, Marita Searle Faahs, Wendy Fremin, Diana Gluck, Bruce Herring, Cheryl Brandon LaRoche, Teresa Muller, Michele Pillar, Ernie Rettino, Harlan Rogers, Jack Searle, Kelly Willard Musicians Darrel Cook, Tom Coomes, Keith Edwards, Don Gerber, hadley Hockensmith, Alex MacDougall, John Phillips, Harlan Rogers, Ron Tutt

4 Best of Praise (US 1981 Maranatha! MM0083A) M-/M- has inner sleeve $12
Side 1Side 2
Seek Ye First2:45K. LaffertyWe Have Come Into His House (Let's Forget About Ourselves)3:51B. Ballinger
Lord Be Glorified3:10B. KirkpatrickOpen Our Eyes4:42B. Kull
Sing Hallelujah3:05L. StassenIn His Time4:20D. Ball
Spirit Song3:31J. WimberFather I Adore You2:31T. Coelho
I Want To Praise You Lord3:11R. Thomas & S. ScottI Love You Lord3:21L. Klein
The Sweetest Name of All3:02T. Coomes
Produced by Tom Coomes

MARIJOHN     Go to Next artist (Kenny Marks) Previous band (Maranatha! Singers)
1 Isn't It Wonderful! (US 1977 Word WST-8772) VG+/VG+ $12
Side 1Side 2
We Talk a Lot My Lord and I2:51Marijohn WilkenThank You Lord, for Creating Me2:36Marijohn Wilkin
Not Because He Died for Me3:16In Gethsemane Alone4:32
He Spent Most of His Life on the Cross2:52Isn't It Wonderful What God Can Do3:11
When We All Go Home3:44Until Thy Find You3:06
Heavenly Language of Love3:32I Felt the Holy Spirit Fall on Me3:16
Young Church Singers: Denise Griffith, Wanda Herron, Debbie Hall, Ginny Jorden, Sheldon Curry, Paul Smith, Dudley Blakeney, Bill McGraw
Produced by Charles F. Brown and Marijohn Wilken
Arranged and Conducted by Charles F. Brown
Recorded at House of Cash, hendersonville, TN
Engineer, Charlie Bragg
Sumet-Bernet Sound Studios
Engineer, Bob Sullivan
Rhythm: Jerry Smith, piano
Fred Carter & Leo Jackson, guitar
Steve Schaffer, bass
Kenny Malone, drums
We Talk a Lot-soloist, Bill McGraw
Most of His Life-soloist, Dudley Blakeney
Until They Find You-soloist, Dudley Blakeney
When We All Go Home-soloist, Marijohn Wilkin
In Gethsemane-soloist, Marijohn Wilkin and Bill McGraw
Thank You, Lord-soloist, Sheldon Curry
Photography, James Gross
Cover Design: Ronals E. Garman

KENNY MARKS     Go to Next artist (Tom Martel) Previous artist (Marijohn)
1 Attitude (US 1985 Dayspring 7-01-413601-1) M-/M- has innser sleeve $12
Side 1Side 2
Life After High School3:57Phil MaderiaThe Party's Over4:37Kenny Marks-Phil Madeira
Attitude2:53Kenny Marks-Pamela Marks-Phil MaderiaHeart Trouble4:28Tricia Walker-Tom Hemby
It Doesn't Hurt That Much4:51Kenny Marks-Phil MadeiraSoul Reviver4:33Kenny Marks-Pamela Marks-Tom Hemby
Hereos4:29Phil MadeiraFriends3:40Kenny Marks-Pamela Marks
It's a Good Thing3:33Kenny Marks-Pamela Marks
Drums: Chad Cromwell
Guitars: Dave Perkins, Greg Jennings, Jon Goin, Kenny Marks
Keyboards: Phil Naish, David Innis
Bass: Jimmie Lee
Background Vocals:
The Pom Pom Girls: Kim Boyce, Pamela Marks, Tricia Walker
The Locker Room Boys: Kenny Marks, Bubba Smith
Pete Carlson, Jimmie Lee, Marty McCall
The Contraband Horns
Sax Solo: Mark Douthit
Drum Machine: David Innis
Tambourine: Bubba Smith
Produced by Bubba Smith
Executive Producer/Neal Joseph
Recorded and Mixed by David Schober at Bullet Recording, Nashville, TN
Additional engineering by JB and Willie Pevear
Assistant engineers/Chris Hammond, Alan Henry
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, New York, NY
Cover Concept/Pamela Marks
Tattoo by World Famous Goldfinger
Photography/Scott Bonner, Ron Keith
Make-up/June Arnold
Art Direction/Kent Hunter, Thomas Ryan Design
The Contraband Horns are:
Cole Burgess-alto sax
Mike Haynes-first trumpet
Mike Holton-second trumpet
Sam Levine-baritone sax
Chris McDonald-trombone
Horns arranged by Chris McDonald

