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1 Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled (US 19?? Rite 39143) VG+/VG+ $50
Side 1Side 2
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled2:22Dave CheeksJesus is Sure Alright3:37Art Reynolds
Start Your Life Again3:00Bill TraylorI've Been Sealed2:13Dana Angle
Give Them All to Jesus2:55Phil JohnsonMedley2:50Traditional
Let Him Be There2:40John RostillThe Lord is Coming Back3:00Billy McDonald
The Lullaby Song2:25Debbie BergerFront Seat, Back Seat3:00Chuck Girard
Hallelujah Brother3:40Randy Matthews
Vocals: Pam Lasley, Tricia Link, Lynn Kersey, Judy Leslie, Jeff Kersey, Dave Cheeks, Phil Hogg
Guitar: Dave Cheeks, Tricia Link
Electric Bass: Phil Hogg
Drums: Phil Hogg
Piano, Organ, Clavinet, Electric Piano, String Synthesizer: Jonathon Baldwin
All Arrangements: Faith Incorporated
Art work and cover desigh: Cary Wills
Recorded in Rite Record Studio
Recording Engineer-Pil Burkhardt
Producer-Dan Burton

THE FAMILY     Go to Next band (Fireworks) Previous artist (Faith Inc.)
1 Fresh Fruit (US 1975 Manna Fest 7001) M-/M- $50
Side 1Side 2
Family's All Together2:57MosleyTemple Song3:59Garrett
All3:15ReaThe Lord Is Blessing Me2:31Traditional
Jesus Be A Fence1:04TraditionalI Must Seek Him2:05Mosely
Hey You2:14MoselyWorship3:48Girard/Skilling
Two Roads5:15Stipe/ButlerTeach Us Dear Lord3:27Patterson
Steve Johnson
Max Hatfield
Marcus Mosely
Ed & Rae Lynn Rea
Steve Greisen
Special Thanks:
Jim Clark, Bass
Ken Slater, photo
Lee Carrol, Studio West, San Diego, Calif.

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1 The Bible: A Rock Testament (US 1977 Polydor PD-2-9301) M-/M-/VG+ wlp, gatefold, has the booklet $30
Side 1 - "Old Testament"Side 2 - "Old Testament"
The Greatest Story3:21Fridley-McClellandBeyond the Years2:28McClurg-Rugely
The Garden of Love2:27Allen-MartinThe Land Across the River3:12Allen-McClelland
Cain & Abel3:35Pizzuto-PizzutoLove Will Grow1:41McClurg-Martin
Noah2:26McClurg-AllenPerfect Man4:34Fogarty-Fogarty
Father of Faith4:10Fridley-McClellandShepherd Boy1:53Fridley-Allen
They've Got to be Free4:45McClelland-FridleyI Will Not Fear2:19Trudel-Rugely
The Commandments2:58McClurg-AllenAll is Vanity2:53Rugely-Martin
Prophet of Doom2:23Fridley-Allen
Opening the Book3:10Pizzuto-McClelland
Side 3 - "Old Testament"/"New Testament"Side 4 - "New Testament"
Build it Again1:50McClurg-MartinLaw of Love2:48McClurg-Rugely
I Can Hardly Wait for the Day3:55Fridley-MartinI Hope You Know2:07Fridley-Pizzuto
There is Born a Child3:37McClurg-AllenLet Not Your Heart Be Troubled3:06Fridley-Martin
Change Your Ways3:41Rugely-RugelyWhat Did He Do To You?2:04McClurg-McClelland
Come and Follow Me3:18Pizzuto-RugelyThy Will Be Done3:46Pizzuto-McClelland
Words from the Mountain3:01Pizzuto-TrudelIt Is Finished3:58Fridley-Allen
Born Again4:25Pizzuto-MartinHe is Risen/Tell the Whole World3:39Martin-McClelland
Sung by: Kirk, Jonas, Windy, Micah, Michael, Simon, Joan, Jeremiah
With Special Guest Appearances by Jeane Manson and Demis Roussos
Arrangements: Paul Buckmaster: 2-4-5-6-23-24-25-28-29-30, Martyn Ford: 1-9-11-15-16-17-20-22-26-27, Nick Harrison: 3-7-8-10-12-13-14-18-19-21.
The "Martyn Ford Orchestra," leaders: Richard Studt and Gavyn Wright, conducted by Martyn Ford and Paul Buckmaster.
Rhythm Track Musicians:
Ray Russel: acoustic and electric guitar Hugh Burns: acoustic and electric guitar Ann Odell: grand piano, clavinet Tony Hymas: grand piano, clavinet, rhodesfender and hammond organ Scott McClurg: grand piano Paul Buckmaster: synthesizer Francis Monkman: synthesizer Paul Westwood: bass guitar
Doni Harvey: bass guitar Dave Marquee: bass guitar Alan Jones: bass guitar Simon Phillips: drums Barry de Souza: drums Brother James: congas Ray Cooper: congas, tambourines Morris Pert: tambourines, tympani, shakers, cabaza, zulu bells, cowbells, tubular bells, bell tree, vibraphone, crotales, wind chimes Graham Prescett: solo violin John Marson: harp
Color illustrations by: Andrzej Malinowski
Libretto illustrations by: George Mizrany, Etiene Morel Eman
Recorded at: Trident and Air Studios-London
Engineered by: Jerry Smith
Produced by: Paul Buckmaster and Martyn Ford
Arranged by Paul Buckmaster, Martyn Ford, Nick Harrison
with The Martyn Ford Orchestra
Art Director: Raymond Chevalier/Studio RC
Photographer: Gene Fenn
Executive Producer: Andre Djaoui

