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This is the work of Zbigniew Libera, a Polish artist, who in 1995 unveiled his sculpture of a World War II Nazi Concentration Camp made of LegoŽ bricks. Here are pictures of his models and a link to the Polish gallery exhibiting his work online.

Kenn's Map Page

This web site has maps of several computer role playing games I have played. Most of these maps are made from many screen captures which have been assembled into a single image.

Japan Rail Modelers

I am a member of the Japan Rail Modelers. This group models Japanese railroads in N-scale. We have a 72 square foot portable, Japanese themed N Scale layout that can be displayed at model railroading shows and cultural events.

Washington Metropolitan Area Lego Users Group (WamaLUG)

I am a member of WamaLUG. This is a group for Adult Fans of Lego. We meet once a month at a local library to build Lego models, display our creations and discuss all things related to Lego. We also have a Yahoo discussion group.

Civil War Round Table of the District of Columbia

I am a member of the Civil War Round Table of DC. This group meets the second Tuesday of the month from September to May to hear a talk about the US Civil War. Please visit this site if you are in the metropolitan Washington, DC area and interested in the US Civil War.

Flex Track for Lego Trains


Here are the instructions for making flex track that can be used with Lego trains and track.

Blackhawk Advertisement using a LegoŽ kit. (285k)

This is an advertisement for Blackhawk Automotive lifting equipment which appeared in a trade magazine in the late 1980s. The model used in the ad appears to be based on the LegoŽ 6378 Service Station which was available from 1986 to 1988.

Updated October 1, 2014.

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