TOM MARTEL     Go to Next band (Matthews, Taylor and Johnson) Previous artist (Kenny Marks)
1 Hard Time Being God (US 1971 GWP Records ST 2036) VG+/VG gatefold $100
Side 1Side 2
Hard Job Being God5:19Tom MartelYou're On Your Own2:00Tom Martel
Moses' Song10:48A Psalm of Peace4:26
The Ten PlaguesI'm Countin' On You4:14
PassoverShalom! L'Chaim!5:20
Ruth5:54Amos Gonna Give You Hell
What Do I Have to Do?5:06
Reprise of Hard Time Being God
Producer: Andy Wiswell
Engineer: Ron Albert
Recorded at: Criteria Recording Studios
Arrangements: Tom Martel
Music Director: John O'Reilly
Cast: Dorothy Lerner, Tom Martel, Susie Watcher
The Mission: Jim Bieker, Jack Coyne, John O'Reilly, Tom Troxell, Joe Valentine, Bobby Wingo
Bobby Wingo: Drums
Jim Bieker: Organ and piano
Joe Valentine: Lead Guitar
Tom Martel: Guitar
John O'Reilly: Acoustic guitar
Tom Troxell: Bass Guitar
Jack Coyne: Percussion
Cover designed by Richard Lucik
Jacket Concept by Tomorrow Today

MATTHEWS, TAYLOR AND JOHNSON     Go to Next artist (Dave Mattson) Previous artist (Tom Martel)
1 Matthews, Taylor and Johnson (US 1976 Newpax) VG+/VG+ $15
Side 1Side 2
Something in Common3:46Randy Matthews, Danny Taylor and Mike JohnsonThis and That3:37Randy Matthews, Danny Taylor and Mike Johnson
Three Empty Vessels3:24I Praise You, I Thank You, I Love You4:01
The Gambler5:13Second Coming Sunset3:11
Don't Shake My Hand3:27It's Alright3:25
The Light Song (Keep it Burning)3:58Over There4:13
Don Sanders/Saxophone
Mike Johnson/Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Bass and Keyboards
Reggie Young/Lead Guitar Fills
Kenny Malone/Drums
Jack Williams/Bass
Shane Keister/Keyboards, Clavinet, Synthesizer
Farrell Morris/Percussion
Ron Oates/Keyboards
Steve Gibson/Guitar
Dale Sellers/Guitar
Danny Taylor/Vocal
Randy Matthews/Vocal
Billy Sanford/Guitar
Steve Schaffer/Bass
Mike Johnson/Electric Rhythm Guitar
Bobby Thompson/Banjo
Bobby Daniels/Drums
Produced by Bob Mackenzie and Randy Matthews
Art Direction and Design by Michael Harris
Phootgraphy by Michael G. Borum
Recorded at Sound Stage Studio, Nashville, Tennessee
Engineers/Warren Peterson and Tommy Semmes
Remixed at Sound Stage Studio, Nashville, Tennessee
Engineer/Warren Peterson
and Columbia Studio, Nashville, Tenessee
Engineer/Ronnie Reynolds