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1 Live Fireworks (US 1980 Songbird MCA-3248) M-/M- has the insert $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Rescued3:25Marty McCall-Jerry GastonToll Free3:25Marty McCall-Jerry Gaston-Lanny Avery
Listen4:30Marty McCallGood Thing3:09Marty McCall
Target Practice2:48Marty McCall-Jerry GastonRusty Burdens3:31
Someone's Got a Hold of Me3:30Marty McCallIt All Comes Down to You3:37
Ready for the Rest of You3:46
Marty McCall: Lead vocals, Yamaha Electric Grand Piano, percussion
Lanny Avery: Drums, percussion, sound engineer
Jerry Gaston: Electric guitar, vocal harmonies
Bob Sinkovic: Bass guitar
Produced by Fireworks for Chris Christian Productions
Executive Producer: Chris Christian
Recorded live at The Lord's Chapel by Fanta Professional Services, Nashville, Tn.
Art Direction: Kathe Schreyer
Hand Lettering: Vartan
Photography: Ed Simpson
Design: Ron Brant/Stan Evenson Design Inc.

2 Sightseeing at Night (US 1982 MCA MCR-5022) M-/M- has both inserts $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
I Got News For You3:04Marty McCall-Jerry GastonHonorable Man2:43Marty McCall
Because I Care3:19Marty McCallConfrontation3:42
Don't Let the Sun Go Down3:52Braodway Mary3:17
Back in Business3:18Marty McCall-Jerry GastonNo Strings2:43Marty McCall-Jerry Gaston
Sightseeing at Night4:13Marty McCallIncognito5:29Marty McCall
Marty McCall-Vocals, Acoustic Piano, Profit V
Jerry Gaston-Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Dave Kurfman-Bass Guitar
Louie Weaver-Drums
Richard Cann-Guitar "Sightseeing At Night" and "Incognito"
Produced by Marty McCall and Jerry Gaston for Chris Christian Productions
Co-Produced and Engineered by Mark Richardson
Assistant Engineer, Greg Webster
Project Management by Wes Yoder and Tom Willett
Recorded at the Gold Mine, Brentwood, TN
Mixed at the Music Mill, Nashville, TN
Mastered at Randy's Roost by Randy Kling, Nashville, TN
Cover Illustration: Marilyn Montgomery
Design: Georgopoulos/Imada Design
Art Direction: George Osaki
Liner Photo: Norman Benson