DAVE MATTSON     Go to Next artist (Alan McGill) Previous band (Matthews, Taylor and Johnson)
1 Lead Me Home (US 1978 Myrrh MSB-6611) M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Claudia's Hour2:28Dave MattsonTexas Love Song2:53Dave Mattson
Look to the Cross2:45Holly Lake4:22
Fourth of December4:26Jesus Lifts Me Up2:37
Open My Eyes2:09Tonight2:25
Never Understood4:15In the Air3:16
Dave Mattson: Acoustic Guitars and Lead Vocals
Peter Johnson: Drums
David Coy: Bass
Jon Linn: Lead Guitar
Dave Parlotto: Bass
Trevor Veach: Guitar, Mandi Cello
Bill Hoppe: String Synthesizer
John Joyce, Cindy Bullens, Billy Merritt and Larry Norman: Background Vocals
Tom Howard: Piano, Fender Rhodes
Album design and Photography by ETC.
Produced and Arranged by Fault Line Productions

John Joyce and Cindy Bullens appear Courtesy of Elton John and MCA Records
Trevor Veach appears Courtesy of Don McLean and Arista Records
Billy Merritt appears Courtesy of Carly Simon and Electra Records
Larry Norman, Jon Linn and Tom Howard appear from Solid Rock Records with love

ALAN MCGILL     Go to Next artist (Lewis McVay) Previous artist (Dave Mattson)
1 In Person (US 19?? Sacred LPS-4012) VG+/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Burdens are Lifter at Calvary??MooreConstantly??McGill
God Will Take Care of YouTullerI'm His to CommandKerr
The Saviour is WaitingCarmichaelJesus is the Sweetest Name I KnowL. Long
Jesus Paid it AllHall-GrapeThe Unveiled ChristN. B. Herrell
Longing for JesusBakerTen Thousand AngelsR. Overholt
Lead Me Gently HomeThompsonMay the Good Lord Bless You and Keep You??
A Ralph Carmichael Background Cover Photo by Robert A. Bolen

BARRY MCGUIRE     Go to Next artist (Lewis McVay) Previous artist (Alan McGill)
1 Seeds (US 1973 Myrrh MST-6519-LP) VG+/VG+ has the insert $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
To Know Love3:17PattonLear Jets/Father's Son6:05McGuire-Shubin
Last Daze Waltz3:15Love Is3:54McGuire-Buttram
Peace4:05Hart-DavisRailroad Man4:40McGuire-Patton
Enter In5:35Buttram-Herring-McGuireUse the Crosswalk2:30Herring
David and Goliath3:00DeasyShauna's Song4:05Smurr-McGuire
Bass-Joe Osborn
Drums-Jim Gordon/David Kemper
Keyboards-Mike Omartian/Larry Knechtel/Howard McCrary
Guitars-Mike Deasy/Ben Benay/Dean Parks
Voices-The 2nd Chapter of Acts
Saxes-Jim Horn/Don Menza
Trumpets-Chuck Findley/Ollie Mitchell
Trombone-Dick Hyde
Harp-Ben Benay
Guitar Solos-Mike Daesy
Sax Solos-Jim Horn
String & Horn Arrangements-Mike Omartian
Engineers-Buck Herring/Wally Duguid
Recorded and mixed at Sunwest Studio A, Hollywood
Produced by Buck Herring

LEWIS MCVAY     Go to Next artist (Sister Janet Mead) Previous artist (Barry McGuire)
1 Spirit of St. Lewis (US 1978 Maranatha! 77-041) VG+/M- has the insert $12
Side 1Side 2
Time3:26Lewis McVayLost but Not Forgotten3:27Lewis McVay
Rindin' in the Wind3:48How Long?4:30
Any Day5:28Oh Lord4:07
Water3:04With You3:15
Somebody3:52Sit Down5:40
Drums: Mike Fickling
Bass: Darrell Cook
Keyboards: Phil Kristiansen
Electric Guitar: Tony Sena
Electric and Acoustic Guitar: Joe Cadrecha
Acoustic Guitar: Don Gerber
Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar: Lewis McVay
Mandolin/Violin: Fred Fields
Saxophone & Flute: John Yoakum
Pullstring Guitar: Al Perkins
Background Vocals: Sherlie Matthews, Venetta Fields, Bili Thedford, Kelly Willard & Virgil Beckham
Handclaps: Steve Berchtold & Lewis McVay
Syn Drums: Dennis Holt
Engineer: Jonathan D. Brown
Producer: John Pantry
Recorded at: United Western Studios, North Hollywood
Sound Castle Studios, North Hollywood
Maranatha! Studios, Santa Ana
Art Direction: Ric Griffin
Art: Kernie Erickson
Production: Neal Buchanan
Cover and Insert Shot: Larry Frowick

SISTER JANET MEAD     Go to Next artist (Ken Medema) Previous artist (Lewis McVay)
1 The Lord's Prayer (US 1974 A&M SP 3639) M-/M- $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
The Ten Commandments2:48Ursula HicksLamb of God2:56Sister Janet Mead/Theo Van Der Sman
With You I Am2:42Arnold StralsKeep Me Safe1:49Theo Van Der Sman
Gloria2:15Sister Janet MeadThe Earth is Filled2:46Arnold Strals
Father I Put My Life in Your Hands3:32Arnold StralsHold On2:47Kay Stringer
Take My Hand1:54Ursula HicksGod My God2:29Arnold Strals
The Lord's Prayer2:42Arnold StralsHe Is King4:49Arnold Strals and Richard Moore
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Martin B. Erdman
Arrangements and Music Direction by Les Sanda
Creative Director: Noel W. Brown
The Musicians:
The "Rocking" Rhythm Section:
Derek Fairbrass - Drums, Congas
John Sangster - Percussion
Ned Sutherland - Guitars
George Thompson - Bass guitar
Barrie Heidenreich - Keyboards
Trumpets and Flugel Horns: Jack Iversen, Ron Falson, Lloyd Adamson
Trombones: Peter Haslam, Bob McIvor, Ron Spillett
Woodwinds: Errol Buddle, Bob Chalker, Len Mulley, Dave Rutledge, Tom Sparkes
Violins: Gordon Bennett, Geza Bachmann, John Lyle, Nancy Clements, Janet Harvey, Phillip Hartl, Klara Korda, Sara Solan, Brecon Carter, Juliette Levy, Eva Kelly
Violas: John Gould, Ceska Baret, Franco Dal Santo, Joy Lee, Les Crockford, Frank Coe
Cellos: Lal Kuring, Barbara Woolley, Nathan Waks, Barbara Yelland
Background Vocals:
Girls: Claire Poole, Kerrie Biddle, Sue Bracken, Katrina Southwell, Gaye MacFarlane, Annette Terrill, Betty Lys, Jeanette Freeman
Boys: Joe Andre, Peter Brandon, Rod Dunbar, Peter Flanagan, Ken Holland, Robert Mitchell, Peter Tucker
Art Direction: Roland Young
Front Cover Illustration: Sonia Weiss
Back Cover Photograhy: Vic Grimmett
Album Design: Chuck Beeson
Recorded in Sydney, Australia, at Festival's "Studio 24."
This album is the first completed in the new "Studio 24" control room and studio facilities of Festival Records, April, 1974. Focal point of the installation being a Neve Customised Model 8038 24-track mixing console having 28 microphone inputs and simultaneous quadraphonic, stereophonic and monophonic mix-down. An M.C.I. Model JH-24 multi-track Recorder with autolocator and noise gating is complemented by a Dolby M-24 Noise Reduction System for the recording Medium
Barry Nagel: Chief Engineer/Electronics

KEN MEDEMA     Go to Next artist (David Meece) Previous artist (Sister Janet Mead)
1 Sunday Afternoon (US 1982 GlorySound NM-5001) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Sunday Afternoon6:24Ken MedemaThere's a Turning4:54Ken Medema
I Will Arise and Go To Jesus3:08Arr. Ken MedemaBalm in Gilead3:59Arr. Ken Medema
Lead, Kindly Light5:32Down at the Cross4:08
On Jordan's Stormy Banks3:58Wondrous Love7:06
This World is Not My Home3:28I Need Thee Every Hour/Sunday Afternoon2:51Ken Medema
Produced by Charles F. Brown
Recorded at United Western Studios, Hollywood, on November 30 and December 1, 1981 (Jerry Barnes, engineer; David Glover, second engineer)
Mastered at Woodland Mastering, Nashville (Hank Williams, engineer)
Cover Design and Photography by Tom Butler, San Francisco