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1 Rock of Offense (US 1984 Exit SPCN 7-01-000906-6) M-/M- has inner sleeve $12
Side 1Side 2
Your Love4:06John Delaney-Pat BoylanOut of Control3:01Pat Boylan
Money3:36Pat BoylanSlow Poison5:38Tim Larkin
Loneliness Kills3:40Tim LarkinDirty Loving3:24
Prisoner3:23Hurt By Love2:59Pat Boylan
I Want You3:51Pat BoylanHard Times3:19Pat Boylan-Tim Larkin-John Delaney-Chris Salmon
First Strike is:
Tony Gunn - Vocals
Tim Larkin - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Pat Boylan - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Chris Salmon - Bassist
Johnnie Delaney - Drums
Michael Roe - Producer
Steve Griffith - Assistant Producer/Engineer
Daryl Zachman - Engineer
Jan Eric Volz - Executive Coordinator
Mark Swanson - Artist
Dave Howard - Photographer
Mary Neely -Executive Producer
Recorded at - Sangre Studios/Sacramento Sept. '83 - Aug. '84
Mixed at - Salty Dog/Van Nuys
Mastered at - K-Disc/Hollywood by John Golden
Backing vocals - Michael Roe, Steve Griffith, Jan Eric Volz

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1 Still Life (US 1974 Light LS-5645-LP) M-/VG+ gatefold $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Still Life2:04John FischerMatthew's Blues4:40John Fischer
Open Your Heart4:17Brightest and Best2:46
Simple Pleasures3:24All Day Song4:00
Setting of the Sun4:01We Are All Together3:41
I'm Human4:02Rest in Him2:26
piano: John Fischer, Mike O'Martian
electric guitar: Louie Shelton, Dean Parks, Dennis Budimir
accoustic guitar: Dean Parks, John Fisher, Dennis Budimir
bass: Reine Press
drums: Ron Tuff
violin solo: Sid Sharp
backgroud vocals: Dan Collins, Walt Harrah, Melba Caster, Pam Mark
Fender rhodes: Mike O'Martian
organ: Clark Gassman
mandolin: Dennis Budimir
Producers: John Fischer and Dan Collins
Instrumental Arrangements: Clark Gassman
Vocal Arrangements: Dan Collins
Engineer: Keith Olson
Assistant Engineer: Steve Escallier
Concept and Photography: Photographic Alliance
Cover Design: Harry Smallwood
Cover and Liner Art: Christian Brothers Visual Communications

2 Naphtali (US 1976 Light LS-5693) M-/M- $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Naphtali6:40John FischerAngel's Song3:39Fischer
We Are All His Workmanship3:54Mary and Joseph4:27Mark
Don't Veil the Door3:39Song for the Good Times3:46Fischer
Work Out the Life2:53Live in the Power4:58
Naphtali, Arise2:56Arise, My Beloved4:10
Keyboards: John Fischer, Clark Gassman, Joe Sample
Guitars: John Fischer, Jay Graydon, Dean Parks
Steel Guitar: Al Perkins
Bass: Reine Press
Drums: Hal Blaine, Ron Tutt
Percussion: Joe Piccaro
Vocal Backgrounds: Dan Collins, Walt Harrah
Arrangements: Clark Gassman
Producer: Dan Collins
Cover Art & Design: Jim Lamb (Christian Brothers Visual Communication)
Engineer: Jerry Barnes
Recorded at United Western Studios, Hollywood, Ca.

Special thanks to my wife who has helped show me the true meaning of Naphtali.
"Mary & Joseph" was written and sung by Pam Mark Hall

3 Johnny's Cafe AUTOGRAPHED (US 1978 Light LS-5757) M-/VG autographed by John Fischer, has insert $35
Side 1Side 2
Johnny's Cafe4:10John FischerPawn in the Game3:36Fischer
One Lane Road4:02Right on Time3:05
Nothin' in This World3:32Hard Line3:55
Circle of Blessing3:50Blessed3:12
Talking Faces4:15Midnight on Main Street3:30
Arranged by Clark Gssman
Produced by Dan Collins

Background vocals: Dan Collins, John Fischer
Bass: Leon Gaer
Drums: Paul Leim, David Kemper
Keyboards: Clark Gassman
Guitars: Tim May, Dan Fergusen, Tom Rotella, Rick Vito
Percussion: Steve Foreman
Sax Solo: Don Menza
Special effects: Sennheiser Vocoder
Recorded and mixed at Martinsound
Sound Engineer: Jack Puig
Cover concept and photography: Ron Anderson
Cover art: Thel Eichmann