DAVID MEECE     Go to Next artist (John Mehler) Previous artist (Ken Medema)
1 Front Row (US 1982 Myrrh MSB-6676) M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Heaven Knows2:35Harvey Price-Dan WalshGospel Train3:05David Meece
Jesus4:31David MeeceComin' Back3:12
Rattle Me, Shake Me4:30HoneytreeCrucifixion: There Once Lived a Man15:56
Mother, Muffler, Mozart and The Beatles6:28Mozart/Meece/Lennon-McCartneyIntermezzo
All the Time4:14David MeeceTen Thousand AngelsRay Overholt
Never Gonna Serve Anyone Else But You2:40The BystanderDavid Meece
Were You There
We Are the Reason
Produced by Brown Bannister
Executive Producer/Michael Blanton
Engineer/Jack Joseph Puig
Remix Engineer/Bob Clark
Recorded by Malcolm Harper of Reelsound Recordings, Austin, Texas
Recorded live at Lincoln Center in Ft. Collins, Colorado
Remixed at Great Circle Sound Studio in Nashville, Tennessee
The Band:
Acoustic piano/David Meece
Keyboards and synthesizers/Shane Keister
Drums/Keith Edwards
Guitar/Brent Rowan
Bass/Craig Nelson
Background vocals/Donna McElroy, Kim Flemming, Glenda Smith White
Photography/Larry Dixon
Album design/arnes & Company

Additional Musicians:
Guitar/Jon Goin
Percussion/Mark Morris, Farrell Morris
Horns/The Nashville Hornworks: George Tidwell, Billy Puett, Buddy Skipper, Roger Bissell, Dennis Solee

JOHN MEHLER     Go to Next band (John Mehler & Kenneth Nash) Previous artist (David Meece)
1 Bow & Arrow (US 1982 A & S AS0003A) VG+/VG+ has inner sleeve $15
Side 1Side 2
Trust in the Lord3:57J. Mehler/B. BatstoneAlright4:08J. Mehler/L. Mehler/B. Batstone
Just Like You2:55Little Drummer Boy4:00K.K. Davis/J. Onorati/H. Simeone
His Love for You5:19The Seventh Seal2:32J. Mehler/B. Batstone
Bow and Arrow3:39My Strength4:10J. Mehler
Be Strong in the Lord5:55
John Mehler - Drums-Lead Vocal-Keys-Percussion
Randy Mitchell - Guitar
Bill Batstone - Bass
Phil Keaggy - Lead Guitar
John Vestman - Background Vocal-Percussion-Electric hand claps-Violin-Guitar
Executive Producer - Chuck Smith
Produced by - John Mehler
Co-Produced by - John Vestman
All arrangements - Mehler/Batstone
Engineered by - John Vestman Trianon Studios North Long Beach, CA
Drum Solo & Vocals on "My Strength" & "Alright" recorded at "The Mighty Pirema" by Bill Cobb - Camarillo, CA
Mastered by Dan Willard & Steve Hall at MCA Whitney
Mixed at Trianon by: John Vestman
Album design - John Mehler
Artwork - Sally Jo Withron

JOHN MEHLER & KENNETH NASH     Go to Next artist (Jack Miffleton) Previous artist (John Mehler)
1 Light the Night (US 1984 A & S Jazz spcn-7-100-91882-0) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
humble thyself in the sight of the Lord6:04B. HudsonI love You, Lord5:06L. Klein
(don't you know) it's time to praise the Lord3:37B. and J. Bornemanthe Lord reigns*6:52R. Founds and T. Collins
You are my hiding place5:12M. Lednerproverbs 315:35W. Brasel
psalm 42 (longing for you)3:24W. Brasela shield about me5:26D. Thomas and C. Williams
praise to the Lord, the Almighty*2:46J. Neander
produced by John Mehler and Kenneth Nash
arranged by Wayne Brasel
John Mehler / drums
Kenneth Nash / percussion
Wayne Brasel / gibson "chet atkins" guitar and electric guitars
John Patitucci / bass
additional players:
David Coy / bass on "a shield about me"
rich girard / bass on "praise to the Lord" and "the Lord reigns"
Cal Lewiston / flugelhorn on "proverbs 31"
Frank Martin / synthesizers
Peter Maunu / electric guitars on "(don't you know)," and solo on "proverbs 31"
Andy Narell / steel drums, acoustic piano
louis Pardini / fender rhodes
Starr Parodi / fender rhodes on "the Lord reigns" and "praise to the Lord"
Larry Schneider / tenor and soprano sax
David Siebels / fender rhodes on "psalm 42" and "i love You, Lord," synthesizer on "psalm 42"
basic tracks recorded at poiema studios (Bill Cobb / engineer)
and trianon studios * (John Vestman / engineer).
overdubs recorded at nash studios
(Andy Narrell, Ken Nash, and Mike Hersh / engineers).
mix down / nash studios, oakland, ca.

art direction / Alex Macdougall
design and layout / Gary Delacy
photography / E. Streichan
courtesy shostal associates
See also: Erquiaga/Brasel/Nash

MESSIAH PROPHET BAND     Go to Next artist (Jack Miffleton) Previous band (John Mehler/Kenneth Nash)
1 Rock the Flock (US 1984 Morada MZS 254) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
Rock the Flock??Dean Pellman/Charlie ClarkTo the Rock??Dean Pellman
Labor of LoveAndy StraussAnswer Our Call
Try to UnderstandRiding Out the Storm
Trave the Rough RoadSingAndy Strauss
Why Must You RunAndy Strauss & Charlie Clark
Recorded and mixed at Wintergreen Studios, Hershey, PA
Engineered by Cedric Winters
Produced by Jim Zimmerman and Messiah Prophet Band
Cover Art by Jack (Mr. Fleegle) Althouse
Messiah Prophet Band is:
Charlie Clark - Lead Vocals
Andy Strauss - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Dave Daubert - Drums, Vocals
Rob Clark - Rhythm, Lead Guitar, Vocals
Dean Pellman - Bass, Vocals
Jim Zimmerman - Manager, Galactic Starship Cruiser Repairman
Jammin' Jeff Brandt - Sound Technician
Lori Pellman - Light Technician, Secretary
Bev Daubert abd Deb Zimmerman - Sales Coordinators
Cover by Bev Lacy, Little House Graphics
Production Director - Teresa Dodson-Baskin

JACK MIFFLETON     Go to Next artist (Walt Mills) Previous artist (John Mehler)
1 Drylands (US 1978 World Library FR-7711) M-/M- $20
Side 1Side 2
Drylands2:42Jack MiffletonWe Are the People1:15Jack Miffleton
With Glad Rejoicing2:26Canta Aleluya2:15
Kindness2:50Song of Suffering and Praise2:15
Follow the Saving Voice of Yahweh1:45I Reach Out for You, Lord2:14
Give Glory2:36Spirit of Love2:36
Let Us Rejoice1:29Come, Lord of Life4:00
Arrangements: Alan Moore
Vocalists: Skip Sanders
Bach-up Singers: Rita Figlio, Sudie Baker, Alan Moore
Guitar: Peter Bordonali
Piano: Tony Migliore
Flute, Soprano Saxophone, Clarinet: Billy Puett
Violins: Chris Teal, Steve Smith
Viola: Kathryn Plummer
Cello: Dave Vanderkooi
Trumpet: John Komrada
Trombone: Wayne Musselwhite
Saxophone: Alan Moore
Bass: Ralph Childs
Drums: Jerry Kroon
Percussion: Terry McMillan
Recording Engineer: Ronnie Gant
Music City Workshop Production: Mike Figlio, Producer
Executive Producers: Dorine Kaps, David Island
Editor: Patricia Berkemeyer
Advisor: Jack Miffleton
Recorded at Acuff-Rose Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Cover photo: Jack McAward
Cover design: E. Pierre Wooten