Special thanks to everyone at Johnny's

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1 Happy in His Love (US 1973 Century USR 6386) M-/M- $20
Side 1Side 2
Jesus is Coming Soon??WinsettHow Great Thou Art??Hine
The LighthouseHinsonI KnowTripp
Daddy Sang BassPerkinsBridge Over Troubled WaterSimon
Why Me?KristofersonWhen Fair HeavenEnloe
Sheltered in the ArmsRambo & DavisAsk, Seek, and Knock
He Never Changes (The Teenage Song)EnloeThe King is ComingGaither
Greg Huskey: lead
Rod Huskey: drums, baritone
Dean Wellensiek: piano
John Backus II: tenor
Robert Niedermeyer: bass

JOHN FOLEY     Go to Next band (Forerunner) Previous band (The Fishermen)
1 Wood Hath Hope (US 1978 Custom JF78) M-/M- $10
Side 1Side 2
Son of David3:45John Foley, S.J.Wood Hath Hope2:20John Foley, S.J.
Mighty Lord3:20This is the Day2:15
One Bread, One Body4:25The Cry of the Poor3:15
Our Help is from the Lord1:45Flowers Still Grow There3:00
Come to the Water5:15I Rejoiced When I Heard Them Say3:10
Glory to God4:10
The Bach and Madrigal Society, Daniel Durand, director
Members of the Arizona State University Newman Center: Tom Burba, Michele Bush, David Forsyth, Ana Gonzolez, Jeff Hubbard, Craig Joyce, Gloria Junker, Val Martino, Tom Pendergast, Jr., Kim Smith
Special thanks to: Parishoners and Fr. Emmett Fitzpatrick at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Community
Jim Simmons, electric bass
Dennis Alexander, electric bass on One Bread, One Body
Joe Corral, flute on Our Help is From the Lord
Kim Youngblood, oboe
Mervin Britton, percussion
Bob Dufford, S.J., finger snaps
Tim Manion, lead guitar and rhythm guitar
Roc O'Connor, S.J., 12 string guitar
John Foley, S.J., rhythm guitar, 12 string guitar, piano
Bob Dufford, S.J., Tim Manion, Dan Schutte, S.J., Ken McKenna, vocal harmonies
Don Ralke, string conductor

All songs arranged by John Foley, except: Glory to God and Our Help is From the Lord arranged by Bob Dufford

Recorded at Pantheon Studios, Scottsdale, Arizona, Dennis Alexander, recording engineer; John Foley and Dennis Alexander, mixdown
Strings recorded at Goldstar Recording Studios, Hollywood, California, Stan Ross, engineer
Choir recorded at Blessed Sacrament, Phoenix, Jeff Nelson, remote engineer
Mastered at Wakefield Mfg., Phoenix, John Bittner, mastering engineer
Production Assistance, Erich Sylvester
Produced by John Foley, S.J.

FORERUNNER     Go to Next artist (Rick Foster) Previous artist (John Foley)
1 [a.k.a] (US 1984 Refuge RO3864) M-/M- has the insert $12
Side 1Side 2
Jesus is Saviour3:39John Lawry/James Isaac ElliotNowhere to Run2:55George Cocchini/James Isaac Elliot
Faith Walk4:02Phil Elliot/John Lawry/James Isaac ElliotRiver of Life4:41Paul Brannon
Hard Times3:47Paul Brannon/Fred LewisHold On3:15John Lawry
Victory3:57John Lawry/James Isaac ElliotWords of the Wise4:00George Cocchini/Tom Douglas
ALBOLA (A Little Bit of L.A.)3:42Tim Smith/Roddy Smith
Bass: Tim Smith, Paul Brannon, Gorge Cocchini
Drums: Joe English, Mike Feller
Keyboards: John Lawry
Guitar: Paul Brannon, George Cocchini
Vocal: John Lawry, George Cocchini
Simmons Drums: Mark Hammond
Code-a-phone beeper: George Cocchini
Saxophone: Sam Levine, Doug Moffet
Trumpet: Jay Coble
Background Vocals: Gary Pigg, Tom Flora, Lisa Bevil, Phil Elliot, George Cocchini
Choir: Lisa Tucker, Angie Innis, Dave Spear, Mark Helstein, Brenda Brannon, Lisa Bevil, Ned Wimmer, Paul Brannon
Executive Producer: Ray Nenow
Produced by Paul Brannon, George Cocchini and John Lawry of Forerunner, with the exception of "Albola," produced by Tim Smith
Track, Vocal and other arrangements-Forerunner
Engineered by Chris McCollum
Mastered by Hank Williams, Master Mix, Nashville, Tenessee
Recorded at Great Circle Sound, Nashville, Tenessee
Album Design by Bill Brunt (Private Eye Studios)
Photography by Mark Tucker

RICK FOSTER     Go to Next band (Found Free) Previous band (Forerunner)
1 Inspirational Guitar at its Best (US 198? Bread 'n Honey BH-125) M-/M- $12
Side 1Side 2
Alleluia4:51Arr. Foster/VandervalkI'm Just a Poor Wayfaring Stranger3:06Arr. Foster
Whispering Hope3:13Alice Hawthorne, Arr. Foster/ValdervalkLet All Things Now Living (Ash Grove)2:40Arr. Patrick Russ/Foster/Vandervalk
Seek Ye First1:21Karen Lafferty, Arr. Patrick RussHow Great Thou Art3:24Stuart K. Hine, Arr. Atkins/Foster
Beneath the Cross of Jesus2:21Paul Brannon/Fred LewisShall We Gather at the River3:13Robert Lowry, Arr. Foster
What Child is This4:05Arr. FosterThe Stars and Stripes Forever3:18John Philip Sousa, Arr. Guy Van Duser/Foster
Cover drawing: Hunter Mallory
Cover photo/Album design: Wendesign
Produced by: Rick Foster, Mark Craig
Orchestral Arrangements: Bruce Vandervalk

FOUND FREE     Go to Next artist (Four Real) Previous artist (Rick Foster)
1 Found Free (US 1973? Olde Towne 7301) VG/M- $40
Side 1Side 2
Spread a Little Love??LeeSweet Sweet Song of Salvation??Norman
Two HandsGirardHere's My LifeLancaster
Taking Me HomeKingHow Wonderful Thou Art, How Great Thou ArtOsbourne-Eden Crawford
My Own WayLancasterThe Twelve Disciples??
Get All ExcitedGaitherJesus Paid it AllHall
Marcy Devers
Dave Van Huisen
Keith Lancaster
David Michael Ed
Produced by... Found Free
Arranged by... Lari Goss
rchestration by... Lari Goss
Art Direction by... David & Joy Ed
Photography by... Jim Logue
Recorded at LeFevre Sound

2 Closer Than Ever (US 1978 Greentree R3530) M-/M- $20
Side 1Side 2
I Won't Turn Back3:24D.M. EdCloser Than Ever3:50C. MacCallum-D.M. Ed
Stone Heart3:56J. Hogan-J. FaulknerStill Up Walkin'3:25W. Farley
Do You Want Him?2:43K. LancasterStained Glass Window5:03K. Lancaster
Starlight Praise4:08C. MacCallumIf You Know3:55D.M. Ed
Touched by Love3:25M. Devers-D.M. Ed
Produced by: Jim Van Hook Arrangements by Don Hart and Rick Gibson

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1 Contentment! (US 197? CB Enterprises RI3306) M-/VG+ $35
this sideother side
contentment????just when i need Him most????
will it be soon?new life
come ye thankful peopleoh for a thousand tongues to sing
i want to be therethere is a fountain
Arranger: John Danser
Conductor: Bernard Ebbinghouse
Engineers: Mike Thompson, Geoff Workman
Editing & Mixing: Tony May
Recorded at: Wessex Sound Studio, London, England and A & R Studios, New York City, New York
Producer: Chuck Bisset
Photography by Dave Snyder