WALT MILLS     Go to Next artist (Len Mink) Previous artist (Jack Miffleton)
1 Peace (US 1976 Word WST-8722) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
Peace4:20J. J. ZacharyHarvest John3:44Walt Woodward
A Touch Of His Love3:36Ann BallardJust in Time3:44Dottie Rambo
Love Held My Savior (To The Tree)3:50Walt MillsHe Loves You4:39Walt Mills
Where I'm Going3:14Marijohn WilkinShattered Dreams3:35Walt Mills/J. L. Peterson
It Wouldn't Be Enough3:24Don AldridgeI Wonder If The Angels Could use Another Singer2:50Dottie Rambo
Produced by J. Aaron Brown
Keyboards/Shane Keister, Bobby Emmons and Bergen White
Guitars/Joe Huffman and Reggie Young
Drums/Kenneth Malone
Bass: Jack Williams
Percussion/Farrell Morris
Harp/Cindy Reynolds
Horns/Eberhard Rann
Strings/The Shelly Kurland Strings
Vocals/Janie Fricke, Sherilyn Kramer and Bergen White
Arrangements by Bergen White
Recorded at Creative Workshop, Nashville, Tennessee
Engineer/Brent Maher
Art Direction and Design by Indian Ink
Photography by Michael G. Borum

LEN MINK     Go to Next band (Monks of Weston Priory) Previous artist (Walt Mills)
1 Jesus, Son of God (US 1974? John Hall LST 7475) M-/VG $20
Side 1Side 2
Jesus Made Me Higher3:05OmartianHis Love3:40Mink
Rise And Be Healed3:21BourgeoisFront Seat, Back Seat2:41Croomes/Girard
Have You Heard2:24MinkMy Friend3:58Mink
Jesus, I'm An Open Book4:00HolmMy Name is Jesus3:37
Holy Holy4:40OwenOne Day Too Late4:07Wolfe
Recorded At: Rainbow Sound, Inc. Dallas, Texas 75207
Arrangers: Len Mink, Lari Goss
Keyboard: Lari Goss
Rhythm Guitar: James Goss
Bass: Roni Goss
Percussion: Dale Cook
Lead, Steel Guitars: Tom Morrell
Vocal Background: Lari, James, Roni Goss and Sue Chenault Dodge
String Arrangements: Marvin Montgomery
Executive Producer: "Big" John Hall
Producer: james Goss
Engineers: Bob Cline, Jim Grier
Inspiration: Holy Spirit
Special Thanks to: Nick Clooney
Deepest Love and Appreciation to my wife, Cathy
Photo by Bill Woods, hamilton, Ohio

MONKS OF WESTON PRIORY     Go to Next band (New Hope Quartet) Previous artist (Jack Miffleton)
1 Wherever You Go (US 1972 Benedictine Fdn XPL-1035) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Happiness3:00Gergory Norbet, O.S.B.Anything Happens3:20Gregory Norbet, O.S.B.
Unless a Man2:32If Anyone Loves Me1:35
The Dove Song3:10O Lord, Be Not Far3:52
Father, If This Cup2:50A Light Has Shown2:25
Walk in the Shoes4:10Wherever You Go4:25
To the Friends of the Community:
John Quinn: Engineering
Paul Philliber, O.P.: Direction, Flute, Organ
Peter Williams: Bass Guitar
Barvara Carden: Cello
Clinton Howard: French Horn
Sonja Bullaty and Angelo Lomeo: Photography
Frank Urrutia: Album Design
To the Brothers of the Community:
Brother Gregory: Composer, director, soloist; guitar, harpsicord
Brother Augustine: Guitar
Brother John: Direction
Brothers Thomas & John: Background Vocals
Produced by: Weston Priory Productions, Weston, Vermont 05161

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