MARK FOX     Go to Next artist (Don Francisco) Previous artist (Rick Foster)
1 Let the Son Shine In (US 197? MDF Concerts MC-01) M-/M- $15
Side 1Side 2
Let the Son Shine In2:27??Statue of Liberty4:42Enloe
Oh How I Love Jesus2:45Good Ole Gospel Singing2:42M. Lister
He Was Wounded For Our Trasgressions3:37His Hand In Mine3:34
I'm Gonna Keep On Singin'3:00W. GaitherLearning to Lean3:25??
I Grew Up In A Parsonage3:25??
Keyborads: Jack Clark
Bass: Mike McMahon
Drums: Rick Parker
Guitar: Jim Stabile
Brass/Woodwinds: Lee Bronostic
Strings: Mitch Humphries
Photo: Don Arnold
Backliner: Rick Wilhelm

2 Little Bits for Children Everywhere (US 198? Little Bits LB-01) M-/M- $15 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
J-E-S-U-S??Rick & Rosemary WilhelmStory of an Alcoholic Father..."Somthing's Happened to Daddy"??Rick & Rosemary Wilhelm
Let the Sun Shine In??
Little BitsRick & Rosemary Wilhelm
Medley- B-O-R-N A-G-A-I-N/For God So Loved the World
This Little Light of MineUnknown
Lord Make Me Like YouRick & Rosemary Wilhelm
Producer: Nelson Keener
Arrangements: Wayne Campbell
Engineer: Don Jennings
Recorded, Mix: The Music Room, Lynchburg, VA
Piano: Wayne Campbell
Guitar, Bass: Barry Jennings
Drums; Dan Hodges
Percussion: Steve Reitenour
Strings: Wayne Campbell
Story Written By: Mark Fox
Photography: Don Arnold
Art Direction + Design: Paul Nelson

3 Simply... Mark (US 198? Lil' Markie SM-11) M-/M- autographed $20
Side 1Side 2
The Old Rugged Cross????For Those Tears I Died????
Pass Me Not Oh Gentle SaviourHe Hideth My Soul
SuppertimeIs You All on the Alter
Standing Somwhere in the ShadowsHoly Spirit Breathe On Me/Spirit of the Living God
In the Garden
Produced by Mark Fox
Engineer-Rick Horton
Cover Design-Charles Hooper
Recorded and Mixed bu The Wax Works
Special thanks to Gary S. Paxton and Bonnie and Clyde
See also: Lil' Markie

DON FRANCISCO     Go to Next artists (Danny and Linda Fraze) Previous artist (Rick Foster)
1 Forgiven (US 1977 NewPax NP33042) M-/M- $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Jesus is the Lord of the Way I Feel2:52Don FranciscoI Don't Care Where You've Been Sleeping3:39Don Francisco
Jehoshaphat3:35Don't Want to be Late3:05
Step Across the Line3:38Lullabye3:04
I Could Never Promise You2:50Adam Where Are You?4:57
He's Alive4:46
Produced and Arranged by John W. Thompson and Shane Keister
Recorded at Sound Stage Studio Nashville, Tennessee
Warren Peterson and Travis Turk, Engineers
Remix Engineer/Warren Peterson
Cover Design/James Flournoy Holmes, Wondergraphics
Guitars: Steve Gibson
Keyboards: Shane Keister
Drums: Larry London
Bass: Joe Osborn
Steel Guitar: Buddy Emmons
Fiddle: Buddy Spicher

2 Got to Tell Somebody (US 1979 NewPax NP33071) M-/M- $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
If You're Thirsty3:52Don FranciscoWho Do You Think You're Foolin'?4:33Don Francisco
Whenever You're Speakin' to Me3:17I'll Never Let Go of Your Hand3:58
The Duke and the Duchess3:14Balaam2:46
Steeple Song3:54He Still Loves You3:29
Got to Tell Somebody6:30Too Small a Price7:29
Produced and Arranged by John W. Thompson and Shane Keister
Recorded at Sound Stage Studio Nashville, Tennessee
Warren Peterson and Travis Turk, Engineers
Remix Engineer/Warren Peterson
Cover Design/James Flournoy Holmes, Wondergraphics
Guitars: Steve Gibson
Keyboards: Shane Keister
Drums: Larry London
Bass: Joe Osborn
Steel Guitar: Buddy Emmons
Fiddle: Buddy Spicher

3 The Live Concert (US 1982 NewPax NP33128) gatefold has inner sleeves M-/M-/VG+ $20
Side 1Side 2
Since I Met Him I Can See3:24Don FranciscoAdam4:30Don Francisco
Got to Tell Somebody5:11I Don't Care Where You've Been Sleeping3:12
Jesus is the Lord of the Way I Feel2:34Give Your Heart a Home3:52Don Francisco/Bill & Gloria Gaither
Steeple Song3:01Too Small a Price5:52Don Francisco
I'll Never Let Go of Your Hand3:28
Side 3Side 4
Christmas Song2:44Don FranciscoThe Package3:08Don Francisco
Come and Follow Me4:10Don Francisco/Steve TichenorJehoshaphat3:01
I Could Never Promise You3:03Don FranciscoCloser to Jesus3:22
Love is Not a Feeling1:57He's Alive4:50
Beautiful to Me4:22
Executive Producers: Don Francisco & Michael B. Suttle
Produced By: Don Francisco & Louie Hall
Engineered By: Noa White
Remixed By: Louie Hall at Spectrum Recording Services, Birmingham, Alabama Art Direction & Design By: Bill Barnes, Randy Martin for Barnes & Company, Nashville, TN
Photography By: Dean Dixon
Mastered By: Ken Perry, Masterfonics, Nashville TN
Recorded at Huffman Assembly of God, Birmingham, Alabama on September 20, 1982.

Don Francisco - Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Louie Hall - Bass & Acoustic Guitar
Gary Dunham - Keyboards
Duann Hall & Gary Dunham - Background Vocals
Thanks to the Huffman Assembly of God Choir and the Huffman Assembly of God Family.

DANNY AND LINDA FRAZE     Go to Next band (Free Spirit) Previous artist (Don Francisco)
1 Don't Run From God (US 197? Dan LP 101) VG+/M- $20
Side 1Side 2
Don't Run From God2:14Danny FrazeHe's More Than Just a Swear Word3:04Neil Enloe
I Should Have Been Crucified2:48Ronnie HinsonAnswer's on the Way1:56??
King Jesus2:23??Lighthouse3:49
He Really Cares3:13Lowell LumdstromWhen He Is Coming Again2:23Rambo
Where Will You Be3:43Whitney GleasonTen Thousand Years3:46Elmer Cole

2 Ain't Jesus Good (US 197? Dan LP 102) M-/M- $20
Side 1 Featuring Scotty FrazeSide 2 Featuring Danny and Linda Fraze and the Christ Tabernacle Singers
Ain't Jesus Good2:22??Hallelujah Celebration1:45??
Just Build My Mansion2:19For Those Tears I Died4:55
Happy Day Express1:45See You In The Rapture3:25
As the Saviour Was Walking2:55Holy Ghost Song2:37
Put Your Hand in the Hand1:29Help Me??
Touring That City2:04

FREE SPIRIT     Go to Next band (The Bill Gaither Trio) Previous artists (Danny and Linda Fraze)
1 A New World (US Impact 1971 HWS 3123) VG+/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
There's Something About That Name3:29GaitherJust a Moment Ago3:25Huff
A New World3:12HuffBreak Down the Walls3:10Owens
If God2:53JonesI Wish We'd All Been Ready3:08Norman
I Will Sing Of My Redeemer4:25BlissPrecious Lord, Take My Hand3:00Dorsey
The Music's Gotta Stop Someday4:06KingSweet, Sweet Spirit3:07Akers
Produced by Bob Mackenzie Cover Photo: Bill Grine
Cover Design: Bob McConnell

2 He's on His Way (US Impact 1974 R3340) M-/M- $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
I Know Someone Who Can3:30HarrisHe's on His Way2:56Meyers-Dietschmann
If I Had to Do It All Over Again2:21HolmThere's Something in the AirWolfe
Get in Touch with the Savior3:30LeeBattle Hymn of the RepublicPD
More (Than You'll Ever Know)3:27P. JohnsonJesus is the Sweetest Name I Know3:36Long
Easter Song2:21HerringGreater is He that is in Me3:29Wolfe
Thanks for the Sunshine4:08Bill and Gloria Gaither
Bless That Wonderful NamePowell
Praise the Lord He Never Changes4:46Harris
With Orchestra Arranged and Conducted by Ronn Huff
Produced by Bob Mackenzie
Art Direction/Bob McConnell
Cover Design/Michael Harris
Cover Photo/Bill Grine
Recorded at Sunwest Recording Studio, Hollywood, California
Vocal Overdub Recording/Pinebrook Recording Studio, Alexandria, Indiana
Recording Engineers/Barry Keene, Bob Clark
Remix Engineers/Phil Johnson, Bob Clark

3 I Just Came Into His Presence (US Impact 1979 R3580) M-/M- $12 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
The Day He Wore My Crown4:08JohnsonI Just Came into His Presence3:56Rambo
Soon And Very Soon4:15CrouchMust Jesus Bear the Cross Alone2:45Arr. Mayfield
No Room4:13WolfeLove in My Heart2:36Holm
I Am Bound for the Promised Land3:08Arr. MayfieldSo Gently He Came3:53Wolfe
I Am Loved4:38Wm. J. & G. GaitherEver Since the Day2:46Sheppard
Mark Bane, Debra S McLain, Marta Kay Hendricks, Dan Read, Gary Smith, Glenn H Sellers, Suzanna F. Gilmore, Daniel E. Shipley, Mali J Ben, Cindy Hedges
Arranged and Conducted by: Larry Mayfield
Produced by: Larry Mayfield
Rhythm tracks recorded at: Great Circle Nashville, TN
Engineer: Bob Clark
Orchestra Recorded at: Pinebrook Recording Studio Alexandria, IN
Engineers: John Bolt and Bob Whyley
Vocals Recorded at: Great Circle Sound Nashville, TN
Engineer: Bob Clark
Remixed at: Great Circle Sound Nashville, TN
Engineer: Bob Clark
Mastered at Woodland Sound Studio by Hank Williams
Musicians: keyboards/Shane Keister; drums/Kenny Malone
bass/Steve Schaffer; guitars/John Darnall; percussion/Farrell Morris
Back Cover Photos: Mike Klondaris
Cover Copy: Phil Myette

4 The Best of Free Spirit (US 1980 Benson R3745) M-/M- $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Greater is He That is In Me3:30WolfeA New World3:13Huff
He Didn't Life Us Up to Let Us Down3:51JohnsonFollow Jesus3:57Lee
And Can it be that I Should Gain3:07P.D.Rise Again3:36Holm
The Day He Wore My Crown4:08JohnsonAt the Cross4:12P.D.
Take Me Back4:39CrouchOld Man's Rubble2:55Bannister
Arranged and Conducted by Ronn Huff and Larry Mayfield
Orchestra Produced by Bob MacKenzie, Ronn Huff, Larry Mayfield
Vocal Overdubs and Remix produced by Larry Mayfield
Vocals Recorded at Great Circle Sound/Nashville, Tennessee
Engineers: Bob Clark, Norman Neeley
Remixed at Soundshop/Nashville
Engineer: Travis Turk
Cover Photography & Design Jim Bruckner

5 In God We Trust (US 1983 Forever R1026) M-/M- $10 SOLD!
Side 1Side 2
Bretheren, We Have Met to Worship2:49arr. Larry MayfieldIn God We Trust (Medley)20:00arr. Larry Mayfield
The Shepherd Just Smiled3:52JohnsonMy Father Watches Over MeMartin, Gabriel
The Lord is Greater4:22DunhamI Will Pilot TheeWilson
Sun of My Soul2:37arr. Larry MayfieldIn His Handsarr. Larry Mayfield
The Keeper of My Love3:43Thomas, Nicols, DiggsRock of Ages
There's Not a Day that PassesPeterson
I Know Who Holds the FutureSmith
God Will Take Care of Youarr. Larry Mayfield
In Times Like TheseJones
Trusting is BelievingPrice
Arranged and Conducted by Larry Mayfield
Special Assistance and Narration by Derric Johnson
Produced by Larry Mayfield, Bob Clark, Derric Johnson
Orchestra Recorded at Pinebrook Recording Studio
Engineer: John Bolt
All narratives by Derric Johnson
Voice Overs Recorded and Album Remixed at Great Circle Sound, Nashville
Engineer: Bob Clark
For McConnell Graphics:
Design: Evamarie Pappas
Photo: Mark Tucker
Art Direction: Bob McConnell

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